let’s see how many antisemitic memes we can write without saying word ‘jew’ ;-)

Infowars Decorates CNN’s Coffin With Hilarious $20k Meme Contest
ZeroPointNow, Zero Hedge, Jul 8 2017


While most of the MSM hand-grenades itself into irrelevancy using embarrassingly transparent propaganda to attack Donald Trump, CNN’s death throes have made for some of the most entertaining and unscripted reality TV in the history of humankind. After firing three employees for publishing Fake News amid tanking ratings, right before an undercover sting exposed the Trump-Russia witchhunt as nothing more than a ratings grab, CNN went full Gomer Pyle when they blackmailed a Reddit user for thought crimes. Never before has a network done so much damage to their brand in so little time. The great meme war began after CNN journalist Andrew Kaczynski, who has a history of ‘doxing’ people, harassing women, and may have driven a guy to suicide, blackmailed a Reddit user who made a satirical video of Pres Trump ‘beating up CNN’ in an old WWF bit  which the President tweeted last Sunday. After the Redditor apologized to CNN for his thought crimes, Kaczynski wrote that CNN “reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.

Really bad move
In response to CNN’s bullying, the internet exploded with rage. In addition to 4chan launching “operation autistic storm,” Infowars launched a contest with a $20k prize for the best meme, judged by P J Watson. This isn’t the first time Infowars has impacted politics with hilarious contests. Last October, they offered $1k to anyone who made it onto television with a shirt reading “Bill Clinton is a rapist,” and $5k for anyone who shouted the phrase on TV while wearing similar attire. The results made national headlines.

And in May following an incident in which CNN host Kathy Griffin took part in some assassination porn, Infowars launched another contest offering $1k to $2k5 to anyone wearing a “CNN is ISIS” shirt who also shouted the phrase on TV.

Trump supporters far and wide have taken the contest by storm, offering up witty and hilarious submissions in the quest for $20k in cold hard cash. There are way too many to post here, so check out twitter hashtag #CNNMemewar. Enjoy! First, the_donald’s current favorite, created by @Carpedonktum.

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