comfortably dotty while the wars go on behind his back

Trump Tweets Mock Video Of Himself Pummeling “Fraud News CNN” In A Wrestling Match
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jul 2 2017

Just when you thought Pindo politics couldn’t get much more surreal, this happened:

Of course, this latest “big league” video came after Trump launched yet another tweet storm last night blasting the media.

Meanwhile, CNN seems to have been triggered…

2017.07.01 - CNN

Watergate Reporter Hints At Coup, Warns “Non-Functioning” Trump Presidency Is “Malignant”
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jul 2 2017

While Bob Woodward is more stoic in his public discussion of the predicament this nation finds itself in (lambasting the ‘fake news’ media rather than directing his ire at the body politik), his partner in un-crime, legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, called the Trump administration a “malignant presidency” on Saturday, and suggested that the wrongdoings committed by the White House were unprecedented:

Speaking on CNN, The Hill reports that Bernstein warned that the Trump administration is “not functioning,” and appears to hint at a ‘soft coup’ amid the nation’s deep state…

We are in the midst of a malignant presidence. That malignancy is known to the military leaders of the country, it’s known to the Republican leadership in Congress who recognize it, and it’s known to the intelligence community. The presidency of Donald Trump is not functioning. … It’s really not functioning because the character and capabilities of this president are called into grave question in a way that those that know him are raising serious concerns about. … The greatest journalistic challenge of the modern era is to report on a malignant presidency, what it means, and where it’s going. … This president is not in control of the presidency, in the way that it is functioning. … That has got our leaders worried. They are worried about his character, they are worried about his temperament, about the state of his temperament, to put it in kind words. We are in foreign territory. We have never been in a malignant presidency like this before.

As a reminder, Woodward previously warned the “smug” media against “hyperventilating” over Trump, saying that it’s not in the interest of either the Trump White House or the media to war with each other. Woodward said:

I think everyone has accelerated this work. The other question to ask, is there any justification for Trump and people, like, in his White House responding this way? And the only justification I can think of, which really isn’t a justification, but it accounts for emotional spasm of, my God, this is an enemy of the people: I know that reporters have talked to people in the Trump house, Trump White House about very sensitive intelligence operations that we find out about in the press, and I think Trump is horrified that this is out there, and these are not necessarily things that are going to be published, but Trump is a newcomer saying: “My God, how do reporters know about these things? And so it’s, we’ve got to stop it.” … it’s not in our interest, the media’s interest, to have a war with the Trump White House. It’s not in Trump’s interest to have this war.

Sadly, it appears it’s too late to get this toothpaste back in the tube (for both sides).

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