this jewish charade of ‘socialism’ is grotesque

Labour expels Jewish anti-Zionist Tony Greenstein
Asa Winstanley, Electronic Intifada, Feb 21 2018

Greenstein & co outside the hearing in Brighton on Sunday (Photo: Tony Greenstein)

The Labour Party on Sunday expelled prominent Jewish anti-Zionist Tony Greenstein for what it claimed was online abuse, but Greenstein says the real reason was that he has spoken out against the Israel lobby. Greenstein is vice-chair of a group set up to combat what it calls a “witch-hunt against Corbyn supporters and critics of Israel.” Corbyn has been constantly attacked by right-wingers and Israel lobbyists with claims that Labour is now “institutionally anti-Semitic,” based on exaggerated and frequently fabricated allegations. Although the disciplinary panel that expelled Greenstein claims it was not because of his views, a Labour Party document seen by EI suggests otherwise. Written on behalf of the party’s National Executive Committee by party lawyer Thomas Ogg, the main thrust of the document is that Greenstein should be expelled for using the term “Zio,” and also for a blog post he wrote criticizing Louise Ellman, a Labour MP with a long history of supporting Israel. The article, written months after his suspension in 2016, described Ellman as an “apologist for Israel’s occupation forces” and a “supporter of Israeli child abuse.” During a 2016 Parliamentary debate, Ellman had strongly defended the IOF’s practice of night-time detention of Palestinian children. The IOF habitually detains and tortures Palestinian children, imprisoning them without credible trial. The abuse has included sexual violence and rape threats and other forms of torture according to the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, B’Tselem and Defense for Children International-Palestine. This systematic abuse is cause for such concern that more than twenty congress critturs have co-sponsored a bill to outlaw aid to Israel being used for the military detention, abuse and torture of Palestinian children. However, according to Ogg, the blog post was “an attempt to shame Ms Ellman,” using “provocative, inaccurate and offensive” language, and was therefore grounds for expulsion.

The “offensive” language Ogg points to is Greenstein’s contention that Ellman is a “supporter of Israeli child abuse.” Ogg claims this phrase is inaccurate, despite the fact Ellman was clearly speaking in defense of the detention practices of the IOF, which has a well-documented track record of abusing Palestinian children. Ellman’s defense of the IOF is no surprise. She is a vice-chair of LFI and a former chair of JLM, each with intimate ties to the Israeli embassy. One of those Greenstein is accused of verbally abusing is Ella Rose, a former Israeli embassy officer who is now director of the JLM. Rose was herself the subject of a complaint by party members last year after she was caught on camera stating that her critics should “die in a hole” and saying she could “take” one of them down in hand-to-hand combat. Yet the same party bureaucracy that expelled Greenstein treated Rose with kid gloves, closing the matter without disciplinary action, a result one complainant called a “whitewash.” The procedure of suspending and eventually expelling Greenstein also appears to lack due process. In the document, Labour’s lawyer admits:

All of the charges relate to conduct after Mr Greenstein’s suspension from the Labour Party on Mar 18 2016.

In other words, the National Executive Committee suspended Greenstein first, then sought out evidence later. As EI reported at the time, in the suspension letter Greenstein received he was told only that it related to “comments you are alleged to have made.” Greenstein asked to see the allegations against him, but his request was denied, as was his request to know who his accusers were. The party’s disciplinary unit apparently did however manage to leak vague allegations of “anti-Semitism” to hostile right-wing media. The lawyer’s 22-page document, which Greenstein says was provided to him less then two days before his hearing, formed the outline of the case against him on Sunday. That document was in turn based on a larger 189-page bundle of supporting evidence. A lot of time and effort was clearly expended on removing Greenstein from the party. Although the insinuations apparently leaked to the press were all about Greenstein’s supposed anti-Semitism, the document mostly drops that allegation to concentrate on alleged online abuse. But the party’s lawyer concedes in the document that it was not a case about “whether Mr Greenstein is an anti-Semite.” Greenstein’s expulsion, along with the upcoming hearing against Marc Wadsworth, are thought by many activists to be the prelude to a new attempt to expel Ken Livingstone when his current suspension expires in April. Momentum is the grassroots Labour group established to support Jeremy Corbyn. Greenstein criticized the Labour bureaucracy for attacking him and other prominent activists on the left for alleged abuse, while refusing to take action on abuse of the left from the right of the party. Led by general secretary Iain McNicol, the party bureaucracy has also refused to take any action against Jeremy Newmark, who stepped down as chair of the JLM this month after the Jewish Chronicle revealed he was accused of defrauding a Jewish charity of tens of thousands of dollars. Last week, McNicol told Labour members demanding Newmark’s suspension that the revelations were a “private matter” for Newmark.

Then They Came for Tony Greenstein
Gilad Atzmon, Feb 19 2018

Following the outrageous expulsion of AZZ extraordinaire Tony Greenstein from the Labour Party, the equally vindictive Labour Against The Witchhunt (LAW) published this embarrassing tweet:

According to LAW’s logic, Greenstein should have been vindicated due to the fact that he is:

  1. a Jew
  2. a Rabbi’s son
  3. the offspring of holocaust survivors.

The above tweet is no doubt a glimpse into the morbid universe of Jewish privilege. If Greenstein’s line of defence is built upon him being Jewish, a Rabbi’s son and blood relation to Holocaust survivors, where does it leave the rest of the British working class? How many John Smiths can hide behind the blood of their Jewish mother, their rabbi papa or their holocaust credentials? As if the situation isn’t funny enough, the banal minds at LAW decided to quote Martin Niemoller. Considering that Greenstein is a dedicated witch-hunter himself, approved by the ultra-Zionist BoD and Jonathan Freedland, the Yesha Guardian’s prime hasbara merchant, Niemoller’s poem needed a bit of a tweak, which I was happy to provide:

First, Tony Greenstein came for Israel Shamir, and I did not speak out, because I was not Israel Shamir. Then Tony came for Deir Yassin Remembered and I did not speak out, because I was not from Deir Yassin Remembered. Then Tony came for  Richard FalkJohn MearsheimerSamir Abbed RabboMakram Khoury MachoulAlison WierNahida IzzatNorman FinkelsteinKen O’KeefeOren Ben DorPaul EisenGreta Berlin, Lauren Booth, Gabi WeberIan Donovan, Gerry Downing, Laura Stuart, Socialist Fight and many others and I did not speak out, because this confirmed everything I had to say about the corrosive impact of the Jewish solidarity spin. Then they came for Tony Greenstein and everybody was laughing with satisfaction except myself, because I pretend to be an empathic goy.

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