our daily dose of faked-up bullshit blaming the russians

Russian Su-27 warns off NATO F-16 trying to approach defense minister’s plane over Baltic
RT.com, Jun 21 2017

A NATO F-16 fighter jet has tried to approach the Russian defense minister’s plane above the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea. The plane was warded off by a Russian Su-27 escorting the minister’s aircraft, according to journalists who were on board. Russian plane was en route to the city of Kaliningrad, a western Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea, where Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is scheduled to discuss security issues with defense officials on Wednesday. While one NATO aircraft tried to approach the Russian airplane, a Russian Su-27 fighter jet got in its way and tilted its wings, apparently showing its arms, according to RIA Novosti and TASS journalists who were on board. The F-16 then flew away. Kremlin spox Dmitri Peskov said that he has no information about the incident. He said in answer to journalists’ questions:

It’s probably better to ask the Defense Ministry.

On Monday a Pindosi RC-135 spy plane flying toward the Russian border made a “provocative turn” toward a Baltic Fleet Su-27, which had been scrambled for an interception mission. The encounters of Russian and Pindo warplanes over the Baltic Sea waters have apparently become more frequent lately. A Russian fighter jet intercepted a small group of Pindo warplanes, including Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker military refueling aircraft, two B-1 bombers and one B-52, during the BALTOPS (Baltic Operations) annual training exercise on Jun 10. Earlier in June, the Russian military intercepted another B-52 bomber in the same area, and escorted by an Su-27 fighter away from Russian territory.

Qatar Says News Agency Hacking Linked To Middle East, Not Russia
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jun 20 2017

A couple of weeks ago, we expressed some level of ‘amazement’ at just how sophisticated, efficient and pervasive the ‘Russian hacking’ community had become after CNN reported that they had managed to hack into a Qatari News Agency and post a ‘fake’ news story all in an apparent attempt to drive a wedge between Pindostan, Qatar and some of its Gulf Arab neighbors. Think about that for a minute. Set aside the hacking event itself for just a moment and imagine how good the Russians had to be to know exactly what news story needed to be planted inside the Qatari news agency to provoke an immediate severing of diplomatic ties by numerous Arab neighboring states. It truly is mind-boggling how it all played out exactly the way the Russians planned. These ‘Russian hackers’ are certainly not a bunch of amateurs. And while that may sound like a joke, quite unfortunately, it is not, at least it wasn’t at CNN anyway. Here are the details, as they were previously reported by CNN:

The FBI recently sent a team of investigators to Doha to help the Qatari government investigate the alleged hacking incident, Qatari and Pindosi government officials say. Intelligence gathered by the Pindo security agencies indicates that Russian hackers were behind the intrusion first reported by the Qatari government two weeks ago, Pindo officials say. Qatar hosts one of the largest Pindo military bases in the region. The alleged involvement of Russian hackers intensifies concerns by Pindo intelligence and law enforcement agencies that Russia continues to try some of the same cyber-hacking measures on Pindo allies that intelligence agencies believe it used to meddle in the 2016 elections. The Russian goal appears to be to cause rifts among Pindostan and its allies. In recent months, suspected Russian cyber-activities, including the use of fake news stories, have turned up amid elections in France, Germany and other countries.

As it turns out, it’s somewhat ironic that CNN accused Russia of spreading “fake news stories” that “have turned up amid elections in France, Germany and other countries” because, as Reuters reports today, their entire Qatari hacking narrative was all fake news. According to reports from Qatar’s attorney general, it was an Arab neighbor state that severed ties with Doha that was responsible for the hacking of Qatar’s state news agency, not the Russians:

Qatar’s attorney general said on Tuesday his country has evidence that the hacking of Qatar’s state news agency was linked to countries that have severed ties with Doha. The Toads, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE cut their ties with Doha earlier this month over comments alleged to have been made by the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and posted briefly on the Qatar News Agency’s website on May 23 which Doha said had been hacked. The Qatari Attorney General Ali Bin Fetais al-Marri told reporters in Doha: “Qatar has evidence that certain iPhones originating from countries laying siege to Qatar were used in the hack.”

Of course, just like the last time CNN got caught faking news, we are quite confident they will promptly retract their erroneous reporting and offer yet another apology to their readers for the unfortunate mistake created by their increasingly misinformed anonymous sources.

cnn fake news_1_0

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