the jews want ww3

Video Emerges Of Daesh Fighters Being Allowed To Escape To Syria
Darius Shahtamasebi,, Jun 12 2017

With numerous distractions unfolding on the newly released reality TV show that is “Keeping Up with the Trump Administration,” it may surprise readers to learn that Pindostan is using the terror group Daesh as a pawn in its depraved foreign policy. Video footage obtained by al-Masdar appears to show convoys of Daesh fighters fleeing Raqqa untouched by the USAF, which is currently bombing that exact location. As al-Masdar notes, despite having Kurdish and Pindosi drones hovering around the city of Raqqa, Pindo bombs are nowhere to be seen as hundreds of fighters pass safely. The release of this footage comes on the heels of accusations from both Russia and Iran that Pindostan is colluding with Daesh to allow the group’s safe passage into areas controlled by the Syrian government. Iran claims to have direct proof but thus far has not released it. Even if Russia and Iran don’t have any secret documents that directly expose this collusion, the fact remains that we don’t necessarily need them. After all, this is exactly how Daesh grew exponentially in Syria in the first instance: as a direct result of Pindosi foreign policy strategy. In 2012, a classified DIA report predicted the rise of ISIS, something actively encouraged by the Pindo establishment. The report stated:

If the situation unravels, there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafi principality in eastern Syria … and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime.

Further, leaked audio of Jackass Kerry shows he knew that Daesh was gaining momentum in Syria, and that Pindostan hoped this would bring Assad to the negotiating table his knees. In recent times, the safe passage of Daesh fighters to areas under the control of the Syrian government has been an unspoken but official strategy and has been the reality on the ground in Iraq and Syria. Late last year, Anti-Media reported an anonymous claim that Pindostan was allowing safe passage to Syria for Daesh fighters exiting Mosul, even though Pindostan was supposedly waging an offensive to defeat Daesh in the area. As we noted:

An anonymous source claiming to a Russian newspaper something as conspiratorial as Pindostan directly aiding Daesh militants may seem a bit dubious, but since the offensive was launched on Monday of this week, this has been the reality on the ground. According to Army Lt-Gen Talib Shaghati, as reported by the Graun, Daesh militants are already fleeing Mosul to Syria. This was further confirmed by Toad foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir who said that if Daesh were forced out of Mosul, they would likely go on to Syria.

Not long after, Daesh launched an offensive into a very strategic area in Syria called Deir ez-Zor, battling through Syrian government defenses. The most horrifying part of this offensive was the fact that as noted by the Graun, the Daesh fighters who successfully broke through government defense lines in Syria were “primarily reinforcements coming over the border from Iraq’s Anbar province.” Deir ez-Zor is not outside the Pindosi military’s strike range capacity. This is the same city that was attacked by the coalition in September of last year, an attack that targeted Syrian troops for over an hour, paving the way for a timely Daesh offensive. Yet when it comes to hundreds of reinforcements raging through the Iraqi border into Syria, the Pindosi military is on a brief vacation. We were told Raqqa was to be the last stronghold of Daesh in Syria, but this is clearly not true. In order for Pindostan to ultimately put pressure on the Syrian government, the real prize is not Raqqa but a combination of two very strategic locations that are very heavily interlinked. As explained by Gulf News:

A complex confrontation is unfolding with far more geopolitical import and risk. Daesh is expected to make its last stand not in Raqqa but in an area that encompasses the borders with Iraq and Jordan and much of Syria’s modest oil reserves, making it important in stabilising Syria and influencing its neighbouring countries. Whoever lays claim to the sparsely populated area in this 21st-century version of the Great Game not only will take credit for seizing what is likely to be Daesh’s last patch of a territorial Caliphate in Syria, but also will play an important role in determining Syria’s future and the post-war dynamics of the region.

This is ultimately the problem for the coalition of anti-Assad (and anti-Iranian) nations. The behind-closed-doors official rationale for targeting Syria’s government for regime change was to undermine Iranian influence in the region, according to Hillary Clinton’s email archive. The Toads and the other Gulf States, along with Jordan and Egypt, have long feared that a fully dominated Shi’a bloc of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon could completely overthrow the regional balance of power. They have opposed such a development at all costs. As Gulf News explains, the Iranians are in the process of fully implementing this Shi’a Crescent:

The contested area also includes desert regions farther south with several border crossings, among them the critical highway connecting Damascus and Baghdad coveted by Iran as a land route to Lebanon and its ally Hezbollah.

