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Blumenthal Theorizes: Conspiracy Charges Possible For Trump White House
The_Real_Fly, Zero Hedge, Jun 21 2017

Back in 1997, Harold Nicholson, a former employee for the CIA, was sentenced to 23 years in jail for conspiring with the Russian government. Tonight on Chris Matthews’ Hardball, Sen Blumenthal went off the deep end of his own conspiratorial bend, proclaiming that Flynn, Kushner and others in the Trump White House could succumb to conspiracy charges. When discussing the matter of Flynn, Matthews asked the Senator if he should be given immunity, so that he could spill the beans on the President, inpling that Trump has something to hide that Flynn knows about. Both Blumenthal and Matthews then started to theorize, as if incredibly disconnected from the real world, a grand Russian scheme that had taken place, all at the behest of Trump, that could land Flynn 15 years in prison. Matthews then staggered on, saying:

The press should be commended! All these Russian shenanigans on going on all the time, and the only reason why we know about them is the press!

Hmmm, I wonder: why do democrats keep losing elections?

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