evidence that the ongoing jewish global coup progresses apace

Qatari and Saudi brothers of the GCC engage in a fist fight yesterday
Angry Arab, Jun 17 2017

Toad foreign minister says working on list of Qatar ‘grievances’
Reuters, Jun 16 2017

The Toad foreign minister said on Friday the four Arab states that broke ties with Doha were drawing up a list of “grievances,” and would present them soon, warning that Qatar could not fund extremism and remain on good terms with neighboring states. Adel al-Jubeir told journalists in London that Qatar should respond to demands to halt its support for “extremism and terrorism,” which he said were being made by the whole world and not just Gulf states. The crisis in the Gulf prompted Oily Rex Tillerson to announce on Friday that he was cancelling his planned trip next week to attend an OAS meeting in Mexico to instead remain in Faschingstein to work on reducing diplomatic strains. The State Dept said in a statement:

Oily Rex will continue his efforts to deescalate tensions in the Middle East region through in person meetings and phone conversations with Gulf and regional so-called leaders. Deputy SS Obergruppenfuhrer Sullivan will attend the OAS meeting instead of Oily Rex his awesome self.

Calling Doha an “ally” in the GCC, Jubeir said there was no intention of harming the Qatari people, and that the list being compiled by the four Arab countries was not “demands,” but “a list of grievances that need to be addressed and that the Qataris need to fix.” He said:

We are working on those with our Bahraini, Emirati and Egyptian partners in order to compile this list and present it to the Qataris, and I think it will be done fairly soon. Enough is enough, and our Qatari brothers cannot continue to fund extremism and terrorize and incite and use hostile media and interfere with the affairs of other countries and still remain in good standing.

He said he expected a positive response that would move the region to a “better place.” Jubeir did not detail what demands could be made. But his comments echoed those of the UAE’s ambassador to Pindostan, who said on Tuesday the list would broadly address three areas of support for terrorism, meddling in the internal affairs of the four Arab states and attacks through Qatari-owned media platforms.

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