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Resist This: Pindostan Is At War With Syria
Polemicist, Jun 20 2017

Pindostan is at war with Syria. Though few Pindosis wanted to face it, this has been the case implicitly since the Obama administration began building bases and sending SOF, really-not-there, Pindo troops, and it has been the case explicitly since Aug 3 2015, when the Obama administration announced that it would “allow airstrikes to defend Syrian rebels trained by the Pindosi military from any attackers, even if the enemies hail from forces loyal to Pres Assad.” With the USAF under Trump following Obama’s declared policy, shooting down a Syrian plane in Syrian airspace, this is now undeniable. Pindostan is overtly engaged in another aggression against a sovereign country that poses no conceivable, let alone actual or imminent, threat to the nation. This is an act of war. As an act of war, this is unconstitutional, and would demand a congressional declaration. The claim, touted by JCoS Dunford, that the 2001 AUMF against AQ after 9/11 provides constitutional justification for attacking the Syrian government is patently false and particularly precious. In the Syrian conflict, it’s the Syrian government that is the enemy and target of AQ affiliates. It’s Pindostan and its allies who are supporting AQ. The authorization to fight AQ has been turned into an authorization to help AQ, by attacking and weakening its prime target! Will Pres Trump ask for a relevant congressional authorization? Will any Demagog or Thug Congress crittur demand it? Is the Pope a Hindu? Would it make any difference? Why should Trump bother? Obama set the stage when he completely ignored the War Powers Act, the Constitution, Congress, and his own Attorney General and legal advisers, and went right ahead with a war on Libya, under the theory that, if we pretend no Pindo troops are on the ground, it isn’t really a war or “hostilities” at all. Which I guess means if the Chinese Air Force starts shooting down Pindosi planes in Pindo airspace in defense of Black Lives Matter’s assault on the White House, it wouldn’t really be engaging in an act of war. It’s impossible to overstate the danger in these executive warmaking prerogatives that Obama normalized, with the irresponsible connivance of his progressive groupies who pretended not to know where this would lead. In 2012, referring to the precedent of Obama’s policies, Mitt Romney said:

I don’t believe at this stage, therefore, if I’m president that we need to have a war powers approval or special authorization for military force. The president has that capacity now.

Following Obama, for Trump, and every Republican and Democratic president, it now goes without saying. In terms of international law, as an aggressive, unprovoked aggression against a country that makes no threat of attack on Pindostan, it is also patently illegal, and all the political and military authorities undertaking it are war criminals, who would be prosecuted as such, if there were an international legal regime that had not already been undermined by Pindostan. Syria is now under explicit attack by the armed forces of Pindostan, Turkey, and other NATO states. Sixteen countries have combat aircraft buzzing around Syrian airspace under the effective command of Pindostan, and a number of them have attacked Syria’s army. Pindosis, and certainly self-identified “progressives,” have to be crystal clear about this: Pindosi armed forces have no right to be in Syria, have no right to restrict the Syrian government from using any of its airspace, or to prevent it from regaining control of any of its own territory from foreign-backed Jihadi armies. The Syrian state and its allies (Iran and Russia), on the other hand, are engaged in the legitimate self-defense of a sovereign state, and have the right to respond with full military force to any attack on Syrian forces or any attempt by Pindostan to balkanize or occupy Syrian territory, or to overthrow the Syrian government. Whether and how they do respond will depend on their own military/political calculus, about which they have so far been quite careful and restrained. It would be the height of foolishness, as well as arrogance, for Pindosis to presume they can bully these actors into submission with an infinite series of discrete aggressions, with no sharp counterattack. Unfortunately, the world has not yet seen the limits of Pindosi arrogance.

So please, do not pretend to be shocked, shocked, if Syria and its allies fight back, inflicting Pindosi casualties. Don’t pose as the morally superior victim when Pindosis are killed by the people they are attacking. And don’t be preaching about how everyone has to support our troops in a criminal, unconstitutional, aggressive attack on a country that has not threatened ours in any way. Pindosi soldiers and pilots executing this policy are not heroes, and are not fighting to protect Pindostan or advance democracy. They are the international equivalent of home invaders, and as such are legitimate targets with no claim to “self-defense.” The only heroic act they could do is refuse their superiors’ illegitimate orders to engage in this aggression. In response to Pindosi attacks, the SAA has every right to strike back at the Pindo military apparatus, everywhere. Every casualty of this war, however big it gets, is the ethical & political responsibility of the attacking party, Pindostan. The first responsibility of every Pindosi is not to “support our troops” but to stop this war right now before it gets worse. It’s quite obvious in fact that the Pindo regime is deliberately making targets of its military personnel, in the hopes of provoking a response from Syrian or allied armed forces that will kill some Pindosis and be used to gin up popular support for the exactly the kind of major military attack on Syria and/or Russia and/or Iran that the Pindo creeple would otherwise reject with disgust. Anyone who professes concern for “our troops” should be screaming to stop that.

