“ready to spread the love among long-suffering oil bulls”

Trump’s Latest Gambits: War with NK, Venezuela and Trade War with China
Dr Fly, iBankCoin, Aug 12 2017

Neocon Trump is now menacing Venezuela with military action, because he can. Who’s ready to send their sons to the shithole of South America? When asked if the US was prepared to head into a miserable war with NK, Trump replied ‘you know what the answer is.’

And, lastly, and probably most importantly for you trader-nerds out there: Trump is seriously going to launch a trade war against China, starting Monday. According to Politico:

Trump told reporters in New Jersey that he would call Pres Xi Jinping on Friday night to discuss NK. “We have been working very closely with China and with other countries,” he said. The president was slated to announce the China trade action last week. But the announcement was delayed amid sensitive negotiations with China over the UN sanctions. Still, Trump has delayed trade action before, amid pressure from business groups and major trading partners. Two Commerce Dept reports examining whether to restrict steel and aluminum imports on national security grounds were expected by the end of June but have been bottled up in an internal review. Trading partners raised threats of retaliation and domestic steel users complained of being hurt by price increases and restricted supply. There also has been no sign of a third pending report, examining the causes of significant bilateral trade deficits, which was also due by the end of June. Business groups, however, may welcome Section 301 action, because companies have complained they are often forced to share valuable technology with Chinese counterparts as a condition of doing business in the country. Section 301 allows Pindostan to take unilateral action against countries that impose barriers to Pindo exports. That could take the form of increased import duties, but that would likely violate WTO rules. So the administration could look for some other form of retaliation, like restricting Chinese investment in Pindostan.

I don’t even know what a trade war with China would look like. We could assume any contract manufacturer would catch a severe beatdown, as well as. the innumerable companies who produce cheap items abroad. I’m just going to assume this is Trump bluffing, trying to get China to rein in NK.

Trump: “We Have A Military Option For Venezuela”
Tyler Durden, Aug 11 2017

Having made the week for VIX buyers quite profitable, Pres Trump, whose NK rhetoric sent market volatility soaring in the past week, appeared ready to spread the love among long-suffering oil bulls, when on Friday afternoon Trump refused to rule out military intervention in Venezuela, and said that Pindostan has a military option in the insolvent, quasi civil war Latin American nation. Trump told reporters at his New Jersey golf club after a meeting with Rex Tillerson and Nikki Haley:

I’m not going to rule out a military option. We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary. (And as to whether Pindo troops would lead it,) We don’t talk about it. But a military operation, a military option, is certainly something we could pursue.

In recent weeks, Trump’s administration issued several rounds of sanctions against Pres Maduro, whom it calls a “dictator,” and more than two dozen other former and current boxtops in what it calls his “regime,” which it accuses of violating human rights and subverting democratic processes. Most recently, on Wednesday, it sanctioned the brother of Hugo Chavez: Adan, who was appointed secretary of Venezuela’s new “all-powerful” constituent assembly. Separately, Trump also said he would will speak with Pres Xi Jinping tonight, adding:

We’re considering additional sanctions at a very, very high level… Nobody loves a peaceful solution more than me … but bad things could come.

Asked by reporters to clarify what bad things and if he meant war, Trump says:

I think you know the answer to that.

So, instead of just one offensive war, Trump appears set to launch two, which is probably not surprising: back in early April when Trump unleashed the military strike against Assad, it didn’t achieve anything but at least it pushed the Russian collusion narrative away from the front pages for a few weeks. With the president increasingly concerned about Mueller’s sniffing around, Trump may as well double down. And with markets now having not one but two potential warzones to keep an eye on, Sunday afternoon futures activity could get interesting, while the reaction esponse in the price of oil to a threat of war in the country with the largest petroleum reserves in the world would seem obvious: up.

Trump threatens Venezuela with unspecified ‘military option’
James Oliphant, Reuters, Aug 11 2017

BEDMINSTER – Pres Trump on Friday threatened military intervention in Venezuela, a surprise escalation of Faschingstein’s response to Venezuela’s political crisis that Caracas disparaged as “craziness.” Venezuela has appeared to slide toward a more volatile stage of unrest in recent days, with anti-government forces looting weapons from a military base after a new legislative body usurped the authority of the opposition-controlled congress. Trump told reporters in an impromptu Q&A session:

The people are suffering and they are dying. We have many options for Venezuela including a possible military option if necessary.

The comments appeared to shock Caracas, with Venezuela’s Defense Minister V Padrino calling the threat “an act of craziness.” The White House said Pres Maduro requested a phone call with Trump on Friday, which the White House spurned, saying in a statement that Trump would gladly speak to him when democracy was restored. Venezuelan authorities have long said that Pindostan was planning an invasion. A former military general told Reuters earlier this year that some anti-aircraft missiles had been placed along the country’s coast for precisely that eventuality. The Pentagon said the military was ready to support efforts to protect Pindo citizens and Pindostan’s national interests, but that insinuations by Caracas of a planned invasion were baseless. Trump’s suggestion of possible military action came in a week when he has repeatedly threatened a military response if NK threatens Pindostan or its allies. Asked if Pindo forces would lead an operation in Venezuela, Trump said:

We don’t talk about it but a military operation, a military option, is certainly something that we could pursue.

Sen Ben Sasse of Nebraska, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, criticized Trump’s new stance, saying in a statement:

Congress obviously isn’t authorizing war in Venezuela. Nicolas Maduro is a horrible human being, but Congress doesn’t vote to spill Nebraskans’ blood based on who the Executive lashes out at today.

The president’s comments conjured up memories of gunboat diplomacy in Latin America during the 20th century, when Pindostan regarded its “backyard” neighbours to the south as underlings whom it could easily intimidate through conspicuous displays of military power. Trump’s aggressive discourse could be an asset to Maduro, by boosting his credibility as a national defender. Mark Feierstein, who was a senior aide on Venezuela matters to Obama, says in a typically juvenile Jewish manner:

Maduro must be thrilled right now! It’s hard to imagine a more damaging thing for Trump to say!

Pindostan sanctioned Maduro and other Venezuelan officials in July after Maduro established a constituent assembly run by his Socialist Party loyalists and cracked down on opposition figures. The assembly’s election drew international condemnation and critics have said it removed any remaining checks on Maduro’s power. Maduro says only continuing the socialist movement started by his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, can bring peace and prosperity to Venezuela, which is suffering from an economic collapse and widespread hunger. Faschingstein has not placed sanctions on Venezuela, which supplies Pindostan with about 740kb/d of oil. Venezuela possesses a stockpile of 5,000 Russian-made MANPADS, according to military documents reviewed by Reuters, the largest known cache of these weapons in Latin America, “posing a concern” for Pindo fucking cunts & assholes. The UNSC was briefed behind closed doors on Venezuela in May at the request of Pindostan. At the time, Haley said Faschingstein was just trying to raise awareness of the situation and was not seeking any action by the UNSC.

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