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Is Killing “Leaders” Useful Or Not – U.S. Centcom Can’t Decide

Moon of Alabama, Jul 15 2017

A contrasting juxtaposition in my twitter feed:

Nicholson says he can win the war against XYZ by killing a bunch of successive XYZ “leaders.” Votel rightly says that this is clearly not so. During sixteen years of War of Terror and constant killing of various “emirs” special boilerplate statements were prepared for the typical “victory” announcements. Votel seems to have understood that such killings do not matter. His direct subordinate Nicholson did not. Shouldn’t they talk to each other about such issues? Maybe Votel would have sounded very different if his troops had killed Baghdadi, and not a Russian(!) air strike.

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  1. Posted July 15, 2017 at 10:03 am | Permalink

    generals are generally retarded, votel no exception … in all these jihadi conflicts, they’ve been killing sock puppets and rita katz cartoons, always some “number two”, well “number two” is a turd and they are manufactured daily, aren’t they.

    al-baghdadi is something different, a top level mossad operative that russians killed and these ersatz jews, the americans, are both sad to see him go and jealous of the russian proficiency.
    israel will issue a postage stamp after him and a bunch of avenues and community centers.

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