bannon here playing fascist rabble-rouser

Angry Steve Bannon Blasts NFL And Mitch McConnell; Predicts “Day Of Reckoning” For Republicans
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Sep 26 2017

Last night, after a fiery campaign appearance for Judge Roy Moore in Alabama, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon took to Fox News to lash out at everyone from NFL players taking a knee at football games to the “spineless” Republican establishment.  Here’s a recap of the more salient points:

If people in this country take a knee and the national football players want to take a knee, they should take a knee at night, every night, and thank God in heaven Donald J Trump is POTUS. He has saved this country so much grief. He has done such a tremendous job with virtually no help. I stepped out to make sure that Mitch McConnell and the Thug Establishment start to have a Thug back. Mitch McConnell wouldn’t be majority leader if Donald Trump didn’t drag half a dozen senators across the goal line in November. So it’s time for the Thug Establishment to step up and have the back of Pres Trump.

Meanwhile, as Politico notes, Bannon’s comments on Fox News were somewhat tame compared to the verbal lashing he levied at Moore’s campaign event in Alabama upon McConnell and a trio of prominent Thug strategists backing incumbent Sen Luther Strange. He said:

For Mitch McConnell and Ward Baker and Karl Rove and Steven Law, all the instruments that tried to destroy Judge Moore and his family, your day of reckoning is coming, but more important, for the donors who put up the money and the corporatists that put up the money, your day of reckoning is coming too.

Bannon said to loud applause that mainstream Thugs behind Strange’s campaign despised Alabama voters:

(They think you’re) a pack of morons! They think you’re nothing but rubes! They have no interest at all in what you have to say, what you have to think or what you want to do! And tomorrow, you’re gonna get an opportunity to tell them what you think of the elites who run this country! Mitch McConnell and his permanent political class is the most corrupt, incompetent group of individuals in this country!

Of course, if you believe the polls then it’s looking increasingly likely that Bannon’s candidate Roy Moore will score an easy victory in tonight’s runoff election.

2017.09.26 - RCP_0

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