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“It Is Time To Return To Sanity” Gorbachev Urges Trump And Putin To Save Crucial Cold-War Arms Pact
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Oct 12 2017

Former Pres Gorbachev is urging Presidents Putin and Trump to meet face to face to resolve their differences as each side accuses the other of violating a Cold War-era arms-control treaty that Gorbachev believes is essential to maintaining peace between the two world powers. The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, a landmark arms control treaty signed in 1987 by Gorbachev and Reagan, helped end the Cold War by requiring both countries to eliminate all nuclear ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with a range of 500 km to 5,500 km. Recently, there have been calls for the treaty to be scrapped, amid encroachment by NATO’s so-called missile defense systems in SK and Europe. In an essay that was published in a local newspaper and republished by theWaPo, Gorbachev explains that he sees the treaty as the most vulnerable link in the system of limiting and reducing WMDs, and thus crucial to maintaining the pindo-Russian relationship. In the essay, Gorbachev argues that the relationship is “in a severe crisis” and only a dialogue based on “mutual respect” can help repair it, if only the two leaders can muster the political will to make it happen. He writes:

So what is happening, what is the problem, and what needs to be done? Both sides have raised issues of compliance, accusing the other of violating or circumventing the treaty’s key provisions. From the sidelines, lacking fuller information, it is difficult to evaluate those accusations. But one thing is clear: The problem has a political as well as a technical aspect. It is up to the political leaders to take action. Therefore I am making an appeal to the presidents of Russia and Pindostan. Relations between the two nations are in a severe crisis. A way out must be sought, and there is one well-tested means available for accomplishing this: a dialogue based on mutual respect. It will not be easy to cut through the log-jam of issues on both sides. But neither was our dialogue easy three decades ago. It had its critics and detractors, who tried to derail it. In the final analysis, it was the political will of the two nations’ leaders that proved decisive. And that is what’s needed now. This is what our two countries’ citizens and people everywhere expect from the presidents of Russia and Pindostan.

If Trump and Putin could agree to preserve the agreement, it would encourage the generals and diplomats responsible for implementing and monitoring the terms to fall in line, Gorbachev said.

I am confident that preparing a joint presidential statement on the two nations’ commitment to the INF Treaty is a realistic goal. Simultaneously, the technical issues could be resolved; for this purpose, the joint control commission under the INF Treaty could resume its work. I am convinced that, with an impetus from the two presidents, the generals and diplomats would be able to reach agreement. We are living in a troubled world. It is particularly disturbing that relations between the major nuclear powers, Russia and Pindostan, have become a serious source of tensions and a hostage to domestic politics. It is time to return to sanity. I am sure that even the most inveterate opponents of the normalization of pindo-Russian relations will not dare to object to the two presidents meeting face to face. These critics have no arguments on their side, for the very fact that the INF Treaty has been in effect for 30 years proves that it serves the security interests of our two countries and of the world.

Unfortunately, the INF Treaty isn’t the only important treaty in danger of collapse. As we reported last month, pindo boxtops are preparing restrictions for Russian military flights over pindo territory permitted by the 2002 Open Skies Treaty after accusing the country of concealing movements of personnel and military equipment in Kaliningrad, as Russia prepared to stage its yearly Zapad exercise. In another sign of mounting tensions, Pindostan suspended joint military exercises with its Gulf allies after a historic summit between Russia and the Toads.

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