i can see raskin leading the men in white coats into the white house, with a straitjacket ready to fit onto mad donald

Demagogs Angling to Remove President for Being Mentally Unstable
The_Real_Fly, Zero Hedge, Jul 1 2017

If you thought Trump was going to chill out after the Morning Joe drama, you were wrong. He’s after Joe and Mika again, in addition to rubbing salt in the wounds of fake news media outlet, CNN.

Foreseeing the Russian scandal going nowhere, democrats are now preparing a new angle to remove the President, which entails invoking the 25th amendment, claiming the President is mentally unfit to rule.

The 25th amendment has never been tested and doesn’t apply to eccentric people. It was meant to be used for a truly mentally disabled sitting President, not one as lucid as Trump. Nevertheless, that isn’t stopping demagogs, led by Rep Raskin.

IMG_7083Rep Raskin

The way it would work is simple. A council would be formed between democrats and republicans, both choose their favorite psychiatrists to evaluate The Donald, led by a former statesman like Obama or Clinton. The group would then select another person to chair the council and the President would be thoroughly evaluated to determine if he could lead the Pindo sheeple in his mental state. The only hitch: it needs the approval and blessing of the VP. Without Pence setting this carnivale in motion, it’d be very hard to start the process.

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