This is why Pindostan has set up a training base at the at-Tanf border crossing. If the Syrian government were to retake the area and open it up under its control, they would be able to directly link Iran to Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. This is also why the Pindo military has been engaging in illegal acts of aggression against Iranian-backed militias operating in the area: to defend this position. Further, the Syrian government’s outpost in Deir ez-Zor is isolated, hence why these two offensives are running in tandem. They both rely on the liberation of the other to have any real value to the Syrian government and its Russian and Iranian allies. As fascinating as the Comey testimony spectacle has been, the real scandal lies in the fact that Pindostan is now openly siding with Daesh while allowing the terrorists safe passage into parts of Syria so that these extremists can battle a secular government. Pindostan is moments away from an all-out confrontation with Iran and Russia. Don’t expect the corporate media to report on these damning facts anytime soon, as the public continues to sleepwalk into a global powder keg of deceit, death and destruction.

Another anti-Russian diversion while the social counter-revolution deepens
Patrick Martin, WSWS, Jun 14 2017 (My corrections in italics – RB)

The three-hour appearance by AG Sessions before the Senate Intelligence Committee was perhaps the most flagrant example of the efforts of official Faschingstein and the corporate media to divert the attention of the Pindo creeple from the frontal assault by the Trump administration on the democratic rights and social conditions of working people. With the administration arresting and deporting thousands of immigrants, many of them facing imminent death in the MENA and Central America, and the Senate in the final stages of dismantling health coverage for tens of millions of people, the entire focus of the Demagog Party and the media is on escalating tensions between Pindostan and Russia and seeking to whip up an anti-Russian war fever. Sessions was “grilled,” in the parlance of breathless media commentators, on a non-subject: his alleged contacts with Russian government boxtops last year in the context of his role as a top adviser to the Trump presidential campaign. In the course of that campaign, Sessions crossed paths with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak exactly three times, including one actual face-to-face meeting and two occasions when he and Kislyak were in the same room as part of a Trump campaign event.

The former senator from Alabama came of age in the Deep South of the 1960s, where he was taught that the civil rights movement was a “communist conspiracy” directed by Moscow to promote “race-mixing.” The notion that this diehard reactionary has been seduced by the blandishments of Vladimir Putin would be laughable if it were not being promoted for such filthy political ends. Demagog after Demagog sought to pin the Putin label on Sessions or Trump, seeking to make Tuesday’s hearing the next step after last week’s testimony by James Comey in a Watergate-style exposure of the Trump White House. Unlike Watergate, however, there is no issue of democratic rights involved in the anti-Russia campaign. Two reactionary factions of big-business politicians and “deep state” operatives are fighting out issues of imperialist foreign policy: whether Pindostan should continue the anti-Russian line adopted during Obama’s second term, confronting Russia over Syria, Ukraine, the Baltics and other issues, or whether the immediate focus of Pindo aggression should be China and North Korea. No less importantly, the anti-Russian campaign serves as a political diversion, directing the attention of the Pindo sheeple to an entirely bogus, concocted issue: did Russia intervene in the election to help Trump win?. The noisy conflict in official Faschingstein covers over the systematic attacks by the Trump administration on working people. One need only consider the questions that Demagog senators did NOT ask the AG, to recognize that yesterday’s congressional circus was a prime example of this diversionary process. Sessions is responsible for some of the most vicious anti-democratic policies of the Trump administration, but no Demagog asked him to justify the anti-Muslim travel bans drafted by his DoJ, which have been twice thrown out as unconstitutional by the federal courts.

Sessions is a leading advocate of savage anti-immigrant measures, and the DoJ is the lead agency in seeking to penalize cities and counties that have sought to protect immigrants from federal harassment by refusing to cooperate with ICE. These “sanctuary cities” have been targeted by Sessions for a cutoff of federal funds, another anti-democratic action that has been temporarily blocked by the courts. No Demagog asked Sessions about the weekend raids by ICE agents in Michigan and Tennessee in which hundreds of Iraqi immigrants, the majority of them Chaldean Catholics, were rounded up and shipped to federal detention facilities for deportation to Iraq, where they will be in imminent danger of death at the hands of Daesh. So much for the claims of the Trump administration (and the Demagogs) to oppose Daesh and defend the interests of Christians! In recent weeks, Sessions has been in the headlines for his extreme law-and-order views. He has rescinded even the largely cosmetic measures against police violence adopted under the Obama administration, while demanding that maximum prison sentences be imposed on all drug offenders, no matter how minor their infractions. No Demagog chose to question him about such issues at Tuesday’s hearing. This is part a larger pattern in which the Demagog Party has used a single-minded focus on the anti-Russian campaign to subvert opposition to Trump on any other issue. As the Perspective statement published yesterday by the WSWS observed:

The Demagogs are not calling for hearings on the assault on health care, the attack on immigrant workers, the elevation of far-right nationalist forces within the administration, or war plans against North Korea, Iran and China.

