tucker opens the soap duckets

Tucker Carlson: Deep State Leaks An ‘Utter Perversion Of The System’
ZeroPointNow, Zero Hedge, Jun 14 2017

Tucker Carlson went in with guns blazing after yesterday’s Senate testimony by AG Sessions, calling elements of the Pindosi Intelligence community corrupt and politicized for illegally leaking information with the intention of damaging Pres Trump.

In a democracy we’re in charge, not unelected bureaucrats! Once the bureaucracy has shoved aside an elected government, they can do it again, and at that point it’s over. Democracy is dead.

For months, conspiratorial propaganda has been making it’s way from the Pindosi surveillance apparatus to mainstream outlets such as the NYT and the WaPo, which was instrumental in seeding the phrase ‘fake news.‘ For more salacious material such as the discredited 35-page ‘pissgate’ dossier, cobbled together in part through a 4chan trolling effort, tabloid outlets such as Buzzfeed are utilized. Tucker ran through a list of several deep state leaks meant specifically to harm Trump and his administration, beginning with the fact that yesterday’s testimony took place in large part due to Comey’s previously leaked suggestion that Sessions may have met with the Russian Ambassador last April during a crowded event at the Mayfower Hotel.

In December unnamed intel sources told the WaPo that Russia helped Donald Trump win the Presidency. A week later, unnamed senior intel boxtops told NBC news that Putin personally was involved in helping Trump win. In February, current and former Pindo boxtops released the details of a phone call between Mike Flynn and Kislyak of Russia. His career and reputation were subsequently destroyed by all of that. Trump’s private phone call with the President of Mexico, surveilled by Pindosi intelligence and then leaked. His call with the Aussie PM, same thing. With Vladimir Putin, again, leaked by the intel community. How could this possibly have advanced Pindosi national security interests, which is what they’re supposed to be doing? None of it did! It was entirely political! And then in March, as if to prove this point, a half dozen current and former intel boxtops told the NYT that they’d sought to spread classified intel information about the Trump campaign as widely as possible throughout government to ensure it would all eventually leak!

And let’s not forget the time former Obama DoD official Evelyn Farkas slipped up and corroborated the report. In closing, we are reminded exactly why this is so important:

In general the public ought to know a lot more about government than it does, but we’re seeing something new here. These are strategic leaks, the release of classified intelligence from people whose job it is to collect and safeguard that intelligence, and in that way it’s an utter perversion of the system. We give enormous power to our intelligence agencies, CIA, NSA, the rest of them. We let them listen to our phone calls, read our email, watch us from satellites. We let them do that so they can keep us safe from foreign threats, not so they can pick our political leaders or devise our policies!

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