drop the dead blackbird

Accusations of Britain Labour anti-Semitism see Tory-Blairite gang-up
Jean Shaoul, WSWS, Apr 24 2018

The debate in the House of Commons on Apr 17 on anti-Semitism was planned as a co-ordinated attack on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn by the party’s right wing in alliance with the Conservative government. After weeks of denouncing everyone who defended Corbyn as anti-Semites, Tory and Blairite MPs took turns to portraythe man himself as an anti-Semite, pouring forth an avalanche of slanders, misinformation and unsubstantiated allegations, often of an unbelievable nature. Their political purpose was underscored by the government tabling the debate immediately after a motion on the FUKUS air strikes on Syria. PM May refused to recall parliament beforehand. Some 54 Labour MPs abstained from voting on Corbyn’s proposed Military Powers Act requiring the government to seek approval before launching military action overseas, despite a one-line whip. Having aligned themselves with the Tories on the war drive in the Middle East, the Blairites launched another vicious attack on Corbyn’s supporters and the “left” more broadly. Opening the debate, Communities Secretary Sajid Javid accused Corbyn of displaying “a worrying lack of leadership and moral clarity” on anti-Semitism. He claimed there had been 1,346 anti-Semitic “incidents” in Britain in 2017, the highest on record. Javid provided no information about the nature, sources or verification of the incidents, merely citing the notorious CST. Nor did he explain how and why Corbyn should be held accountable for these. He then drew attention to Britain’s adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s non-legally binding working definition of anti-Semitism in Dec 2016. This redefinition is specifically aimed at equating criticism of the State of Israel, especially its treatment of the Palestinians, with anti-Semitism. Targeting anti-Zionist positions held by the left, Javid declared that criticisms of the Israeli government were simply “a mask for anti-Jewish, racist sentiment.” This paved the way for several MPs to focus on Corbyn’s support for the Palestinians and his appearances on platforms with speakers from the militant bourgeois nationalist Islamist groups, Palestinian Hamas and Lebanese Hezbollah, in which he urged a negotiated settlement, as evidence of his own anti-Semitism. Labour MP John Mann, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Anti-Semitism, used parliamentary privilege to accuse the pro-Corbyn group of being involved in a campaign against his family. He said:

Momentum is explicitly targeting Jewish members of the Parliamentary Labour Party because they are Jewish.

He also implied that Momentum was responsible for his wife receiving a dead blackbird through the post from “a Labour Marxist anti-Semite” and being “threatened with rape” by another “leftist anti-Semite.” He presented no evidence for his serious allegations. It should be noted that Momentum’s founder, Jon Lansman, is Jewish. Roger Dyas-Elliott was given a restraining order for posting the dead bird to Mann’s wife in 2012, three years before Momentum was founded and before Corbyn’s first run for Labour leadership. According to the Worksop Guardian:

Dyas-Elliot said that he sent the package because he was ‘bitter’ after his application to run as a Labour councillor was declined by the group’s Bassetlaw District Applications Panel due to his ‘unkempt appearance.’

The panel included Mann’s wife. It is not clear if charges have been sought against any individual for the rape threat. Labour MP Luciana Berger reported that she had been subjected to a torrent of anti-Semitic abuse ever since she had been a student. But she had to acknowledge that the four people convicted since 2013 for the anti-Semitic abuse and harassment directed at her, three of whom had been imprisoned, were from the far right. Conservative MPs again and again name-checked Corbyn’s Blairite opponents for their “brave stand” against Labour’s anti-Semitism. So naked was the targeting of Corbyn that Tory Andrew Percy was rebuked by the deputy speaker chairing the debate for referring to Corbyn directly as “you” in defiance of protocol. Corbyn sat through much of this diatribe, but gave the right of reply to Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary. Abbott duly denied that the speeches against Labour and Corbyn concealed a broader political motive and said that the party was doing everything it could to stamp out anti-Semitism. This grovelling before a right-wing cabal achieved nothing, as she was barracked to such a degree that the deputy speaker repeatedly had to uphold her right to speak. Home Secretary Amber Rudd concluded the debate by claiming that the speeches “were not in any way anti-Labour,” adding in words dripping with hypocrisy:

Labour is a noble and honourable party, and it is absolutely wrong that this corner of anti-Semitism has been allowed to flourish. He has an obligation to take action. We expect nothing less.

No one would guess that this apparently rampantly anti-Semitic party held a leadership contest in 2010 between two people of Jewish origin. These MPs would have you believe that British Jews face a situation akin to Hitler’s Germany, when according to the polls, anti-Semitism in Britain is among the lowest in Europe. At the Labour Party’s annual conference last September, delegates backed a resolution that defined anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination as “conduct prejudicial to the party.” Charges of anti-Semitism are a cover for the real political agenda of Corbyn’s opponents:

  • To shift Labour’s foreign policy even further to the right, in line with Trump’s aggressive policies in the Middle East, aimed at the Assad regime in Syria and its backers Russia and Iran, in which Israel plays a key role.
  • To criminalise the left by equating all criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism.
  • To further the ongoing campaign to discredit Corbyn to the benefit of the Tories and hopefully to remove him as Labour leader.

