a melange of angry arab insights

Peter Sluglett on Hanna Batatu
As’ad AbuKhalil, Angry Arab (blog), Aug 12 2017

Peter Sluglett died. I knew him back in the early 1990s when he spent time in DC. We talked a lot then about Iraq and Arab politics, but we then never spoke again about anything and had no contact afterwards, for reasons that were not entirely political. I didn’t want to speak about all that, if it was not for a colleague who reminded me of a terrible review of Hanna Batatu by Sluglett. At one point in this review, he says:

Furthermore, although this is only hearsay, I have been told that Batatu was deeply critical of Samir al-Khalil/Kanan Makiya’s Republic of Fear when it first appeared in 1989, largely, I think, because he considered it ‘boat-rocking’ or otherwise damaging to ‘the Arab cause.’

I will say this about Sluglett’s famous book on Iraq: that the best part was written by his wife. Sluglett is one of those people who underwent (convenient) political transformations.

Who hates Arabs more: a discussion from Haaretz
As’ad AbuKhalil, Angry Arab (blog), Aug 12 2017

From Eyal: Yossi Verter, a chief political columnist for Ha’aretz, ridicules Yair Lapid for his argument in favor of the Iraqi-Kurdish bid for secession. Lapid had stated it would be beneficial to have another Arabic state that’s friendly towards Israel. But this ignorant and utilitarian racism of Lapid’s is not the issue here. Verter points out that a Kurdish state will not be an Arab state, since Kurds are not Arabs. But that also isn’t the issue. The point is Verter’s additional comment on Lapid’s conflation of Kurds with Arabs. Verter writes:

The Kurds hate the Arabs even more than the Jews hate the Arabs, and for the Kurds there is no greater insult than to be called an Arab.

Lebanese village of Shaqra targeted by Israel for destruction
As’ad AbuKhalil, Angry Arab (blog), Aug 12 2017

I myself have visited Shaqra several times over the past few years and have failed to trip over any rocket launchers, although I have observed a lot of schoolchildren, bakeries, farms, hair salons, a Botox establishment, a colorful entity called “Magic Land,” a pond, and a painting of Che Guevara. Anyway, Magic Land is probably an arms depot.
Belen Fernandez in The Region

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