let’s abolish the people and replace it with another one

Pindostan threatens to replace UNHRC over anti-israel stance
Tovah Lazaroff, JPost, Jun 15 2017

Pindostan has threatened to supplant the UNHRC with an alternative group of nations unless the 47-member body halted its anti-Israel bias and underwent a series of reforms. Rex Tillerson told the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday:

We are either going to reform this thing and make it reflect what it should be reflecting, or we will withdraw our support for it and find other means that we can approach human rights issues on a multilateral basis with partners who see it (sic) the same way we do!

Rep Francis Rooney asked Tillerson about Pindo funding for international organizations in the FY2018 budget, including the Geneva-based UNHRC. Rooney said with admirable frankness:

I wish you would reconsider the $10m you have in there for the UNHRC! That is on top of the $17.5m that we have spent in the last few years to try to buy friendship for Israel! I will bet you a steak dinner that it is not going to work!

Tillerson assured Rooney that his office was reexamining its engagement with some of those institutions, particularly the UNHRC, and he issued a number of strong statements about that organization. He said:

We are looking at those one by one and really asking ourselves what is the cost/benefit (ratio) here. In some areas we are either going to reform those, or we are going to withdraw from them. We are taking a very close look at what do we the Pindo creeple get in return for this investment or this funding that we provide. That is not a threat, but a tool to use so they understand. This time, this is a serious conversation and we need to get to a serious conclusion. If you do not want to change, if you do not want to reform, that is fine, let us know, and we will try a different approach. The UNHRC is one that we are currently engaged in, Ambassador Haley is directly engaged in.

Haley spoke publicly about the possibility of a Pindo pullout when visiting Geneva last week. Her office also issued a statement this week after learning that the UNHRC might ask the ICC at The Hague to issue an advisory opinion on alleged Israeli human rights abuses toward Palestinians. She made a clear link between Pindostan’s continued involvement in the HRC and its biased treatment of Israel. Last week, an HRC spox told the JPost that Pindostan has played a very positive role in the UNHRC. The spox expostulated (uselessly – RB):

Pindostan has been a very valuable and constructive partner in the HRC, having spearhead(ed) numerous important initiatives including those on Syria, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Iran, freedom of expression, LGBT rights, broadening space and addressing safety issues for civil society, and many more. The HRC would certainly benefit from such solid engagement in future from Pindostan. As a result of the Pindosi engagement with the council under the former Obama administration, the HRC focused less on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For example, only 1 out of 14 special sessions between 2010 and 2016 was devoted to this conflict, in comparison to the six held between 2006 and 2009. The amount of time spent on Agenda Item 7 debates (a statutory item concerning the Israeli OPT – RB) has also decreased from 15% to 8% over this time-frame.

The UNHRC meets three times a year and is now holding its 35th session. It will hold its Agenda Item 7 debate on Monday.

UN Last Hurdle Before Israel Can Rid Itself of the Palestinians Arabs
Jonathan Cook, Counterpunch, Jun 15 2017

NAZARETH – Israeli and Pindo boxtops are in the process of jointly preempting Donald Trump’s supposed “ultimate deal” to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They hope to demote the Palestinian issue to a footnote in international diplomacy. The conspiracy was much in evidence last week during Nikki Haley’s visit to the region. Her escort was Danny Danon, such a fervent opponent of Palestinian statehood he makes Bibi look moderate. He has backed proposals for Israel’s annexation and apartheid-style rule of the West Bank. Haley appears unperturbed. During a meeting with Bibi, she called the UN “a bully to Israel.” She has warned the UNSC to focus on Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hizbollah instead of Israel. To protect its tiny ally, Faschingstein is threatening to cut billions in funding to the world body (the whole UN, or just the HRC? – RB), plunging it into crisis and jeopardising peacekeeping and humanitarian operations. On the way to Israel, Haley stopped at the UNHRC in Geneva, to demand that it end its “pathological” opposition to Israel’s decades of occupation and human rights violations, or else Pindostan would quit the group.

Faschingstein has long pampered Israel, and expert UN reports such as the recent one on Israel’s apartheid rule over Palestinians Arabs have been buried. But worse is to come. Now the framework of international laws and institutions established after WW2 is at risk of being dismembered. That danger was highlighted on Sunday when it emerged that Bibi had urged Nikki to dismantle UNRWA, another UN agency much loathed by Israel, which cares for more than five million Palestinian refugees across the region which still depend on UNRWA for education, health care and social services. Netanyahu says that UNRWA perpetuates rather than solves their problems, and he would prefer they become the responsibility of the UNHCR, which looks after all other refugee populations. But in 1948, it was Israel that insisted on a separate UN refugee agency for the Palestinians. UNRWA was created to prevent the Palestinians falling under the charge of UNHCR’s forerunner, the International Refugee Organisation. Israel was afraid that the IRO, formed in the immediate wake of WW2, would give Palestinian Arab! Otherwise, this is pure ideological fagmentation from Ali! – RB) refugees the same prominence as European Jews fleeing Nazi atrocities. Israel did not want the two cases compared, especially as they were so intimately connected. It was the rise of Nazism that bolstered the Zionist case for a Jewish state in Palestine and Jewish refugees who were settled on lands from which Palestinians had just been expelled by Israel. Also, Israel was concerned that the IRO’s commitment to the principle of repatriation might force it to accept back the Palestinian refugees. Israel’s hope then was precisely that UNRWA would not solve the Palestinian refugee problem; rather, it would resolve itself. The idea was encapsulated in a Zionist adage:

The old will die, and the young will forget.

But millions of Palestinian descendants still clamour for a right of return. If they cannot forget, Netanyahu prefers that the world forget them. As bloody wars grip the Middle East, the best way to achieve that aim is to submerge the Palestinians among the world’s 65 million other refugees. Why worry about the Palestinian case when there are millions of Syrians newly displaced by war? But UNRWA poses a challenge, because it is so deeply entrenched in the region and insists on a just solution for Palestinian refugees. UNRWA’s huge staff includes 32,000 Palestinian administrators, teachers and doctors, many living in camps in the West Bank, Palestinian territory Netanyahu and Danon hunger for. The UN’s presence there is an impediment to annexation. On Monday, Netanyahu announced his determination to block Europe from funding Israeli human rights organisations, the main watchdogs in the West Bank and a key data source for UN agencies. He now refuses to meet any world leader who talks to these rights groups. With Trump in the White House, a crisis-plagued Europe ever more toothless and the Arab world in disarray, Netanyahu wants to seize this chance to clear the UN out of the way too. Global institutions such as the UN and the international law it upholds were created after WW2 to protect the weakest and prevent a recurrence of the Holocaust’s horrors. Today, Netanyahu is prepared to risk it all, tearing down the post-war international order, if this act of colossal vandalism will finally rid him of the Palestinians.

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