surely, china uses NK to punish pindos for their south china sea meddling

NK Fires Ballistic Missile Which Lands In Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jul 3 2017

NK fired an “unidentified ballistic missile” from a province near the border with China on Tuesday, the SK military said. The launch took place just days after SK’s new President Moon Jae-In and Pindo Pres Trump focused on deescalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula in their first summit. The Joint Chiefs of Staff said cited by Yonhap:

NK fired an unidentified ballistic missile into the East Sea from the vicinity of Banghyon, North Pyongan Province, at around 9:40 am.

The projectile reportedly landed in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone, Takahiro Hirano, Public Affairs Officer from Japan’s Ministry of Defense told CNN, an outcome which Tokyo may deem an act of aggression, and promptly retaliate against. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga confirmed that the launch took place at 9:39 am and said that Japanese government would convene National Security Council Meeting; he added that Japan strongly protested to NK over its action. Suga said at a press conference:

On Tuesday, at 09:39 [00:39 UTC Tuesday] NK launched a ballistic missile. The flight lasted for 40 minutes. The missile fell into Japan’s exclusive economic zone  in the Sea of Japan. At this time, there is no report of any damage inflicted to Japanese aircraft and ships.

On Monday, NK celebrated the day of strategic forces of the Korean People’s Army with a statement in its state-run newspaper that the country’s rockets may strike anywhere in the world. The newspaper recalled recent successful launches of ballistic missiles Hwasong-12 & Pukguksong-2, as well as cruise missiles. We expect a statement to be issued momentarily by the White House. Update: According to the SK military, the NK missile flew more than 930 km before dropping into the sea. Separately, PACOM said in a statement that the missile fired on Tuesday morning was a land-based IRBM, was tracked for 37 minutes and landed in the Sea of Japan.

Trump Responds To NK Rocket Launch
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jul 4 2017


On Monday night, following news of the latest NK ballistic missile launch which as discussed earlier landed in the Sea of Japan, and specifically Japan’s quasi-sovereign Economic Exclusion Zone, Trump tweeted his reaction to the latest provocation, which probably falls under the “modern day presidential” umbrella. Trump decided to eschew conventional diplomacy, and stated matter of factly:

Apparently the answer is no, which may explain why it was recently revealed that SK’s previous president was seriously contemplating assassinating Kim.

Or perhaps after China slammed over the weekend the recent multi-billion Pindosi sale of weapons to Taiwan, not to mention the deployment of a Pindosi missile-destroyer in the South China Sea, which was promptly intercepted by Chinese forces, as well as Trump’s sanctioning of several Chinese entities for “doing business with NK, maybe China won’t do anything at all, and instead will cultivate and fund local and not so local terrorists to pick up the “global cleansing” role.

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