down the casbah way

Clashes erupt in Jerusalem
Times of Israel, Jul 17 2017

Dozens of Muslim protesters clashed with police outside of Jerusalem’s Old City on Monday amid continued tensions over new security measures put in place at the entrance to the Temple Mount after Friday’s terror attack. During the scuffles near Lions Gate, police officers called to the scene to disperse protesters blocking a road adjacent to the Old City were attacked with rocks and other objects, police said. The Red Crescent told WAFA that five protesters were injured during the confrontations, including the chairman of the Palestinian National Initiative party, Mustafa Barghouti. The Wafa report said that three people were injured after being beaten by police, one person was injured by a stun grenade and Barghouti was hit in the head with a rubber-coated bullet. Clashes were also reported in the East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Silwan and Issawiya. Rioters hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at police officers who responded with riot-dispersal means. On Friday, three residents of the Arab-Israeli city of Umm al-Fahm emerged armed from the Haram as-Sharif compound and opened fire on the (Druze – RB) police officers stationed outside, shooting two to death. Israel closed the compound for the first time in decades, only reopening it to Muslims on Sunday and to non-Muslims on Monday. Police installed metal detectors at the entrance to the site. The placement of the metal detectors has been met with outrage by the Muslim religious authority charged with managing the Temple Mount. Muslims have held prayers outside the metal detectors to protest their placement at the gates. Along with other Islamic groups, the Waqf trust, which administers the site, on Monday called on Muslims “to reject and boycott all the Israeli aggression measures, including changing the historical status quo by imposing the metal detectors.” In its statement, the Waqf called on the faithful not to enter the mosque by passing through the metal detectors, adding:

If the metal detectors continue to be imposed, we call upon the people to pray in front of the gates of the mosque and in the streets of Jerusalem.

On Monday afternoon, light clashes broke out in the Old City, when police ordered a group of Muslim protesters off a road they were trying to block with a prayer session. Police said a Muslim teenager was arrested after throwing a bottle at police. Scuffles also broke out on Sunday, but police said hundreds of Muslims visited the site nonetheless.

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