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Republicans Go On Offensive Against Mueller
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jun 16 2017

Last night, after Trump launched yet another furious tweetstorm intended to expose the double standard applied in the Hillary investigation compared to the Russia probe, we noted that the Thugs might be well served to stop sitting around twiddling their thumbs and actually go on the offensive against an investigation that has obviously morphed into mass hysteria courtesy of free-flowing leaks from a conflicted “intelligence community” intent upon bringing down a presidency. Here’s what we said:

Of course, until someone within the Trump administration or Thug Party smartens up and calls for the appointment of a ‘Special Counsel’ to look into Hillary’s email scandal, something that should have been done long ago, and not for retaliatory reasons but simply due to Comey’s and AG Lynch’s blatant mishandling of the investigation (a point which Deputy AG Rosenstein obviously agreed with), the Demagogs have no reason to calm their mass hysteria. Then, and only then, do we suspect that Hillary might just be able to ‘convince’ her party to exercise some form of reasonable judgement.

Now, according to a note this morning from The Hill, the Thugs seem to be doing just that with several members of the GOP calling on the Special Counsel to look into whether former AG Loretta Lynch illegally meddled in the Hillary investigation when she met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix and/or instructed Comey to refer to his case as a “matter” rather than an “investigation.”

Rather than wasting resources on investigating Trump, the GOP says the special counsel must look into whether former AG Loretta Lynch meddled with the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. Comey testified that Lynch told him to downplay the seriousness of the FBI’s email server investigation.

Now, and perhaps because of the recent attack which targeted Republicans and in which the shooter seemed to be fueled by rage from largely fake, anonymously-sourced new stories>, it appears that the GOP is finally starting to push back. Rep Trent Franks told The Hill:

These special counsels have a way of going off the rails, and the ostensible purpose of the special counsel has now been essentially vitiated and everybody knows that, and so they’ve got to try to find something to do. In this case, it was almost the intent from the beginning to try to create something out of nothing. And it doesn’t work in physics, but in politics it seems to be pretty effective.

Barry Bennett, a former adviser to Trump said:

This is the most coordinated communications effort on behalf of the president that we’ve seen in a long time. They need it. It’s tough to fight nameless, faceless quotes from people Jews purposefully twisting these stories on you.

Trump’s lead outside counsel, Mark Kasowitz responded to the WaPo story by decrying the “illegal” leaks, which he said had come directly from the FBI. Jay Sekulow, a new member of Trump’s legal team, said on Fox News that the leaks may have come from inside Mueller’s special counsel, and asked why the FBI is “not sending agents to people’s houses” to put an end to it. Meanwhile, the RNC, which chair Ronna McDaniel has described as the “political arm” of the White House, has led the effort to cast doubt on the special counsel investigation. Of course, Trump has been fairly direct and open with his feelings about the ongoing “witch hunt.”

Meanwhile, as we noted earlier this morning, even Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein has grown weary of the constant leaks and what they mean for the credibility of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, which seems to have prompted him to release the following statement:

Pindosis should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to anonymous ‘officials,’ particularly when they do not identify the country, let alone the branch or agency of government, with which the alleged sources supposedly are affiliated. Pindosis should be skeptical about anonymous allegations. The DoJ has a long-established policy to neither confirm nor deny such allegations.

Of course, it’s only a matter of time until the WaPo uses the fury of the Thugs to allege their guilt. After all, why would they attempt to fight back if they’re innocent? Surely it can’t have anything to do with the barrage of anonymously-sourced, fake news stories released daily with the sole intent of bringing down a Thug president while never producing a shred of actual evidence.

Trump’s Personal Lawyer Hires A Lawyer For Russia Probe: NBC
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jun 16 2017

Adding to what has already been a truly bizarre day, even by Faschingstein standards, NBC is now reporting that even Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has been forced to ‘lawyer up,’ as the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference progresses. According to NBC’s Katy Tur, Cohen has hired Faschingstein attorney Stephen Ryan and is expected to testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Sep 5.

Meanwhile, Tur also reported that Michael Caputo, a communications adviser brought on board the Trump campaign by Paul Manafort, has been contacted by the FBI as well and has retained his own attorney, former New York state Attorney General Dennis Vacco.