The NYT commented in an editorial published Tuesday that Senate Thugs were drafting a health care plan that will cut 23 million people off from health insurance, with the intention of passing it by Jul 4 without a single hearing or any public debate about the law’s provisions. The issues being debated behind closed doors within the Thug leadership are limited to such questions as whether Medicaid benefits for 10 million people should be phased out over three years or seven years, or in other words, how to package the destruction of health care so as to confuse the public about the bill’s real impact. A column in the same issue of the NYT noted the comparative silence of groups opposed both to the bill that passed the House earlier this year and the companion bill being drafted now by the Senate, including among these organizations “almost every major health care interest group: the lobbying groups for doctors, nurses and hospitals as well as advocates for patients with cancer, diabetes, lung disease, heart disease or birth defects.” But the most important silence is that of the Demagog Party, the supposed opposition within the political establishment to Trump and the Thugs. The Demagogs will likely vote against the repeal of Obamacare and issue many protestations, but they are doing nothing to actually oppose the destruction of health coverage for tens of millions of people, but instead they are redoubling their efforts to push the Trump administration even further to the right on foreign policy, toward a more confrontational anti-Russian stance that brings with it the inevitability of WW3.

Marching toward a wider war in the MENA
Bill Van Auken, WSWS, Jun 14 2017

Behind the bitter political warfare in Faschingstein and the endless media flogging of hysterical claims of Russian interference in the election with the supposed collusion of Donald Trump, very real wars in the MENA are threatening to coalesce into a regional and even global conflagration. These two fields of battle are by no means unconnected. The ruling establishment of Pindostan is bitterly divided over foreign policy and most decisively over war strategy. Behind the anti-Russia hysteria, the opposition to Trump on the part of the Demagog Party and significant layers of the Thugs is bound up with a determination to prevent him from in any way weakening the escalation of Pindo aggression against Moscow, in particular over Faschingstein’s drive for regime change in Syria. The Trump administration and the cabal of recently-retired and active-duty military officers who effectively steer its foreign and military policy have spelled out with increasing clarity a policy directed at planning war with Iran, in preparation for confrontation with China. This was the unconcealed agenda of Trump’s trip last month to praise Tehran’s two major regional enemies.

The administration’s stated aim of forging an anti-Iranian, NATO-like alliance with the Sunni oil sheikdoms of the GCC has translated into a de facto state of war imposed by the Toads and the UAE sheikhs against Qatar, which has been subjected to an all-out economic blockade. With Trump’s blessings the Toads, the principal ideological and financial sponsors of Islamist extremism, have absurdly cast their attack upon Qatar as a crusade against terrorism. The real issue is Qatar’s ties to Tehran and its reluctance to join the anti-Iranian war drive. Turkey has sided with Qatar, sending food and taking steps toward establishing a military base there. Ankara fell out with the Toads and their allies over its opposition to the Sisi coup and support of the MB’s Mohamed Morsi in 2013. These tensions have been exacerbated by charges that the UAE funneled billions of dollars into Turkey to support the abortive Jul 2016 coup against Erdoğan (actually a CIA effort – RB). Amid this spiraling regional conflict, there is a seeming element of incoherence in the Trump administration’s policy. Qatar hosts the al-Udeid air base and some 10,000 Pindo grunts. The base is used to carry out airstrikes from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan. With Iraqi forces close to conquering Mosul, a once great city turned to rubble by the usual genocidal Pindo bombing campaign, and Faschingstein’s Kurdish proxies advancing under equally genocidal air cover into Raqqa, Daesh is being driven out of its last two major strongholds.

These apparent victories, however, spell not the end of the latest Pindosi war in the MENA, but rather its increasingly dangerous transformation and escalation. In a report that could accurately be characterized as “straight from the horse’s mouth,” the NYT published an article over the weekend titled “Beyond Raqqa, an Even Bigger Battle to Defeat Daesh and Control Syria Looms.” The author is Anne Barnard, who since the beginning of the Pindo-orchestrated war for regime change six years ago has served as a faithful conduit for the CIA and Pentagon and a cheerleader for the Pindo-backed, AQ-linked “rebels” employed in the attempt to topple Assad. Barnard’s article indicates that the Pentagon and the CIA view the crusade against Daesh as a sideshow, a useful pretext for pursuing Pindo imperialist interests in Syria and throughout the region. The battle against Daesh, itself the product of the succession of Pindosi wars from Iraq to Libya and Syria, is being eclipsed, she writes, by a conflict in south-eastern Syria “with far more geopolitical import and risk.” Barnard refers to this unfolding military confrontation as the “21st-century version of the Great Game.” Apparently, Faschingstein seeks to overthrow the Assad regime and replace it with a puppet government in order to isolate and prepare for war with Iran.

