my sneer quotes around ‘international’ at the end

“We Are Forced To Strike Back”: Russia Set To Expel 30 Diplomats, Seize Assets
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jul 11 2017

When Obama announced the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and the seizure of Russian diplomatic compounds in Maryland last December, Putin just smiled and said Russia would not retaliate, expecting that relations between Russia and Pindostan would normalize under Trump. Six months later, relations have not only not normalized but have deteriorated further following the latest round of sanctions against Russia, despite daily allegations that Trump colluded with the Kremlin to convince several million Pindosis to vote against Hillary. As a result, Putin’s patience appears to have run out and according to Izvestiya, the Kremlin is set to expel around 30 diplomats and freeze some assets in a retaliatory move against Faschingstein.

Quoting a Foreign Ministry source, Izvestiya says the move is due to the failure to reach an agreement on two Russian diplomatic compounds seized by the outgoing Obama administration in December last year. A source in the Russian Foreign Ministry told Izvestiya:

There is a preliminary agreement on holding a meeting between Russian Deputy PM Ryabkov and Under-Sec State Shannon in St Petersburg. If the compromise is not found there, we will have to take such measures.

Izvestiya also cited Andrey Klimov, a senator in the upper house of Russia’s parliament, who said:

Russia has already waited more than six months for the Trump administration to improve the relationship between the two countries. We are forced to draw a line and answer in a similar way. These moves are not meant as our attempts to show our negative attitudes toward the Trump administration, but rather as evidence of the fact that Russia is a strong nation that deserves respectable treatment.

The Russian newspaper adds that the decision came after Trump and Putin’s first meeting at the G20 Summit in Germany failed to produce an agreement on the lightening of sanctions against Russia. The issue of the Russian diplomatic compounds was also raised at the Putin-Trump meeting in Hamburg, according to the Russian press reports, and as Trump and his family face fresh claims of collusion with the Kremlin, Putin’s patience over the non-return of the Russian compounds has run out. According to the newspaper, while the administration plans to seize the Pindosi summer house in a forest region outside of Moscow and a warehouse in the center of the city, it will not touch the residence of the Pindo ambassador or the Pindosi ‘international’ school in St Petersburg.

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