The sickening hypocrisy involved is epitomised by Israel’s repeatedly used live fire and tear gas against unarmed Palestinians in Gaza, protesting to demand their right of return to their ancestral homes in Palestine from which their parents and grandparents fled or were driven out after the UN decision to partition Palestine in 1947. The IOF has killed more than 30 Palestinians and seriously injured hundreds since the start of the March of Return rallies that began on Mar 30. None of the MPs involved in the attack on Corbyn has a word of criticism for what is by definition an anti-Semitic attack, directed against Arab men, women and children. The anti-Semitism furore comes just weeks before local elections in which the Conservatives’ unpopularity means they face losing not just marginal boroughs like Barnet, but, in the aftermath of the Grenfell fire, even traditional strongholds such as Kensington and Chelsea and Wandsworth. Corbyn’s attackers constantly refer to anti-Semitic rants and threats on social media of unknown and dubious provenance, playing into demands for censorship of the Internet and online communication channels. Yet such is Corbyn’s devotion to preserving the “unity of the Labour party” that he sat quietly through the debate, instead of exposing it for what it was: a blatant attempt by right-wing scoundrels to outlaw any opposition to Britain’s geostrategic interests abroad and at home.

Jewish Guilt is the Discourse of The Goyim
Gilad Atzmon, Apr 24 2018

For quite some time, the British have accepted that Jewish organizations have hijacked their political discourse. As has happened in other Western countries, the British political establishment has engaged is a relentless rant against anti-Semitism. Sometimes, the focus drifts for a day or two. An alleged Russian nerve gas attack provided a 48-hour pause. Occasionally we bomb Arabs in the name of human intervention, only to realize a day or two later that we have once again followed a premeditated foreign agenda. But somehow we always return to the anti-Semitism debate, as if our media and politicians are a herd of flies gravitating to a pile of poop. Last week the BoD & JLC, two Jewish organisations that claim to represent British Jews, published this painful-to-watch video. Judging by the number of viewers, the British are tired of this nauseating outburst. They know very well that when it comes to hate crimes, Jews are not high on the victim list. Jews are far less victimized than Blacks, Muslims, Roma, transsexuals, gays and many others. Since Jewish community ‘leaders’ remain obsessed with anti-Semitism, I will try to help them understand the universal perspective on the meaning of anti-Semitism. True anti-Semitism is when IOF snipers film themselves shooting unarmed Semite protestors like sitting ducks while laughing their heads off. True anti-Semitism is when the Jewish State legislates and enforces institutional racism against actual Semites, Blacks and Goyim in general. The Gaza siege is an example of what common people see as real anti-Semitism. It is designed to humiliate and deprive Semites for being Semites and it has turned Gaza into the largest open-air prison known to man. Enough is Enough is humanity expressing collective fatigue of these barbarian actions. I would prefer to believe that the Jewish fear of anti-Semitism is actually an expression of collective Jewish guilt. For obvious reasons, Jews find it hard to compartmentalize Jewish identity within the context of the Jewish State being a rogue State.

There are a few modes of dealing with collective guilt that have been recognized. Repression seems to be the most common one. Some argue that escapism and denial are Israel’s primary belief systems. Acknowledgment of guilt is undoubtedly far more painful. The Germans made it into their way of life after the last big war. Maybe Jews can actually learn from the Germans. Instead of attempting to emulate the Third Reich’s racist agenda, Israel and its supporters should try to reproduce German’s post-WW2 remorse. As it happens, there are a very few Jews and Israelis who acknowledge their responsibility for the Palestinian plight and support the Palestinian Right of Return. These rare Jews are brave enough to admit that Israel is inherently anti-Semitic and racist to the core. However, silencing Israel’s dissent is the usual Jewish political method to resolve Jewish guilt. Attributing the ‘anti-Semitic’ slur to others is how both Zionists and so-called ‘anti-Zionists’ kick the ball into the yard of the Goyim. This method was effective for a while, but it doesn’t work anymore. “Anti-Semite” in 2018 is a synonym for an ethically-driven humanist, an anti racist, a truth teller, peace and justice role model, a rock star. The list of ‘anti-Semites’ is growing exponentially, probably in direct proportion with the tidal rise in Jewish guilt. The more guilty some Jews feel, the more the rest of us are becoming anti-Semitic in their eyes. The Unconscious is the discourse of the Other, says Lacan. Within the Unconscious is the fear that the Other, the Goy, the humanist, sees you as you are and can detect your shame. Jewish Guilt as such is the unbearable fear that the Goy may know.

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