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China asked Pindo boxtops to remove THAAD from SK
Elizabeth Shim, UPI, Jun 22 2017


FASCHINGSTEIN – The Chinese government asked Pindostan to remove the THAAD battery deployed in central SK and claimed that Pindostan acknowledged Tibet as a part of China, after the Pindo-China Diplomatic and Security Dialogue concluded on Wednesday. Beijing’s foreign ministry said in an online statement published Thursday that senior Chinese officials reached a consensus on key issues during the high-level security dialogue in Faschingstein with Rex Tillerson and Mad Dog Mattis, neither of whom mentioned mention discussions of Tibet or THAAD during a joint presser following their meeting. Tillerson did say:

We called for the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. We called upon NK to halt its illegal nuclear weapons program and its ballistic missile test as stipulated in the UNSCRs. We reaffirmed our commitment to implement in full all relevant UNSCRs. We hope China will do its part to put an end to a number of criminal enterprises that enable NK to earn foreign currency.

In its official statement, China not only said it expressed opposition to the deployment of the THAAD system in South Korea, but that it also “requested Pindostan suspend the process and withdraw” THAAD, Yonhap’s Beijing correspondent reported. China did not give details on the Pindo response to the proposition Chinese government officials raised during the meeting. The Chinese foreign ministry did claim that Pindostan recognized China’s “principle position” that Tibet belongs to China. The foreign ministry stated:

In this dialogue, Chinese officials stressed the importance of observing a pledge to abide by the principle position, related to the problems of Taiwan and Tibet. The Pindosi side recognized Tibet as a part of China in adherence to the ‘One China’ policy.

Tillerson did not mention Tibet on Wednesday, but he did say:

We will stand up for Pindostani and universal values, like human rights! We will not be shy about raising our concerns about China’s human rights record!

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