Yemen: The War That Isn’t Happening Even as It’s Happening
Luciana Bohne, Counterpunch, Jul 14 2017

The manipulation of news and the distortion of reality are the most powerful weapons in the hands of power. They can make a whole reality disappear. Yemen’s, for example. A child dies in Yemen every ten minutes from preventable causes, UNICEF reported in June. These deaths are only part of a humanitarian catastrophe, among the worst in the world, including a rampaging cholera epidemic, to which the witness of the overwhelming majority of the West’s warmongering Goebbelist media pretends to be deaf, mute, and blind. Nevertheless, information is accessible. There are sporadic exceptions to the conspiracy of silence in officialdom and the media. The week of Jul 10, The Independent published in the “Voices” section the appeal of Wael Ibrahim, an aid worker in Yemen:

It is going to take years to restore any infrastructure like health services, and rewire the city for electricity. We need more people to talk about Yemen.

The Toads, backed by Pindostan and Britain, began bombing Yemen, the poorest country in the region, on Mar 23 2015, without a UNSCR, as has been the tradition for launching western wars since Clinton’s 42’s bombing of Serbia in 1999. It boggles the mind to think of the blithe moral logic that justifies the support of Pindostan for a (largely faked) uprising in Syria, when Iran is not allowed to assist Houthis in Yemen, fighting an authentic civil war, unlike the so-called FSA and their hordes of 80%-foreign AQ- & Daesh-allied invaders of the Syrian sovereign state in 2011. The hypocrisy of empire, one supposes: supporting rebels in one case and the legitimate government in another. To check the flow of Iranian arms shipments to the rebels, the Toads blockade the air and the ports of Yemen, adding to the infamy of the war the infamy of an economic siege: infamy because the largest number of victims in this tactic to encircle Iran are civilians, which is another tradition respected by the sorry deceptive GWOT. The blockade also checks the “flow” of food and medicines and other health necessities, with devastating consequences, as we shall see. Few honest observers doubt that the war in Yemen instigated by the Obama administration and their British junior partners in the Cameron cabinet is a war of strategy in which the real target is Iran. As in Iraq in 2003, the British partnership is invaluable, because of its long experience in the “management” of former colonies the likes of Iraq and Yemen, when the port of Aden was a central and crucial traffic point in the business of running the British empire, which consisted of two thirds of the planet. Claiming that Iran destabilizes the region, against the evidence of a chronic history of interference and aggressions there by Pindostan & Co, Trump’s national security advisor asserted in a statement in January:

As of today, we are putting Iran on notice.

Yemen is the unfortunate country inconveniently placed by geography between Iran and Western objectives: bombed, economically besieged, its currency in collapse, suffering the war tactics of the feudal Middle Ages. Since Mar 2015, 3.2m Yemenis have been displaced. 13,000 civilians have been casualties (UN official count); 2m children cannot attend schools. Nearly 15m people have no access to basic medical care. Last October, a Toad bomb struck a funeral in Sana’a, killing 114 people (in some reports, 140) and injuring 613 out of 750 mourners in just one such civilian massacre of many, including in market-places and refugee camps, prompting UN experts to say the Toads had violated international law, among other reasons because they attacked twice, while the funeral hall was still littered with wounded from the first attack, killing the wounded and first responders. In March, a Toad airstrike killed 40 Somali refugees in a boat; more recently a market on the border was struck, killing six children. Toad airstrikes have destroyed schools, hospitals, and vital infrastructures such as electric grids and water supplies all classic crimes against humanity and war crimes. King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KS Relief), founded in 2015, claims categorically that the Toad campaign “has no intention of killing civilians.”  Instead, they intend to “regain the goodwill of the Yemeni people, taken from them by force.” KS Relief has hired a British PR firm to spread good tidings about Saudi humanitarian assistance to Yemen: “We’re here to help.” Indeed, KS Relief has allocated more than $3b for assistance to Yemen, and boasts itself “#1 donor for aid and development in Yemen.” But though they deny it, the aid is distributed through various filters including UN agencies with secret restrictions as to whom, where, and when.  At any rate, the campaign for “hearts and minds” in Yemen sounds as grotesque as its erstwhile precedent in the Pindosi war in Vietnam: bomb first, then supply a bandage. Andrew Smith, for the British Campaign Against Arms Trade, told The Independent, a propos Toad aid to Yemen,

Any aid that is helping people is to be welcomed, but the best thing that the Toad regime can do for the people of Yemen is to stop the brutal bombing campaign that has killed thousands and brought millions to the edge of starvation.

Out of 27 million people in Yemen, 20 million are food-insecure, or in other words, famished. Wael Ibrahim refers to statistics released by UN and other  agencies:

As the conflict goes on, I’m seeing more and more poverty. There are 20 million people needing help in a population of 27 million people. I’ve seen famine-like conditions such as children with red streaks in their hair, a sign of malnutrition, and an alarming number of people at therapeutic feeding centres.

