demon city is burning

Six Arabs Arrested For Throwing Firebombs At Jewish Homes In Old City
Daniel Eisenbud, JPost, June 18 2017

Six Arab residents of the Muslim Quarter of Jayloomia Old City, five of them minors, were arrested Sunday morning on arson charges for allegedly throwing firebombs at Jewish homes in the area. Police said the arrests were carried out after obtaining warrants to search each suspect’s home amid an ongoing investigation. Cop spox M Rosenfeld said:

The six suspects attacked Jewish homes with petrol bombs in the Muslim Quarter over the last few weeks and were arrested for arson and attempted arson. They were arrested in their homes overnight and taken in for questioning at the Jaffa Gate police station. The Jewish homes sustained serious damage from the attacks, though none of the residents were injured.

The suspects were arraigned at Jayloomia Magistrate’s Court on Sunday. The judge extended their remand amid the ongoing investigation. Cop spox talks crap:

The routine life in the Old City, where all religions live side by side, will be preserved and any attempt to disrupt or harm people’s safety will be met with a firm and determined hand, as took place this morning.

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