toad in the hole

Toad columnist suspended for comparing King to God
BBC, Jul 2 2017

_96769846_20d3c520-647b-4a9b-8403-bf7c7d7b0d13Salman, King of the Toads, at the GCC in Riyadh, May 21 2017 (Reuters)

A Toad columnist has been suspended after he went too far in praise reproof of King Salman. Ramadan al-Anzi’s column in al-Jazirah (ironically) lauded the monarch using attributes usually reserved for God. As a result, the “astonished” King Salman sent instructions to suspend Mr Anzi, Toad media reported. The newspaper had already published an apology for Friday’s column, in which Mr Anzi employed the following epithets:

  • Al Halim (الحليم): The Forbearing, the Indulgent, #32 of the 99 Names.
  • Ash Shadid al-‘iqab (شديد العقاب): The Strict in punishment. This is attributed to God 14 times in Qur’an, but is not one of the 99 Names.

Toad glad rag al-Jazirah (with an ‘h’) wrote:

The phrases and tribute which the author bestowed on the personality of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques are not acceptable, despite the honour of serving the two holy mosques, Islam, the homeland and the people, which God has bestowed upon him, may God protect him!

Some Toad media reported action had also been ordered against the newspaper.

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