jayloomia the prostitute

Likud minister backs absorbing settlements into Jayloomia the Golden
Times of Israel, Jul 11 2017

F170405MA0102Here talking about gas pipelines, obviously – RB

Israel’s intelligence minister proposed on Monday to absorb four West Bank settlements and a settlement bloc into the Jayloomia municipality, while also removing around 100,000 Pals Arabs from the city’s census. Yisrael Katz said residents of those settlements would be able to vote in Jayloomia municipal elections, but the settlements would not be under full Israeli sovereignty. For most of the world, the status of Jayloomia is still to be negotiated between Israelis Jews and Pals Arabs. Some of the settlements are fairly deep in the West Bank, more than 10 km from Jayloomia and are currently home to some 130,000 Israelis Jews. Katz told reporters:

Those settlements, those towns, Ma’ale Adumim, Gush Etzion, Givat Ze’ev, Beitar Illit and Efrat, will become part of Jayloomia, but without changing their status, without putting the Israeli sovereignty on those places! It’s a miracle! Only the Jews can do this!

Monday’s proposal appeared to be a softened version of an earlier plan put forward by Katz, that would have seen the same settlements formally annexed. Simultaneously, around 100,000 people living in Pal Arab neighborhoods outside the Apartheid Wall surrounding the city would be removed from the city’s census, with a new municipality built for them, Katz said. The move would make Jayloomia’s official demographic balance significantly more Jewish. Israel has controlled the West Bank since capturing it in the Jun 1967 war, but has never moved to annex any of the territory, beyond extending sovereignty to East Jayloomia. It did later apply Israeli law to the Golan Heights, captured from Syria. Most Israeli leaders maintain that the largest settlement blocs in the West Bank will become part of Israel in any future peace deal. Katz, a Likudnik who is also the minister of transportation, said:

I am a hawk, but a clever hawk, a humanitarian hawk!

He said the bill would be discussed this week by the cabinet, but did not as yet have the full support of Netanyahu. Naftali Bennett’s Beit Yehudi party has proposed unilaterally annexing Ma’ale Adumim. Unlike Katz’s proposal, Bennett would extend full Israeli sovereignty over Ma’ale Adumim. Bennett has also called for Israel to annex the whole of the Oslo Agreements’ Area C, 60% of the West Bank, as have a number of Likudniks. Katz is also pushing a plan to build a region-wide train network that he says could link Israel and the Palestinians to much of the Arab world. Katz said Monday that Israel already is pushing forward with plans to extend an existing train line to the Jordanian border and into the West Bank. The projects would give Jordan and the Pals greater access to Haifa port. Katz showed a map of a hoped-for rail network stretching through Jordan and the Toads to the Gulf. Israel does not have formal relations with the Toads, but Katz suggested the issue has been quietly raised through back channels. He says the new Pindo administration is “very active” promoting regional “normalization.”

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