ww3 is here in front of our noses

To call these objects ‘medium range’ is a deliberate confusion by the Pentagon. ICBMs are 5,500 km and above; IRBMs are 3,000–5,500 km; MRBMs are 1,000-3,000 km and SRBMs 1,000 km and below. Medium & Short-Range Missiles may fairly be described as “Theater Weapons,” but the term ‘Medium-Range’ obscures this and confuses the public with thoughts of ‘Intermediate’ ranges, which are potentially intercontinental ones – RB

Iran Fires Into Syria First Mid-range Missiles in 30 Years
Gili Cohen, Haaretz, Jun 18 2017

The IRGC have fired ground-to-ground missiles from western Iran into eastern Syria, aiming at the bases of militant groups Iran holds responsible for attacks in Tehran which left 18 dead last week, Tasnim reported. This was the first operational use of mid-range missiles by Iran since the war with Iraq, which ended in 1988. The Iranian video is currently under examination by Israel, in attempt to understand the details of the incident. It remains unknown if the missiles struck their targets and what effect the strikes could have on the region. The IRGC said, according to Tasnim:

The spilling of any pure blood will not go unanswered.

The IRGC website and semi-official news agencies, reported the strikes Sunday on Deir el-Zour, Syria. The IRGC website said it launched surface-to-surface medium-range missiles targeting the area. It did not immediately offer other specifics, other than to say the missiles were launched from Iran. An IRGC statement carried on its website said the strike came from its bases in western Iran. It said many “terrorists” were killed and their weapons had been destroyed in the strike. It warned Daesh and their “regional and international supporters” that similar retaliatory attacks would target them as well if another assault in Iran occurs. Activists in Syria did not immediately have information about the Iranian-claimed strikes. Five Daesh-linked attackers stormed Iran’s parliament and a shrine to revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini this month, killing at least 18 people and wounding more than 50.

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