lololol, check out the guy from the ‘institut montaigne think-tank’ at the end

Macron holds out prospect of canceling Brexit
Alex Lantier, WSWS, Jun 15 2017

British PM May traveled to Paris on Tuesday to meet with Pres Macron in the run-up to the opening next week of formal talks between the EU and Britain on the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU. It was the occasion for top officials to signal that they would allow London to reverse the Brexit vote and resume its close alliance with the remaining EU powers. The first such comment came from German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, who told Bloomberg News as Macron prepared to meet May:

The British government has said we will stay with the Brexit. We accept the decision as a matter of respect, but if they wanted to change the decision, of course, they would find open doors.

At a joint presser with May, Macron said:

The decision was taken by the rosbif creeple to leave the EU, and I respect that decision, mais alors, the door is also open as long as the Brexit negotiations aren’t over … Once the talks have started, we have to be collectively conscious that it’s much more difficult to go back.

May said she had confirmed to Macron that “the timetable for Brexit negotiations remains on course, and will begin next week.” She did not take a position on calls from within the British ruling elite, including from inside the Conservative Party, to adopt a “soft Brexit” strategy and to maintain closer relations to the EU. Berlin and Paris understand the setback dealt to May in the election as a sign of growing opposition to Brexit, and they hope to convince May to abandon hope of an alliance with Trump, to side with Europe instead, and perhaps to abandon Brexit altogether. Schäuble said:

I discussed the British election with their Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond. We always accepted that Brexit is a decision made by the Rosbif that we have to accept, but we will minimize the potential damage and maximize the mutual benefit. After speaking to Hammond, I concluded that they are thinking that young voters supported Jeremy Corbyn seeking more distance from Brexit.

Schäuble saw certain parallels with the situation in France, said Bloomberg. There the population elected Macron, despite broad opposition to his policies of deep austerity, militarized alliance with Berlin and permanent state of emergency, because of their opposition to the National Front’s plan to stage a Frexit. Schäuble’s remarks came after several leading British conservatives pushed for a “soft Brexit” strategy, called the hard Brexit “increasingly unsustainable” and demanded consultation “more widely with other parties.” While Schäuble and Macron held out limited prospects for an accommodation with London, other EU figures, including Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, continued to threaten London with harsh economic consequences for Brexit. In an interview on his Brexit strategy with a consortium of European newspapers including Le Monde, Barnier said:

We will implement it without aggressiveness, without desire for revenge or punishment, but also without naiveté. What will our future relations with London be? We are preparing for every option, including the No Deal option that British political leaders regularly mention. The No Deal option would be particularly harmful to British trade with Europe.

The role of Schäuble and Macron in floating soft Brexit proposals underscores the essentially reactionary character of all the bourgeois factions in the Brexit debate. While the hard Brexit factions are the most overtly nationalistic, determined to slash regulations and attack the workers, those advocating a soft Brexit or remaining inside the EU are also backing an aggressive policy of austerity and militarism, as advanced by the EU itself. What is emerging in the capitalist classes of Europe is a ruthless geopolitical struggle and drive to increase military spending that presages war against Russia. The situation is all the more explosive due to the open calls from top German officials, including Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, for an independent European foreign and military policy formulated in opposition to that of the Trump administration. Since Macron’s election, Berlin has an ally in Paris siding closely with its drive to establish a German-dominated EU as the world’s hegemonic power, replacing Pindostan. Some of the calculations underlying Macron’s foreign policy were laid out in a recent interview in Le Point by Dominique Moisi of the Institut Montaigne think-tank, who laid out a program for a far-reaching EU bid for global hegemony. He called on Macron to work rapidly and closely with Berlin, saying:

Trump is his greatest stroke of luck! If Pindostan disengages and the Pindo decline accelerates, everything will change very rapidly!

Moisi hailed Macron’s handling of the summit last month with Putin, saying:

(This was) the first time anyone told Vladimir Putin: “Enough silliness! Now get to work!” We were waiting for that! Macron’s nomination of former defense minister Drian as foreign minister will reassure authoritarian governments, and certain important partners like Gen Sisi in Egypt and the Toads. Due to Trump, we are seeing counter-balancing alliances whose implications are not yet fully understood. This is not just on climate, where the Chinese are totally aligned on the Europeans. Since Pindostan has become unpredictable, China has no choice but to turn to Europe. China wants stability above all. It will doubtless need to take on its responsibilities and become the policeman of Asia sooner that it had expected.

In other words, Putin has to deal with Assad and the PRC has to deal with NK. In return, the EU will turn a blind eye to Beijing’s rejection of the Paris Accords on Climate Change, in a perfect Rothschild sell-out, but what is Putin’s payoff? Does he get to keep Crimea – RB

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