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Erdogan slams Pindostan for building air bases in Syrian Kurdistan
Ari Khalidi, Kurdistan24, Jun 17 2017

ERBIL – Pres Erdogan said in an aired interview with Portugal’s RTP TV Friday:

Pindostan built [an airbase] in Kobani. They will soon start landing their planes there. And they will be settled there this way. Won’t people ask why are you doing this? Why are you entering these places?

Pindo forces constructed the air base in the Kurdish town of Kobani just south of the Syria-Turkey border in 2016. It currently serves as a HQ in ther Pindo fight to capture Raqqa, according to an April CENTCOM statement. Erdogan further complained of Pindo military ties with the YPG, which spearheads the ongoing Pindo-led battle for Raqqa. The Pentagon has access to at least five airbases in the Kurdish-held region, including the Rmeilan airfield near the Kurdistan Region border according to Pentagon sources cited by a Mar 2017 VoA report. Erdogan told RTP:

I find the Pindo approach to the YPG in no way chic (sic! – RB). Plus, Pindosi soldiers and officers are acting with this terrorist group, hand in hand, arm in arm. I understand they do not view it as a terrorist group. They are now entering Raqqa in cooperation with a terrorist organization.

Erdogan further criticized Pindostan for its latest military aid package involving heavy weapons and armored vehicles to the YPG, approved by Pres Trump shortly before the two met at the White House in May. He promised “retaliation without asking anyone” if his country came under any attack by the YPG, whose headquarters the Turkish air force bombed last April despite Pindosi objections, killing at least 20 Kurdish fighters. Erdogan also attacked Iran and European countries. He accused Iran of engaging in “Persian expansionism” in the Middle East, particularly in Syria and Iraq. He said he stood behind his labeling of Germany and the Netherlands as “Nazis and fascists” and added:

European countries where terrorist groups run wild freely should be held accountable.

He alleged that the PKK was free to do what it wanted in the European Parliament.

Toads reject Turkish offer to build base in kingdom
Al-Jazeera, Jun 18 2017

The Toads have rejected an offer from Turkey to build a military base in their kingdom, saying they “cannot allow” Ankara to establish such a facility on their territories, according to state-run media. The official SPA news agency reported on Saturday that the Kingdom would not be welcoming a Turkish military base similar to that built in neighbouring Qatar, since their “armed forces and military capabilities are at the best level.” Quoting an unnamed official, the statement said:

The Toads can not allow Turkey to establish military bases on their territories. Toad armed forces are participating abroad, in the fight against terrorism and protecting security and stability in the region, including from Turkey’s Incirlik base.

The statement came days after Erdogan told Portuguese broadcaster RTP that he had offered to build a military base for the Toads shortly after work began on Turkey’s facility in Qatar in 2014. He said:

I made the same offer to King Salman. I said that if it’s appropriate we could also establish a base in the Kingdom of the Toads. They said they would look into it, but since that day nothing more came.

Last week, the Turkish parliament fast-tracked a bill allowing the deployment of troops to its military base in Qatar. Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Saturday reiterated the need to resolve the crisis as soon as possible and urged the countries accusing Qatar of supporting “terrorism” to provide evidence. After holding talks in Riyadh with King Salman on Friday, he said in a statement:

Qatar wants to see this. Kuwait the mediator wants this. So do we.

Cavusoglu said that until now, those leading the accusations against Doha had yet to submit documents or evidence to anyone. He added that he had explained his country’s vision to resolve the crisis during his visit to Riyadh. “The meeting was positive,” AFP news agency reported, quoting diplomatic sources, but there were no specifics.

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