object changed from ‘patriot’ to ‘PAC-3’ throughout

Poland signs memo to buy PAC-3 missiles from Pindostan: report
Ellen Mitchell, The Hill, Jul 6 2017

The Trump administration has agreed to sell medium-range PAC-3 missiles to Poland to upgrade the country’s air defenses, Reuters reported. Polish defense minister Macierewicz said Thursday that Pindostan and Poland signed a memorandum Wednesday for the missiles, made by defense contractor Raytheon. Macierewicz said in a news conference broadcast on Poland public television:

I am glad that I can pass on this information on the day of Pres Trump’s visit to Warsaw.

The deal, which has not yet been signed, is expected to be worth nearly $8b. Poland said in March it expects to sign a $7.6b deal with Raytheon to buy eight PAC-3 missile defense systems by the end of this year. The announcement comes as Trump meets with Eastern European officials including Poland’s Pres Duda in Warsaw on defense and energy initiatives. Trump will then attend the G-20 summit in Germany on Friday and Saturday. Thirteen countries, including five NATO vassals, already own PAC-3 systems, and more vassals intend to purchase the missiles. Romania said in April it plans to buy PAC-3 missiles to help protect its airspace. Pres Putin has called these systems in Eastern Europe a “great danger” and threatened to enhance Russia’s own missile capability in response.

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