trump has given the pentagon a free hand

Washington’s war crimes in Syria
Bill Van Auken, WSWS, Jun 15 2017

The Pentagon is guilty of war crimes. This is the stark conclusion reached by the independent international commission of inquiry established by the UN in 2011 to investigate human rights violations stemming from the protracted Pindo-backed war for regime change in Syria. The Pentagon’s relentless bombing campaign in and around Raqqa has inflicted a “staggering loss of civilian life,” while forcing over 160,000 civilians to flee their homes, Paulo Pinheiro, chairman of the UN’s commission of inquiry, said on Wednesday. Pindo warplanes have dropped tens of thousands of munitions on Raqqa and the surrounding area, killing and maiming thousands of Syrian men, women and children. Pindo Marines have steadily swelled the ground forces illegally deployed on Syrian soil, and have unleashed further lethal firepower, firing 155mm howitzers into crowded urban neighborhoods and flying Apache attack helicopters to provide close air support to the so-called SDF. This proxy force is dominated by the Kurdish YPG militia and “advised” by Pindo SOF. The bloody siege of Raqqa is unfolding even as the Pentagon is carrying out a similar slaughter in Mosul, begun last October. Most of Mosul, which once boasted a population of over 2 million, has been pulverized by Pindo bombs, rockets and shells. Thousands have been killed and wounded, while many remain still buried under the rubble. he scope of the war crimes being carried out by the Pentagon comes more sharply into focus with the verified reports that Pindosi artillery is firing white phosphorus into both Raqqa and Mosul, along with the MGM-140B rocket, which scatters some 274 anti-personnel grenades each of which is capable of killing anyone within a 15 m radius. Last month, Mad Dog Mattis told the media that the Pentagon was adopting “annihilation tactics,” adding:

Civilian casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation.

Mattis knows whereof he speaks. In 2004, he led the two murderous sieges of Fallujah that claimed the lives of thousands of Iraqis and as in the latest atrocities, he made use of white phosphorus shells against a civilian population. Pindostan’s military interventions in Iraq and Syria are not aimed at “annihilating” Daesh, itself the product of their own 2003 invasion and occupation, followed by their own utilization of proxy ground forces in the regime-change wars of Libya and Syria. While Raqqa has been surrounded from the north, east and west, an escape route for Daesh has been opened up to the south-east in order to funnel them into the province of Deir ez-Zour, so they can fight the Syrian army there. They were allowed to flee Mosul and cross the border into Syria for the same purpose. Faschingstein’s strategic objective in Iraq and Syria is not to fight terrorism, but to consolidate Pindo hegemony over the MENA and preparing for war against Iran and Russia. Control over the Persian Gulf and Central Asia would provide the means to cut off energy supplies to China. These predatory aims are the source of war crimes, and not only in Iraq and Syria. In Yemen, Washington is backing a near-genocidal war led by the Saudi monarchy with the objective of weakening Iran’s influence in the Persian Gulf. During his visit to Riyadh last month, President Donald Trump announced a $110 billion arms deal with the kingdom, which will, in the first instance, replenish the bombs and missiles it is raining on the population of the most impoverished nation in the Arab world. This arms package follows similar deals signed by the Obama administration, which also supplied the Toads with logistical and intelligence aid for the Yemen war, including mid-air refueling for its warplanes and naval backing for their blockade. In addition to killing at least 12,000 people outright, the onslaught has left at least 7 million Yemenis on the brink of famine, while cholera is threatening to kill thousands more. Save the Children reports that on average, one Yemeni child is contracting cholera every 35 seconds.

Meanwhile, Faschingstein is preparing once again to escalate the endless slaughter in Afghanistan. Pindo boxtops reported Tuesday that Trump has authorized Mattis to set troop levels there. Thousands more soldiers are expected to be deployed with the aim of carrying out his “annihilation tactics.” A taste of what is to come was seen on Monday, when Pindo troops whose convoy hit a roadside bomb opened fire indiscriminately on civilians, killing a brick kiln laborer and his two sons, aged 8 and 10. As these atrocities play out across an ever-expanding global battlefield, what is striking is the absence of any organized opposition to them. The continuous wars are not even a subject of debate in Congress, and are supported by both bourgeois parties. The media, faithful to the Pentagon and the CIA, have shown utter disinterest, paying attention only when allegations are made against Russia or Syria. Moreover, although masses of working people in Pindostan and around the world are opposed to war, the pseudo-left groups that got their start in the middle class anti-war protests of the 1960s and 1970s have abandoned even verbal opposition to Pindosi military aggression. Reflecting the interests of privileged middle-class layers, groups like the International Socialists in Pindostan, the Lefts in Germany and the New Anti-Capitalists in France have articulated the politics of this new constituency for imperialism, justifying neo-colonial interventions in the name of human rights and portraying CIA regime change operations like those in Libya and Syria as revolutions. The emergence of a genuine antiwar movement is today a matter of life and death, as the war crimes being carried out by Faschingstein across the globe threaten to ignite a global conflict between the major nuclear powers.

Turkish Opposition MP Receives 25-year Sentence for Leaking That Turkey Sent Weapons to Syrian Rebels
DPA, Jun 14 2017

A Turkish court on Wednesday handed down a 25-year jail sentence to a legislator from the country’s main opposition party, after he was found guilty of leaking information to a media outlet showing Turkey was sending weapons to Syrian rebels. Enis Berberoglu, from the Center-left People’s Republican Party (CHP), was arrested in Istanbul following the court ruling, broadcaster NTV reported. He lost his parliamentary immunity last year, when a govt-sponsored bill stripped the protection from 138 MPs from the opposition. Berberoglu was accused of leaking a story with photos to Cumhuriyet in 2014, showing a truck belonging to the MIT intelligence service shipping weapons and ammunition. Cumhuriyet published it in 2015. CHP spox Ergin Altay sharply condemned the decision, telling reporters he saw the verdict as an attempt by Erdogan’s government to intimidate the opposition. Cumhuriyet itself has been under intense pressure. More than a dozen of its journalists and executives have been in jail for more than six months awaiting trial and former editor-in-chief Can Dundar, the main reporter on the weapons report story, lives in exile in Europe. Berberoglu is the first CHP frontbencher to be arrested under the ongoing crackdown, which intensified in July last year after a faction in the military CIA attempted a coup. Since then, more than 50,000 people have been jailed, including dozens of journalists. Recently, the head of Amnesty International in Turkey was arrested. There is an ongoing strict state of emergency, which grants the government sweeping powers to rule by decree.

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