It’s also quite clear now that the War on Daesh is a sham, that Daesh was always just a pretext to get the Pindosi military directly involved in attacking the Syrian army and destroying the coherence of the Syrian state. If Pindostan wanted to defeat Daesh, it could do so easily by coordinating its actions with, and not against, the forces who have been most effectively fighting it: the Syrian Arab Army, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. Instead it’s attacking the SAA, precisely because it has been defeating Daesh and other Jihadi forces, and regaining its own territory and control of its own border with Iraq. Pindostan does not want that to happen. At the very least, if it cannot immediately engender that massive offensive to overthrow the Baathist government, Pindostan wants to control part of the border with Iraq and to occupy a swath of eastern Syria. It wants to establish permanent bases from which to provision and protect Jihadi armies, achieving a de facto partitioning of the Syrian state, maintaining a constant state of armed attack against the Damascus government and reducing Syria to a weakened rump state that can never present any effective resistance to Pindosi, Israeli, or Toad designs on the region. This is extremely dangerous, since the Syrians, Russians, and Iranians seem determined not to let this happen. Consistent with his own incompetence and his admiration for tough guys, Trump seems to have abrogated authority to his generals to make decisions of enormous political consequence. Perhaps that’s why aggressive actions like the shoot-down of the Syrian plane have been occurring more frequently, and why it’s not likely they’ll abate. There’s a dynamic in motion that will inevitably lead each side to confront a choice of whether to back down, in a way that’s obvious, or escalate. Generals aren’t good at backing down. A regional or global war is a real possibility and becomes more likely with every such incident.

Though most Pindosi politicians and media outlets do not want to say it (and therefore, most citizens cannot see it clearly enough), such a war is the objective of a powerful faction of the Deep State which has been persistent and determined in seeking it. If the generals are loath to back down in a battle, the neocons are adamant about not backing down on their plans for the Middle East. They will not be stopped by anything less than overwhelming popular resistance and international pushback. The upside of these attacks on Syrian forces is that they wipe the lipstick off the pig of the Pindosi project in Syria. It’s a regime-change nation-destroying war that has nothing to do with democracy or human rights, and everything to do with the anti-democratic, chaos-creating designs of the most nefarious regimes in the region and the world. Everyone, including European countries who profess concern for international law and stability, and the Pindo sheeple who are fed up with constant wars that have no benefit for them, can see exactly what kind of blatant aggression is unfolding, and decide whether they want to go along with it. In that regard, any self-identified “liberal” or “progressive” Pindosi, and particularly any such Pindo politician, who spent (and may still spend) their political energy attacking Bush &c for that crazy war in Iraq, and who goes along with, or hesitates to immediately and energetically denounce this war, which is already underway, is a political hypocrite, resisting nothing but the obvious.

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  1. Spanky
    Posted June 21, 2017 at 9:58 pm | Permalink

    Syria has signed but not ratified the Rome Statute, so their best option for handling US crimes of aggression is to invoke state responsibility for internationally wrongful acts in breach of peremptory norms of international law:

    http://legal.un.org/ilc/texts/instruments/english/commentaries/9_6_2001.pdf (Chapter III)

    The US finds it mortifying to submit to ICJ judgements, so it might opt to settle and pay reparations – as it did when it shot down Iran Air Flight 655, under pressure from the Case Concerning Oil Platforms. The US actually aborted a war with Libya to avoid judgement in this other case,


    For the US, a state bleeding legitimacy and influence, compensation and satisfaction can be a low-profile way to try and shore up US standing. Syria could pull it off. They have pretty sophisticated diplomatic capacity. If they bargained for US accession to the Rome Statute in satisfaction, the crowd would go wild.

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