Hannity: FBI Reopening FOIA Request Into Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting
zeropointnow, iBankCoin, Aug 15 2017

Sean Hannity caused a stir on Twitter Tuesday evening when he announced that the Pindosi Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is reopening its FoIA request into the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting. On Monday, the ACLJ announced the delivery of over four hundred documents on the Clinton-Lynch meeting to the Senate Judiciary Committee, previously reported by iBankCoin. Notably, the emails showed that Lynch had been communicating with an alias email account.

The ACLJ said:

We just delivered 413 pages of documents on the clandestine Clinton-Lynch meeting to the Senate Judiciary Committee. These documents relevant to the Committee’s ongoing oversight of former Obama AG Loretta Lynch, and specifically her role in the criminal investigation of former Sec State Clinton, were received as a result of our litigation against the DoJ for failing to comply with the requirements of the FoIA. In addition to the FoIA-obtained documents, we also provided the Senate Judiciary Committee a complete timeline of the most relevant communications and events that occurred after AG Lynch secretly met with former Pres Clinton on Jul 27 2016, on the Phoenix Airport tarmac. This timeline and these documents include evidence of:

  • Obama AG Loretta Lynch’s alias email account;
  • Numerous redactions, including main “talking points,” in circumvention of FoIA;
  • Comey-led FBI lies on the existence of requested documents;
  • DoJ-Media collusion;
  • A White House connection; and
  • Revelations that Obama loyalists are now investigating themselves.

In our letter, we urged the Senate Judiciary Committee to thoroughly complete their oversight in order to ensure the Pindo sheeple that our judicial system is indeed blindly applicable to everyone. As we’ve stated previously, we will continue preparing direct legal action to get the unredacted documents, the talking points and spin that the DoJ bureaucracy still doesn’t want the Pindo creeple to see. We are winning. The truth will come out and those responsible will be held accountable.

Jay Sekulow: ‘Very Significant. I’d Give It A Ten.’
zeropointnow, iBankCoin, Aug 15 2017

Jay Sekulow sat down with Sean Hannity and Greg Jarrett on Fox News last night to discuss the ongoing efforts by the Pindosi Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) to compel the government to turn over documents pertaining to the infamous ‘tarmac’ meeting between then-AG Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton during the 2016 election. Sekulow is both president Trump’s attorney and chief council to the ACLJ. Last year, the ACLJ approached the FBI for documents pertaining to the clandestine Lynch-Clinton meeting, which the FBI lied about possessing, telling the organization that the documents didn’t exist. After being stonewalled by the FBI, the ACLJ approached the DoJ with the same request. When they didn’t hear back, a federal court order was obtained demanding the release of information. Then, two weeks ago, the ACLJ took possession of 481 pages of heavily redacted emails which were full of communications between the FBI and DOJ about the tarmac meeting among other things, including communications received by James Comey’s chief of staff with “information on talking points on how to handle the Clinton-Lynch meeting in Arizona.” (link here to PDF) The emails also revealed that former AG Loretta Lynch used her grandmother’s name as an alias while communicating over government email systems. With their lie exposed, the FBI bends the knee. As a result of the 481 pages of communications now proven to exist, Sekulow told Hannity that the FBI had agreed to a new FOIA request for documents pertaining to the tarmac meeting. In short: the FBI lied about the documents, the ACLJ has proof the lied thanks to a court-ordered production of email records, and now the FBI has agreed to search for more documents pertaining to the case. Sekulow also added:

The letter from FBI denying there was any info relevant to us was signed by same section chief who came back and now has said “Whoops, we’re going to go back and check!” because they know we’ve got those documents.

Fox anchor and attorney Greg Jarrett said there are three possibilities as to why the FBI lied about the documents.

Either they lost the documents and they’ve suddenly been found, or they lied when they said there are no documents, or they didn’t understand the request.

Jarrett also said that the precedent cited to justify the heavy redactions is legally inappropriate. Finally, when Hannity asked how big this is, Jay Sekulow responded:

I think this is very significant, I give it a 10. And I’ll tell you why. Just think about what took place on that tarmac. That is not the way equal justice under the law is supposed to work.

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