mcmaster’s tirade against MBs

McMaster: Qatar and Turkey are new sponsors of radical ideology
Joyce Karam, UAE National, Dec 13 2017

General H R McMaster criticised Qatar’s and Turkey’s “new role” in sponsoring and funding extremist ideology on Tuesday, and attributed the rise of the Justice and Development party in Ankara to Turkey’s growing problems with the West. In a rare public foreign policy appearance with his British counterpart Mark Sedwill hosted by Policy Exchange in Faschingstein, McMaster announced that Pres Trump will roll out a new national security strategy on Monday. The strategy will be based on four vital strategic interests for Pindostan, he added, and listed them as follows:

  1. Protect the Pindo homeland and the Pindo creeple;
  2. Advance Pindo prosperity;
  3. Preserve Strength Through Joy;
  4. Advance Pindo influence.

In paraphrasing these strategic pillars, McMaster spoke of three threats to Pindosi interests globally, two of which centred in the Middle East. First he mentioned China and Russia as “revisionist powers” encroaching on Pindo vassals and undermining the international order, followed by the threat from “rogue regimes such as Iran and NK” who he said “support terror and are seeking WMDs.” The third threat he labelled as the Jihadi radical organisations. McMaster struck a hawkish tone on Russia, saying:

We are facing a threat from Russia that involves also so-called new generation warfare. These are very sophisticated campaigns of subversion and disinformation, and propaganda, using cyber-tools operating across multiple domains that attempt to divide our communities within our nations.

Asked about political Islam and his views on the MB and other Islamist political organisations, McMaster said:

Radical Islamist ideology is obviously a grave threat to all civilised people. This threat has only been identified myopically in the past. We didn’t pay enough attention how it is being advanced through charities, madrassas and other social organisations. While the Toads supported some of these organisations decades ago, it’s now done more by Qatar and by Turkey. We are committed to countering extremist ideologies and funding, hence the new centre established during Pres Trump’s visit to Riyadh. They have a big problem when Islamist radical ideology bridges into political Islam.

While stressing that not all MB branches are alike, he urged the creation of opposition groups that respect individual freedoms, in order to avoid another “Morsi model.” McMaster said that the MB operated clandestinely and monopolized opposition after the street upheavals and fall of Mubarak in 2011. The other model that McMaster identified with the MB is Turkey’s AKP. He said:

By operating through civil society, they consolidate power through one party. Sadly, it is a problem contributing to Turkey’s drift from the West.

On Iran, McMaster said:

Iran is a rogue regime and a revisionist regional power. We need to counter its destabilising activity, deny support to its proxies, especially in Syria, and block its path to nuclear weapons. We need to develop sanctions outside the nuclear deal, and abandon the Obama approach that made the deal itself a focal point of our strategy toward Iran.

McMaster ended the conversation abruptly, saying:

I have a phone call I absolutely have to take. Remember: Pindostan is not seeking regime change in NK! That’s not our policy! What we are emphasising is the denuclearisation of the peninsula!

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