tweetstorm deluxe (honor lap)

Trump Unloads In Angry Tweetstorm
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jul 1 2017

One day after the NY Post issued its shortest ever editorial on the topic of “Trump’s tweets,” which came on the heels of Trump’s latest Twitter controversy, where the president targeted MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough for their coverage of the president and his administration, saying Scarborough was a “psycho” and Brzezinski “crazy” before going on to claim that Mika was “bleeding badly from a face lift” when she was at his Florida resort around New Year’s 2016, it appears that Trump has again ignored the advice, and in a burst of angry tweets, the president has doubled down by not only targeting Morning Joe’s Mika, whom he called “dumb as a rock”, but also commenting on the unexpected departure of Greta van Susteren from MSNBC, and perhaps less surprisingly, the ongoing CNN “fake news” fall out, which in his latest twitter rant he called “garbage.” It all started off politely enough, with Trump tweeting:

However, things quickly went downhill from there, with Trump first speculating on the reason for Van Susteren’s departure:

He next lashed out at CNN, again:

Before finally taking aim, for the second time in three days, at the Morning Joe hosts:

Trump’s Saturday tweetstorm may or may not be over, but it is sure to provoke more protests by both demagogs and thugs about unpresidential and/or improper language from Trump, which in turn demonstrates that the president intends to continue defying the “proper” protocols of appropriate behavior. What his strategy is by doing so, if of course there is one, remains unclear.

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