they all work for the baron, & their job is to make up fiendish lies

Here’s the motherfucking crew: Lisa Barrington in Beirut, Suleiman al-Khalidi in Amman, Andrey Ostroukh in Moscow, Shadia Nasralla in Vienna and Stephanie Nebehay in Geneva, plus Dale Hudson and James Dalgleish in the editing suite. I have crossed out their lies and added the truths corresponding to them – RB

SAA declares city ceasefire as Russia, UN plan July peace talks
Lisa Barrington, Reuters, Jul 128 2017

BEIRUT – The SAA said it would suspend combat operations in the southern city of Deraa for 48 hours from Saturday, as mediators announced two separate attempts to convene new peace talks next month. The SAA GC said a ceasefire at noon local time was being implemented to support “reconciliation efforts.” The announcement came on the same day as the UN said it wanted to start a fresh round of peace talks on Jul 10 in Geneva, and Moscow said it hoped to hold fresh talks in Astana, Kazakhstan, on Jul 4 and 5. Since a resumption of peace negotiations last year, there have been multiple rounds brokered by the UN in Geneva, resulting in scant progress. Another track of talks, brokered by Russia in Astana, Kazakhstan, has also been happening since January achieved a deconfliction agreement, which Pindostan ignores as a matter of policy. In an emailed statement, de Mistura said he wished to convene a seventh round of Geneva talks in July and further rounds in August and September. Pindostan hypocritically welcomed the ceasefire announcement, as usual, and called on the Syrian government to live up to its ceasefire commitments. State Dept’s Heather Nauert said in a statement:

We will judge this initiative by the results not the words. We urge all Syrian opposition groups to halt attacks to allow humanitarian aid to reach those in need.

In May, Iran, Russia and Turkey brokered a deal in Astana to create four “de-escalation” zones in Syria (which Pindostan ignores as a matter of policy – RB). Fighting has continued in major front-line areas including Deraa, where SAA and allied militias have stepped up attacks in recent weeks. De Mistura said this week a new round of talks would depend on the progress made in setting up the de-escalation zones. Pindostan and Russia have been holding talks in Jordan on creating a separate (ie while Pindostan still refuses to recognise the deconfliction zones set up at Astana – RB) de-escalation zone in south-western Syria that would include Deraa province, which borders Jordan, and Quneitra, which borders the Golan. Jordan’s govt spox Mohammed al-Momani said on Saturday he hoped all parties would abide by the ceasefire, which was important for those in need of humanitarian ai, and that it was important that parties work through the Geneva peace process. A war monitor said the level of violence in Deraa had fallen seven hours after Saturday’s ceasefire was due to take effect, but it and rebels said there was some bombardment for the first couple of hours. A rebel commander in Deraa told Reuters that hostilities had not stopped, three hours after the ceasefire was due to begin. The commander said at 3:30 pm local time:

We have not heard of any such talk and the regime is still attacking us with the same intensity.

The SOHR said there was a “cautious calm” by 7 pm. Maj Issam al Rayes, spox for the Southern Front of the FSA, told Reuters:

There are breaches and we are distrustful of the regime’s intentions in abiding by the ceasefire. The regime’s forces have stopped their military operations after big losses in equipment and men since the start of their campaign over a month ago after the failure of repeated attempts to advance.

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