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Trump Slams Morning “Psycho” Joe, Says Mika “Bleeding Badly From A Face-Lift”
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jun 29 2017

Just when you thought President Trump’s tweet tirade against his denigrators in the media had peaked, it appears he just turned up the anger amplifier to ’11’…

Yes, the POTUS just said that. And cue the CNN meltdown over this outburst. Brzezinski responded to Trump’s tweets by posting a Cheerios promo that reads “Made For Little Hands.”

President ridicules female TV host’s looks, calls her crazy
Julie Bykowicz, AP, Jun 29 2017

FASCHINGSTEIN — Pres Trump ridiculed the looks and temperament of a female cable television host whose show he says he has stopped watching. In a series of tweets Thursday morning, the president went after Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. Brzezinski responded on Twitter by posting a photograph of a Cheerios box that has the phrase “made for little hands.” Critics looking to get under the president’s skin have long suggested that his hands appear smaller than usual for his frame. NBC News spox said in a statement:

It’s a sad day for Pindostan when the president spends his time bullying, lying and spewing petty personal attacks instead of doing his job.

The White House did not immediately respond to questions about the tweets, including what it was that set the president off. About two hours before the president’s tweets, Brzezinski said on the show:

It’s not normal behavior for any leader to be tweeting about people’s appearances, bullying, lying, undermining managers and throwing people under the bus. If any business executive behaved the way Trump does, there would be concern that perhaps the person who runs the company is out of his mind.

On their Wednesday show, Brzezinski and Scarborough roundly mocked Trump for displaying in several of his golf resorts a fake Time Magazine cover featuring himself. “That’s needy,” Brzezinski said on the show. About 15 minutes before the president himself tweeted, White House social media director Dan Scavino similarly attacked the hosts. Scavino wrote on his personal account:

Trump was correct that the MSNBC hosts spent time at the president’s Florida resort, a visit that Scarborough said was to arrange a Trump interview.

Thugs Slam Trump’s Attack On Mika
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jun 29 2017

With his latest two tweets, in which he attacked “Morning” Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, Trump may have finally crossed the line. At least that’s the view of a group of Thugs who slammed Trump’s over his tweets attacking Mika Brzezinski, saying the personal jabs about a woman’s looks were unworthy of the presidency.

White House Press Secretary Defends Trump’s Attack on Morning Joe
The_Real_Fly, Zero Hedge, Jun 29 2017

The response by Never Trumpers and the Hillbot brigade has been sheer unhinged outrage:

Thug Senator Ben Sasse tweeted:

Lindsey Graham tweeted:

Thug Rep Lynn Jenkins of Kansas tweeted:

Sen Susan Collins tweeted:

A senior vice president at NBC News, Mark Kornblau, also responded to the president’s attack:

Here’s the statement by MSNBC.

According to Bloomberg, the White House defended Trump’s remarks. Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday on Fox:

I don’t think that the president’s ever been someone who gets attacked and doesn’t push back. This is a president who fights fire with fire and certainly will not be allowed to be bullied by the liberal media and the liberal elites within the media or Hollywood or anywhere else.

As expected, the DNC ripped into President Trump, saying:

Trump’s bullying tweets are an attack on women everywhere. From his Twitter slurs to his policies, we have a president who continues to show us he has no regard for women and whose comments demean the office he holds.

Here was Paul Ryan’s response:

Sen Susan Collins again:

And finally, White House Press Secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders defended Trump’s tweets, saying “the President will not be bullied’:

NYT Newsroom To Walk Out After Decrying Direction Of Paper
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jun 29 2017

Exhausted and demoralized after repeated buyouts and cutbacks in the newsroom, it seems the downtrodden journalists at the NYT have finally had enough: In a pair of letters delivered to executive editor Dean Baquet and managing editor Joseph Kahn, the News Guild of New York said the NYT editorial staff will leave the newsroom on Thursday as a demonstration of solidarity as management threatens jobs, according to MarketWatch. Unlike the employee rebellion at the WSJ last year, when staffers confronted management about unequal pay practices and a paucity of female reporters and editors in leadership roles, the uproar at the times is centered around the repeated paycuts and cutbacks, which have left the newsroom feeling “demoralized.” One letter was sent by the organization’s copy editors, who are facing dramatic staffing cuts, while the second letter was sent by reporters in an expression of solidarity with the editing staff. Both detailed frustrations with the repeated rounds of buyouts, and the lack of transparency surrounding management’s decision-making. In the copy editors’ letter to Baquet and Kahn, they say they feel betrayed and disrespected in the newsroom, and ask that management reconsider staffing cuts that are expected as the paper plans to restructure. They write:

Cutting us down to 50 to 55 editors from more than 100, and expecting the same level of quality in the report, is dumbfoundingly unrealistic. You often speak about the importance of engaging readers, of valuing, investing and giving a voice to readers. Dean and Joe: We are your readers, and you have turned your backs on us. Editors, and yes, that especially means copy editors, save reporters and the NYT every day from countless errors, large and small. Requiring them to dance for their supper sends a clear message to them, and to us, that the respect we have shown the NYT will not be reciprocated.

The editorial staff is accusing NYT management of being too opaque in its efforts to restructure the news operation, which includes consolidating two separate groups of editors into one group and asking copy editors to resubmit applications for roles in the newsroom. Indeed, morale is so low at the NYT that its reporters and editors said they actually feel more respected by readers than by management. The letters referenced an internal report in which the copy editors were compared to dogs urinating on fire hydrants. That’s quite the claim, considering Pres Trump’s relentless bashing of the “failing” news organization has turned public sentiment squarely against it. The letter reads: 

And that is why it feels like such a profound waste that morale is low throughout the newsroom, and that many of us, from editors to reporters to photo editors to support staff, are angry, embittered and scared of losing our jobs.

The rebellion comes at a time when advertising revenues for print, formerly a powerhouse of the media industry that has been precipitously eroded by the rise of free news on the internet, continue to shrink, and gains in digital advertising are failing to make up the difference. In the first quarter, print ads declined by 18% while digital ad revenue increased by nearly 19% and accounted for more than 38% of the company’s total ad revenue. Still, the paper’s stock remains buoyant; shares have risen more than 35% year-to-date, compared with a 9% gain in the S&P 500.

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