minutes to go, by brion gysin

M I N U T E S   T O    G O

By Brion Gysin

the hallucinated have come to tell you that yr utilities are being shut off         dreams monitored         though directed sex is shutting down everywhere        you are being sent         all word are taped         agents everywhere marking down the live ones         to exterminate         they are turning out the lights         no       they are not evil         nor the devil but men on a mission         with a spot of work to do         this         dear friends         they intend to do on you         you have been offered a choice         between liberty and         freedom         and          No!         you cannot have both         the next step is everyone into space         but it has been         a long dull wait         since the last tower of babel        that first derisive visit of the         paraclete         let’s not hear that noise again         and again         that may well be         the last word anywhere         this is not the beginning         in the beginning was the word         the word has been in for a too long time         you in the word and         the word in you         we are out         you are in         we have come to let you out         here and now we will show you         what you can do         with and to         the word         the words        any word         all the words         Pick a book         any book         cut it up         cut up         prose         poems          newspapers           magazines         the bible          the koran         the book of moroni           la-tzu          confucius          the bhagavad gita         anything         letters         business correspondence         ads         all the words         slice down the middle         dice into sections         according to taste         chop in some bible         pour on some Madison Avenue prose         shuffle cards         toss like confette         taste it like piping hot         alphabet soup         pass yr friends’ letters         yr office carbons         through any such sieve as you may find or invent         you will soon see         just what they really are saying         this is the terminal method for finding the truth         piece together a masterpiece a week         use better materials         more highly charged words         there is no longer a need         to drum up a season of geniuses         be your own agent         until we deliver the machine in commercially reasonable quantities         we wish to announce         that while we esteem         this to be truly         the American Way         we have no commitments        with any government groups         the writing machine         is for everybody         do it yourself         until the machine comes         here is the system         according to us

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