moon thinks the salman regime in toadland will self-destruct

Qatar And Iran Are Winning As Others Lose Face
Moon of Alabama, Jul 5 2017

The Toad/UAE campaign against Qatar quickly turned into a mess. Qatar did not fold as had been expected. There was no plan B. The instigators of the plan have now to fear for their head. The Toads, the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar have all build up and pamper extremists groups fighting in other countries. They supply money, weapons and political and media support to various kinds of murderous Takfiris. Unlike the other three, Qatar not only supported Salafis but also groups aligned with the MB. The MB do not accept the primacy of the Arab absolute monarchs. They provide an alternative way of governing by adopting some democratic participation of the people. That makes them an imminent danger to the Toads and other family dictatorships. The military dictator of Egypt, which joined the Toads on the issue, had led a coup against the elected MB government of his country. In the view of the Toads and the other three, Qatar had to be reigned in. While its media arm al-Jazeera Arabic promotes the sectarian and anti-Iran positions that the Toads support, it also promotes the MB. That needed to be stopped. On Jun 5, the four countries launched a boycott and blockade of Qatar. Three weeks later, they issued a list of demands to Qatar which could be summed up as “surrender your sovereignty, or else.” The “offer” was designed to be refused. It practically demanded total capitulation while threatening more sanctions and even war. As MoA predicted on Jun 7, two days after the spat started, Qatar did not fold. It has hundreds of billions in monetary reserves, international support from its liquefied gas customers and allies, and it secured supplies and support from Turkey and Iran. It simply did not response to the “offer” in time for the ultimatum’s end. The Toads blinked first. On Sunday the ultimatum was prolonged for two days. Yesterday Qatar responded with its own demands which were, like the “offer”, designed to be refused. It also announced that it would increase its LNG exports by a third, which threatens to take market share and income away from the Toads. It reminded the UAE that 80% of their electricity supplies depend on natural gas delivered from Qatar. Today the Toads, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain met to discuss further consequences and new measures against Qatar. The Gulf media predicted more sanctions. But the gang of four decided to do nothing:

The foreign ministers of four Arab countries, meeting in Cairo, said they regretted Qatar’s “negative” response to their list of demands. The Toad foreign minister said further steps would be taken against Qatar at the appropriate time, and would be in line with international law. The meeting came as the deadline for Qatar to accept the list of demands or face further sanctions expired.

This is a huge embarrassment for the clown princes of the UAE and the Toads. Mohammad bin Zayed and Mohammad bin Salman are the instigators of the campaign against Qatar. The meeting today had to deliver some penalty against Qatar for not giving in to any demand: some additional significant sanctions, a more intense blockade, some threat of military strikes. But the meeting came up with nothing. The clown princes had shot their wad on the very first day. They could not come up with any new measures that were agreeable. Kuwait and Oman reject the idea of pushing Qatar out of the GCC: the UAE would lose all its international businesses in Dubai should the Qatari gas supplies, and therefore its electricity, shut down. An additional blockade of Qatar is impossible without the agreement of Pindostan, Russia and other big states. Such a huge loss of face will have consequences. When the Toad clown prince launched the war against Yemen he expected and announced that Sanaa would fall within days. Two years later, Sanaa has not fallen and the Toads are losing the war. Qatar was expected to fold within days. But it has enough capital and income to sustain the current situation for many years to come. The war against Yemen and the sanctions against Qatar were indirectly aimed against Iran, but Iran is now the winner from both conflicts, without investing a dime. Mohammad bin Salman has twice proven to be a terrible strategist who endangers his country. The Toad King Salman and his son said that neither of them will take part in the upcoming G20 meeting in Hamburg. Rumors have it that they fear an imminent coup should one of them leave the country. No one should be surprised if the Salman era finds a bloody end within the next week or month.

Moon is always smart:

The Undeniable Pattern Of Russian Hacking
Moon of Alabama, Jul 6 2017

A wide review of news sources finds an undeniable pattern of international “Russian hacking” claims:

  • Many if not all such accusations are based on the say-so by some anonymous “official” or self-promoting “expert”.
  • Many if not all such accusations are rebutted within a few days or weeks.
  • News about any alleged “Russian hacking” is widely distributed and easy to find.
  • News of the debunking of such claims is reported only sparsely if at all and more difficult to retrieve.








The undeniable pattern of “Russian hacking” is that any claim thereof is likely not true and will be debunked in due time. These remarks on the “Russian hacking” allegation in relation to the Pindosi election are therefore quite appropriate:

Pres Trump again cast a skeptical eye on intelligence community assessments that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election, saying Thursday while on a visit to Poland that “nobody really knows for sure” what happened. … Trump also compared the intelligence about Russian interference with the faulty assessment that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in 2002, which provided Pres Bush 43 with a justification to go to war. “Guess what, they were wrong, and that led to one big mess,” he said.

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