SK & the THAADs

Pentagon to ‘address missile defense system delays with SK’
Ellen Mitchell, The Hill, Jun 14 2017

Mad Dog Mattis assured Congress critturs on Wednesday that he would address SK’s concerns over the THAAD missile defense system after the county’s president last week suspended additional deployments. Mattis told the Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee:

I think we’re going to find a way forward. As you know, the pres of SK is visiting here shortly and we’re trying to resolve this … so we have clarity on the way ahead.

Mattis was responding to Sen Susan Collins, who said she had recently received “a truly alarming briefing about NK” and was concerned about the decision by SK to be delay implementation of the THAAD system. Trump will host SK Pres Moon Jae-in at the White House on Jun 29 & 30, to discuss economic cooperation as well as efforts to curb “the growing NK nuclear and missile threats. Moon decided on Jun 7 to put four further THAAD systems on hold, pending an environmental assessment. The two THAAD systems already in the country will be allowed to remain. Moon campaigned on a more moderate approach to Pyongyang and vowed to reassess the THAADs. Mattis said:

SK went through a bit of political turmoil. I believe there were campaign statements made that have impacted (like wisdom teeth? – RB). But at the same time, we have not been asked to remove the system or its two launchers.

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