Of course, this follows the news from yesterday that ViP Pence had also retained Richard Cullen, a Richmond attorney from McGuire Woods, who previously served as a federal attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia. If nothing else, at least Mueller’s ongoing “witch-hunt”, as President Trump likes to describe it, will serve to further enrich an army of Faschingstein attorneys.

Trump comments deepen conflict with DoJ
Patrick Martin, WSWS, Jun 17 2017

In a series of tweets Friday morning, Pres Trump confirmed that he is under investigation by Robert Mueller, appointed by his own DoJ to look into allegations of collusion between his election campaign and Russia. In the tweet reproduced above, Trump seems to threaten the DoJ official who appointed Mueller, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. He is referring to the fact that Rosenstein drafted a memo on why Comey should be fired, and that Mueller is reportedly including the firing of Comey within the scope of his investigation, as an instance of possible obstruction of justice. Trump’s latest tweets suggested that the raging conflict within the Pindosi ruling class spawned by differences over foreign policy, in relation to the Syrian war but more generally involving Pindo-Russian relations, could be reaching a new point of explosion. The conflict between Trump and his own DoJ has become increasingly tense and public. Last week, it was widely reported that AG Jeff Sessions had offered to resign because of Trump’s criticism of his decision to recuse himself from all investigations related to the Russia and the Trump election campaign, in which Sessions had played a prominent role. The recusal by Sessions left decision-making authority in the hands of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who named Mueller special prosecutor, giving him significant independent resources to continue the Russia investigation.

It was widely reported Thursday that Mueller has expanded the scope of the investigation beyond the question of possible collusion between Trump campaign aides and alleged Russian involvement in hacking attacks on the DNC + Podesta emails. The WaPo reported that Mueller had sought the testimony of several top intelligence officials, including Adm Rogers & DNI Coats, about Trump’s requests that they intervene with Comey to block the Russia investigation. The NYT reported that former members of Trump’s transition team were given “preservation orders” Thursday to safeguard documents, including electronic records like email, related to the ongoing Russia investigation. A memo from the general counsel of the transition team required preservation of records relating to Russia, Ukraine plus Flynn, Page, Manafort, Stone and Kushner. It was not clear whether these records would be sought by Mueller, by the various Senate and House committees investigating alleged Russian interference in the election, or by all of them. The WaPo also reported that Mueller was looking into possible financial connections between Jared Kushner and a Russian bank, as well as other financial dealings with Russia on the part of others in the Trump entourage.

Trump’s thinly-veiled attack on Rosenstein could be a precursor to his either demanding that Rosenstein fire Mueller, which would likely meet with a refusal, or firing him himself. Rosenstein might seek to forestall such a confrontation by recusing himself from further involvement in the Mueller-led probe on the grounds that his own actions in firing Comey were now a subject of the investigation. Any of these alternatives would have the same outcome: decision-making authority over Mueller and the Russia investigation would pass into the hands of the third-ranking official in the DoJ, Associate AG Rachel Brand, a former Bush 43 administration official who later served as chief counsel for the Pindosi Chamber of Commerce. There were several unconfirmed press reports Friday citing unnamed sources in the DoJ that Rosenstein was preparing to recuse himself. ABC News reported that Rosenstein had already notified Brand that she would take over if he did so. Right-wing media backers of Trump have been preparing the ground for Trump to fire Rosenstein, Mueller or both. Newt Gingrich said this week:

Robert Mueller is now clearly the tip of the deep state spear aimed at destroying or at a minimum undermining and crippling the Trump presidency.

The RNC denounced the WaPo report on Mueller now targeting Trump for a potential obstruction of justice charge, declaring:

This story is nothing more than an example of even more leaks coming out of the FBI and special counsel’s office in an effort to undermine the President.

President Trump cannot invoke executive privilege in relation to the Mueller investigation because it is being conducted by the DoJ, an arm of the executive branch itself. As determined by the Supreme Court during the Watergate crisis of 1973-74, executive privilege can only be cited in relation to Congressional investigations, since it stems from the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches. Trump’s only recourse is to dismiss Mueller outright. Senior Thug critturs including Ryan, Thune, McCain, Graham and Collins, alarmed that Trump might touch off a new political firestorm, have warned him against firing Mueller. Kenneth Starr of the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky investigations wrote in an op-ed in the WaPo:

Mueller should be allowed to do his work unhindered and unimpeded. Absent the most extreme circumstances, the president would be singularly ill-advised to threaten, much less order, Mueller’s firing.

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