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Pentagon To Probe “Evacuation Hoax” Messages Sent To Soldiers In SK
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Sep 23 2017


The Pentagon announced Friday that it would be launching an investigation into a series of fake messages sent to soldiers stationed in SK and their family members on Thursday. The messages warned that all “non-essential” (ie non-combat) personnel must evacuate the Korean Peninsula, Reuters reports. The hoax was spread via fake SMS messages and Facebook posts. A military spox said there was no way of knowing how many soldiers or family members received the messages, but said the chain of command quickly acted to shut down the hoax. The spox said:

We have no accurate way to know how many people received it. Incidents were ‘self-reported’ and many people claimed the message disappeared as soon as they unlocked their phone. The good news here is: informed, savvy family members plus an engaged chain of command means no panic or over-reaction. We had no reports of anyone acting on message other than notifying the appropriate authorities.

Stars and Stripes reports that the hoax was reported by soldiers less than an hour after the alerts were sent. The USFK posted a statement on its official Facebook page on Thursday making clear that it did not issue any evacuation-related alerts. It instructed all personnel and their family to confirm any evacuation-related communications before acting. Warnings were also posted on the 8th Army’s official Facebook page. The messages referred to what is known as a noncombatant evacuation operation or NEO, which would affect family members of the 28,500 service-members stationed in SK and non-emergency essential DoD civilian employees. According to Reuters, the USFK holds biannual NEOs to prepare soldiers and their families for just such an eventuality.


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