Yet we hear hardly a whimper of protest against this immense suffering among that portion of the Pindo sheeple, the radical left included, which so exercises the vocal cords on behalf of human rights when and where alleged violations coincide with Western intentions of regime change and occupation. It is puzzling indeed why officials are not instructing the media to manufacture consent for a crusade of human rights in Yemen, as they did for Libya and Syria to cover their real intentions. Can they not find a “demon” to raise righteous indignation? An ethnic group, whose human rights are hideously violated by the “demon”? Why is the war in Yemen such a low-profile conflict? The absence of instrumental justification feels like a ghost that refuses to do the job of haunting. Possibly, something too embarrassing could become public knowledge. Possibly, a lucrative alliance could suffer. The Pindosi and British weapons industries profit from the war in Yemen, as no doubt do all the members of NATO and beyond. The Obama administration sold $200b worth of arms on the world market over eight years, over $100b to the Toads alone, the largest Pindosi weapons sale since WW2. The Trump administration has also distinguished itself for a vulgar display of fetishistic attachment to the kingdom of satraps. In June, the US Senate approved (53 for; 47 against) Trump’s April arms sale of $110b to Riyadh: $500m in precision-guided munitions. Britain’s war industries thrive on the suffering of Yemen. British Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) reported in The Independent in July:

The UK has licensed £3.3b worth of weapons to the Toads. Right now, UK-made fighter jets are being flown by UK-trained military personnel, dropping UK-made bombs on Yemen. The UK is not just a bystander in this war, it is an active participant.

“Partners in crime” would be more accurate. As mentioned, the British government is training the Toad airforce for airstrikes in Yemen, at the same time that Theresa May is withholding a report-study of Riyadh’s “ties to extremism.” Pilots are being trained in the “precision” use of cluster bombs made in and sold by Britain. Cluster bombs are WMDs if used on civilian centers. They are allowed only for maiming and killing enemy soldiers. The beauty of recent wars is that “army” has become a nebulous concept. So, anything goes. In the last few days, the British High Court has denied a request by CAAT, calling for the government’s suspension of arms sales to the Toads for use in Yemen, “pending the review into if the sales are compatible with UK and EU arms export law,” as Andrew Smith wrote for CAAT in The Independent, following the denial. Apparently the arms and military equipment sales to the Toads, aircraft, helicopter, drones, cluster bombs, and missiles, do violate the laws of Britain and EU, otherwise why would the court reject the request for a judicial review of the government’s practice? Such is the absent zeal of western institution for protection of human rights that we should remember this infamous decision when next we are being seduced by the bloodhounds in the media into supporting the faux-crusades for random and selective human rights in the world by heartless and mercenary Paladins. To be fair, two-thirds of the British public opposes arms sales to the Toads. Jeremy Corbyn agrees with them, calling the Toad intervention in Yemen “an invasion” in an interview with al-Jezeera English. While the crimes in Yemen are being assiduously ignored by the media and covertly aided by governments, their effects are accumulating. An outbreak of cholera is claiming more lives. One person per hour is dying of the water-borne disease. Wael Ibrahim laments in his Independent piece:

These are the appalling conditions that caused the cholera outbreak in Yemen. I should know, I live here. There is untreated sewage on the streets of Sana’a. Driving near the airport, I simply cannot breathe because of the stench.

This situation carries the horrifying echo of what happened in Iraq in the 1990s, under the sanction regime inflicted by the senior Bush and continued by Bill Clinton, for a total of thirteen years. After bombing Iraq’s water supply installations during the Gulf War, Pindostan deliberately poisoned the water by sanctioning the importation of purifying chlorine. As is notorious by now, 500,000 children under the age of five perished. Clinton’s ghoulish Sec State Madeleine Albright (stinking Jew – RB), asserted on CBS that those 500,000 children were “worth it.” The sanctions on Iraq had been pronounced on an Aug 6, the month and day of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. Many noted this sadistic coincidence, denouncing the sanctions as a second Hiroshima bomb, this time dropped on Iraq. The cholera infection, marked by violent diarrhea, is caused by ingestion of water contaminated by fecal matter. The outbreak in Yemen first manifested itself in Oct 2016, but between Apr-Jun 2017, it became rampant. According to WHO, 300,000 Yemenis are already infected. 1,500 people have died, 55% of them children. Hospitals are full with patients showing symptoms. Clean water, sanitation, and healthcare, the means to check the epidemic, are woefully scarce. And no one yet asks, “Is it/was it worth it?” Perhaps the question will come up later, when counting the dead will do no harm to the progress of that virtual crime, officially known as the “foreign policy” of Pindostan in the “Middle East,” an abstract map to the planners, not a territory within which people live and will suffer from the plans. Me? Oh, I turn to literature when speechless at the horror of it all. Who better than Sartre?  Without ellipsis, synthesized, from the long passage in his first novel, Nausea:

The nausea is not within me. I feel it out there. I am within it. I feel it out there in the wall, in the suspenders, everywhere around me. A monster? A giant carapace? Sunk in the mud? A dozen pairs of claws or fins laboring slowly in the slime? The monster rises. At the bottom of the water.


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This is classic: Son of King Fahd threatens Netanyahu
As’ad AbuKhalil, Angry Arab, Jul 13 2017

He says:

I ask God to let me loose on you Netanyahu, Amen.

He uses the spelling of his name which many Arabs use, which splits the name of Netanyahu to add the word “rotten” to it.

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