rather cryptic unless you watch the films

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update
UK Column, Jul 11 2018

Running order to follow …

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Mark Anderson with today’s news update
UK Column, Jul 10 2018

START – Boris resigns: cabinet reshuffles…
04:23 – Brexit: House of Commons briefing on new deal
Treason May: a redefinition of the term ‘sovereign’
A ‘facilitated customs arrangement’ (customs union)
Cameron’s best of both worlds: UK’s special status in a reformed EU
Under the veneer of Brexit, TPP is back…
Nigel Farage: if Brexit betrayal isn’t reversed, I’ll have to return as UKIP leader
Farage is either not very bright or he’s complicit in the deceit of the nation
19:10 – Joint declaration on EU-NATO cooperation has been signed
Donald to Donald: Appreciate your allies…you don’t have many
NATO very upset that Trump is meeting Putin…
24:18 – The Economist: the Western alliance is in trouble
Trump shaking the tree – looking for equity among nations
28:57 – BBC: The tarot revival thanks to Brexit, Trump and Dior
Witches and tarot cards being used to try and undermine Trump…
BBC promotes anti-Trump witchcraft spells
Tarot cards were used in the past to help the ruling classes manage the masses
MainStream Media descredits itself again with subversion
Meet the BBC’s ‘high‘ expert on God…who is Mike Sosteric…?
BBC’s ‘expert’ business & tarot card journalist…who is Didem Tali…?
38:08 – Melanie Shaw court hearing update: charges brought against her
Trial date set for 7 August 2018
Vulnerable child abuse survivor and whistleblower silenced by the British state
No ability for her to speak to the ‘independent’ child abuse inquiry…
Huge hypocrisy of UK government lecturing other nations on human rights
45:29 – Iranian woman given 20-year jail term for removing her headscarf
BBC has been encouraging Iranian women to break the law
My Stealthy Freedom website run by Voice of America
Website is supported by all the usual suspects: Time, Washington Post, ABC etc.

Mike Robinson and Vanessa Beeley with today’s news update
UK Column, Jul 9 2018

START – Novichok 2.0 the sequel … woman dies from ‘poisoning’
Many similarities to the Skripal case – Fentanyl initially suspected by CSJ
Clinical Services Journal article has since been changed…
Swindon Advertiser: Doctors warn of super-strength synthetic heroin in Wiltshire
MSM advice is schizophrenic to say the least
Event timing is suspect: SAA winning; upcoming Putin-Trump meeting
BBC: stretching the truth again = fake news
18:10 – Guardian: how Syria’s white helmets became victims of online propaganda
Twitter: Kevork Almassian takes on Scott Lucas…who is Scott Lucas…?
Network diagram & explanation of many connections to NGOs and terrorist groups
Primary funding for Toran Centre comes from Turkey
Scott Lucas on Syria: no answers…just distraction and deflection – totally biased
Iran the next target for Scott Lucas…?
This shows infiltration of academic institutions in the UK to control the narrative
40:35 – David Davis resigns as Brexit Minister
Brexit without the exit…

Previous days shows are here.

:Imperialism on Trial: Tour in UK

Below is another pair of videos (rather longer) from RT, with Eva Bartlett in the first and Vanessa Beeley in the second, I think:

Part 1

Part 2

Speakers include former MP George Galloway; independent journalist Eva Bartlett; former UK Ambassador to Syria and Bahrain, Peter Ford; Prof Peter Kuznick, Director at Eurasia Future, Adam Garrie and independent journalist Vanessa Beeley.

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