mueller reserves the right to ‘investigate trump’

Mueller reportedly investigating Trump for obstruction of justice
Barry Grey, WSWS, Jun 16 2017

Bipartisan calls for “unity” following the Wednesday morning shooting attack in Faschingstein have had no effect on the political warfare convulsing the Pindosi state and political establishment. The WaPo signaled an escalation of the conflict when it posted an article later on Wednesday reporting that Mueller had launched an investigation into Trump personally over possible obstruction of justice in connection with the federal probe into alleged Russian interference in the election and collusion by Trump campaign officials. The WaPo report marks the first major media acknowledgment that the sprawling investigation has extended to the president himself. It comes on the heels of a series of highly publicized Senate Intelligence Committee hearings involving Comey and others. The FBI probe headed by Mueller is running parallel with separate investigations by committees in both the Senate and House.

There is no democratic or progressive content to this campaign being waged by sections of the state and ruling elite against Russia and the White House. Trump personifies the criminality and parasitism of the Pindo financial oligarchy. His administration of billionaires and generals is laying siege to what remains of past social reforms, attacking health care, food stamps, education, health, safety and environmental regulations in order slash taxes for corporations and the rich and sharply increase funding for the military. Its “Pindostan First” foreign policy, prioritizing confrontation with China and North Korea, represents a further escalation of Faschingstein’s policy of militarism and war. The Demagogs are barely discussing Trump’s offensive against the working class. Instead, they are focusing entirely on his stated intention to seek improved relations with Moscow, and they are spearheading a hysterical neo-McCarthyite campaign, in alliance with powerful sections of the intelligence apparatus and corporate elite, to prevent any pullback from the aggressive and provocative anti-Russia policy of the Obama administration. To pressure Trump, or possibly seek his removal, the Demagogs, a section of the Thugs and their media allies such as the NYT and WaPo are employing anti-democratic means, coordinating their moves with the spy agencies that carry out illegal surveillance of the American people and plot wars of aggression all over the world.

The entire campaign over alleged Russian government hacking and leaking of DNC emails rests on entirely unsubstantiated allegations. Its aim is to intensify the confrontation with Russia in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. According to multiple media sources, Mueller has arranged for DNI Coats, NSA Director Adm Rogers and former Deputy NSA Director Rick Ledgett to be interviewed as early as this week by his investigators. Coats and Rogers were reportedly asked by Trump in private conversations last March to pressure Comey to drop his investigation into Flynn, as well as to publicly declare that there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump election campaign and the Russian government. Ledgett, who recently retired as Deputy NSA Director, reportedly drafted a memo documenting a phone call between Rogers and Trump in which the president expressed skepticism over claims of Russian hacking and tried to persuade Rogers to publicly state that there was no evidence of Trump campaign collusion with the Kremlin. The NYT reported Thursday that Mueller has also asked the NSA to provide his investigators with any notes or documents relating to interactions between the agency and the White House in connection with the Russia investigation, and that Mueller was looking into (allegations of) money laundering by Trump associates. Coats and Rogers testified last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee that they did not feel pressured by Trump to curtail the investigation, but they refused to answer questions about the actual content of discussions they held with Trump on the matter.

The WaPo revelation that Trump is a direct target of the special counsel’s investigation follows public statements by close friends of Trump that the president is considering firing Mueller. It is likely that Mueller leaked the news of an obstruction of justice probe to the WaPo to make it more politically difficult for Trump to dismiss him. Trump responded to the WaPo story Thursday morning with a tweet once again denouncing the investigation as a witch-hunt. His personal lawyer issued a statement declaring:

The FBI leak of information regarding the president is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal.

In his nationally televised testimony last week, Comey accused Trump of firing him because he refused to pledge personal loyalty, as well as because he rejected Trump’s appeals that he call off the probe of Flynn. Comey acknowledged that he had told Trump at the time that he was not the target of any FBI investigation. He said he had turned over his contemporaneous memos of discussions with Trump to Mueller, and broadly hinted that the latter was investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice. In a press conference the following day, Trump accused Comey of lying under oath and said he would be willing to be questioned under oath by Mueller. Other reports have emerged pointing to an intensification of the political warfare in Faschingstein:

  • The Demagog AGs of Maryland and Faschingstein filed a suit earlier this week accusing Trump of violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution. Nearly 200 Demagog congress critturs filed a similar complaint Wednesday morning in the DC District Court.
  • The WSJ reported Thursday that the Senate Judiciary Committee plans to open an investigation into Trump’s firing of Comey. Committee Chairman Charles Grassley said in a letter released Wednesday: “The Judiciary Committee has an obligation to fully investigate any alleged improper partisan interference in law enforcement investigations.”
  • VP Pence has reportedly hired his own personal lawyer to deal with matters relating to the Russia investigation.

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