omigod, we’ve killed a pretty girl, my heart sobs, and her name means ‘esther queen’

hadas-e1497641147226-635x357Esther the Queen (Hadas Malka), now Queen only of Death! I would guess that regular army (Tzahal) does the reprisals, while Magav (Border Police) does the provocations. MAGAV like the cops is run by the Interior Ministry, totally separately from the Defense Ministry, thus increasing deniability of ongoing JewNazi genocide of Arabs – RB

IOF raids West Bank homes of Jaylloomia attackers
Times of Israel, Jun 17 2017

IOF were out in force Saturday in the West Bank village of Deir Abu-Mashal, near Ramallah, home of the three assailants who carried out the stabbing and shooting attacks near the Old City on Friday. Boxtops said IOF troops temporarily sealed off the village, then raided the men’s homes, where they searched for weaponry, confiscated various documents and questioned family members over the attack. Soldiers also mapped the homes of the three men in preparation for the demolition of the houses. One person was arrested on suspicion of involvement with the attack. The IOF said a riot broke out as forces conducted their operations, with around 200 Palestinians Arabs hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails at soldiers and burning tires as they attempted to block entrances to the village. The IOF said soldiers responded with mainly non-lethal weapons but in several specific cases used live fire. No soldiers were injured. The three who carried out the attack had apparently been planning it for at least two months, Galei Tzahal (army radio) reported Saturday. According to the report, one of the killers, Usama Ahmed Atta, 19, posted a tweet on Apr 13 which said:

We are all temporary. The world is not ours. We just walk in it and leave everything behind. Allah, assign to our lives some good deeds with which to meet you!

The other two attackers, Adel Ankush, 18, Bra’a Saleh Atta, 19, responded with “Amen” and “Allah, Amen,” the radio said, adding that the post seems to indicate their desire to die in an attack. The Shabak said all three had in the past been arrested for or involved in “popular terror activity.”

The IOF said the operations in Deir Abu-Mashal were not intended as collective punishment, but were carried out for operational and security reasons. Officials noted that attacks originating from a certain village have often been followed by another attack from that same village, in revenge for the killing of
the assailants. The army’s actions were intended to stave off such an eventuality, they said.

A Facebook page run by members of the village posted a photo of the three assailants on Friday night, praising them:

Glory and immortality to our righteous martyrs.

It also carried various messages of support which page administrators claimed came from nearby villages.

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