The focus of this new stage in the Syrian war is a desert outpost run by Pindo and British SoF in at-Tanf, Syria’s south-eastern border crossing with Iraq, controlling the main highway between Damascus and Baghdad. The Pentagon is using the base to train so-called rebels, ostensibly to fight Daesh but in reality to attack Assad-supporting forces. It has unilaterally declared a 34-mile radius surrounding the base a “deconfliction zone” and used this declaration as the pretext for launching three separate airstrikes against pro=Assad militias, the latest on Jun 8. It also recently shot down what it claimed was an armed drone operated by pro-regime forces. Meanwhile, in the siege of Raqqa to the north, Faschingstein’s Kurdish-dominated proxy ground forces have deliberately left Daesh an escape route to the south, so that they can join in the attack on Deir ez-Zor, a city of 200,000 in eastern Syria. In a blow to Pindostan’s unfolding war strategy, pro-Assad forces have fought their way east to the Iraqi border, between the base at al-Tanf and the Daesh-held border town of al-Bukamal on the Euphrates. The Pentagon had claimed that its aim was to prepare the “rebels” to take al-Bukamal from Daesh, to consolidate their domination of the border area, opening the way for a drive up the Euphrates and ultimately the partition of Syria in preparation for an all-out war for regime change. The Syrian advance has disrupted Pindo attempts to cut off supply routes linking Syria to Iraq and further east, to Iran. Iraqi Shiite militias backed by Iran have reportedly moved toward the Syrian border. As the NYT article makes clear, this is a matter of strategic importance to Pindostan’s imperialist aims:

What is really at stake are even larger issues. Will the Syrian government re-establish control of the country all the way to its eastern borders? Will the desert straddling the Syrian-Iraqi border remain a no-man’s-land ripe for militant control? If not, who will dominate there? Forces aligned with Iran, Russia or Pindostan? With all these forces on a collision course, several recent escalations have raised fears of a direct confrontation between Pindostan and Iran or even Russia.

One would never suspect that what is being described is a sovereign country. The Pindosi operation in Syria and Iraq is emerging clearly as the axis of a new imperialist carve-up of the Middle East after a quarter century of Pindo wars that have laid waste to much of the region and left the rickety nation-state system imposed by the former colonial powers in shambles. Just as with earlier such colonial carve-ups, the resulting antagonisms pave the way toward world war. The logic of the Pindo intervention in Syria points toward a marked escalation of military force to reverse the tactical defeats the Pentagon has suffered on the Iraqi-Syrian border. That such an offensive may provoke a direct military confrontation with “Iran or even Russia” will not be unwelcome to dominant layers within the ruling Pindo establishment that see war as the essential instrument for reversing the protracted decline of their global hegemony.


  1. Hmf
    Posted June 14, 2017 at 2:17 pm | Permalink

    Ah so what. This is shaping up precisely like the last Red Scare. People know perfectly well they can’t fight Russia:

    So when the time comes CIA will turn off the mass hysteria like a light switch. Just like last time. You can see it coming. Last time they let McCarthy’s gin blossoms blossom until they were ready, and then abruptly ruined him as an alchie. This time it will be McCain. Put the poor old senile stoolie traitor in a home in diapers and it stops, just like that.

  2. niqnaq
    Posted June 14, 2017 at 2:21 pm | Permalink

    The Saker is too much of a straight propagandist for my taste. I used to like Colonel Cassad, and El Murid, during the Donbass war. I read them with a Yandex autotranslator built in to my favourites list, which people copied, I was very proud of that. It gave me the pages in lovely colloquial english. And the Strelkov forum, the Antiquaries as it’s known – all in english! phew! I ended up wondering whether the Pious Strelkov was just an FSB provocateur, though. General ‘Gloomy’ Petrovsky of the GRU seemed to think so, by the time of the Minsk sellouts, and never spoke to him again.

  3. Hmf
    Posted June 14, 2017 at 2:36 pm | Permalink

    Interesting, What do consider the Saker’s angle to be? He’s certainly biased, in quaint ways, with old-time Russian nationalism and sectarianism, but his spook experience is clearly for real. The logic he follows is authentic, straight out of the SIOP (or “OPLAN”) and RISOP at the RD level. So he’s credible on US aggressive capacity, at least

  4. Hmf
    Posted June 14, 2017 at 2:50 pm | Permalink

    Just to be clear, my rebuttable presumption here is that the aim of the current red scare is not war but domestic repression.

  5. Posted June 15, 2017 at 12:42 am | Permalink

    Hmm, I would add military spending as a strong secondary purpose.

  6. Posted June 15, 2017 at 12:43 am | Permalink

    Sorry, I meant Hmf.

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