doubtless everyone knows gaza is in total chaos and collapse, no electricity, sewage everywhere, etc

EU washes its hands of Gaza
Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, Jun 22 2017

For days, EI has been asking the EU External Action Service, effectively its foreign ministry, to comment on the situation in Gaza and to explain what if anything it is doing to pressure Israel to reverse the electricity cuts. On Tuesday, Maja Kocijancic, spox for Federica Mogherini, confirmed that she had received EI’s inquiry and promised “to see what the latest is” and “come back to you ASAP.” But another two days and a Thursday afternoon deadline have passed, and there is total silence from the EU despite repeated follow up inquiries to Kocijancic and her colleagues. The EU grants Israel all kinds of trade concessions and funding under their so-called Association Agreement, which specifies that relations between the EU and Israel “shall be based on respect for human rights and democratic principles,” a stipulation deemed “an essential element” of the agreement. Dozens of European Parliament members have urged Mogherini to suspend the agreement, in light of Israel’s repeated and flagrant violations of Palestinian rights. But instead, the EU seems only set on further rewarding Israel. A reliable indicator of this is the EU’s representative office in Tel Aviv, which produces a steady stream of tweets on its official account celebrating the EU’s “partnership” with Israel, including “research” programs that fund Israel’s military industry. Even this week as conditions in Gaza deteriorated, the EU has been touting its military cooperation with Israel over so called “shared challenges.”

Meanwhile, the EU External Action Service has not tweeted anything at all about Gaza since 2014. The latest crisis in Gaza has been unfolding since April and has prompted warnings that it could lead to another war. The EU’s silence cannot therefore be an oversight. It should be read as a positive endorsement of Israel’s tightening blockade of Gaza and the suffering Israel is knowingly inflicting on a population exhausted and traumatized by a decade of isolation and successive Israeli military assaults. The EU is indeed deepening its vaunted partnership with Israel. It is a partnership in crime.

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