stupid morons building floating targets is not china’s fault

Cheap missiles threaten Navy’s £b warships, think tank warns
Telegraph, Jul 11 2017

The new boat

Britain’s costly warships and aircraft are at risk from potential enemies because of rapid advances in their missile and surveillance technology, a respected think tank has warned. Technological leaps by rivals such as Russia and China have eroded the military dominance once taken for granted by the West, the paper from RUSI says. The report singles out Chinese and Russian long range missiles “which threaten large land, maritime and air platforms” and could knock out satellite-based communications and positioning systems that Western militaries have become reliant on. The report warns:

Missiles costing (much) less than £½m a unit could at least disable a British aircraft carrier that costs more than £3b. Indeed, a salvo of ten such missiles would cost less than $5m. China and Russia appear to have focused many (but not all) their efforts on being able to put at risk the key Western assets that are large, few in number and expensive.

The Royal Navy has said its new carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, will be well defended from missile attack by its destroyer and frigate escort. But the report says:

The advancing capabilities of potential adversaries of Britain should be a genuine concern.

The report echoes Pentagon calls for a new technological revolution to again give Western militaries an edge against rivals. However it points out that Britain has dramatically scaled back spending on finding defence technology of the future. The research budget has fallen by 27% since 2003 and the development budget has fallen by more than half. The report said:

The weight of evidence in the public domain supports the view that Russia and China have developed the surveillance and precision strike capabilities to put at serious risk Western surface ships, large military aircraft and arguably any land system, even the most heavily armoured.

The West can no longer rely on its space-based communications either. China has spent years developing anti-satellite missiles. The report warns:

There are some fears that China would launch a mass attack on Pindosi satellites as the initial step in a major war.

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  1. Posted July 11, 2017 at 5:02 pm | Permalink

    brits should go forward by going backward: build the kind of ships that won them the global dominance – man-o-war galleys with redcoats squatting on the yardarms, they never lost a battle against eastern savages.

    the trick, of course is in the wooden hull, invisible to radar.

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