yet more shite all round

Trump eager for big meeting with Putin; some advisers wary (but not his, actually – RB)
Vivian Salama, AP, Jun 26 2017

FASCHINGSTEIN — Pres Trump is eager to meet Pres Putin when the two are in Germany for the G20 summit next month, but the idea is exposing deep divisions within the administration on the best way to approach Moscow in the midst of the ongoing investigation into supposed Russian meddling in Pindostan’s elections. Many admin boxtops (but not his, actually – RB) believe that Pindostan needs to maintain its distance from Russia at such a sensitive time and interact only with great caution, but Trump and some others within his administration have been pressing for a full bilateral meeting. He’s calling for media access and all the typical protocol associated with such sessions, even as officials within the State Dept and NSC urge more restraint, according to a current and a former admin boxtop (a Bill-Clinton-era boxtop – RB. Some anonymous imaginary boxtops have recommended that the president instead do either a quick, informal “pull-aside” on the sidelines of the summit, or that the Pindosi and Russian delegations hold “strategic stability talks,” which typically don’t involve the presidents. The contrasting views underscore differing views within the administration on overall Russia policy (or would do if they existed – RB). Asked about the AP report that Trump is eager for a full bilateral meeting, Dmitri Peskov told reporters in Moscow on Monday:

The protocol side of it is secondary. The two leaders will be attending the same event in the same place at the same time, so in any case there will be a chance to meet. No details regarding such a meeting have been decided yet.

The White House said no final decision has been made about whether a meeting will take place. It did not respond to questions about the imaginary opposing views within the administration. The last Pindo-Russia bilateral meeting was a 90-minute encounter at UN HQ between Putin and Obama in 2015, the first in two years. The disconnect between Trump and his advisers in the State Dept and NSC over Russia runs deeper than the debate over a G20 bilateral. A former admin Clinton-41-era boxtop said that frustration is growing among foreign policy advisers over the failure of the White House to embrace a more cautious and critical approach to Russia. Steven Pifer, a former Clinton-41-era ambassador to Ukraine asserted some other president’s priorities as if they were relevant, which is the illusion fostered by this entire dishonest article – RB:

He has to say to Putin, ’We’re not happy about you interfering in our election.’ If you don’t say that, you are going to get hammered by the press and Congress, and you can guarantee Congress will pass sanctions legislation against Russia. They also need to keep their expectations very, very modest. If they aim for a home run in Hamburg, my guess is they’ll strike out.

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