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Buried McCain – broke two accordions (Хоронили Маккейна – порвали два баяна)
Colonel Cassad, Aug 27 2018

First on current highlights and then in general: McCain’s widow can get his place in the Senate on representation of the native state. She is one of the main candidates for the vacant position. Who will take this chair, can change the balance of power in the Senate. Trump has forbidden the White House to release an official statement on the death of McCain, the Eulogy of the deceased. According to Pindo press, Trump is against according McCain the honors of a “hero,” which is not much different from his position when McCain was alive. Trump will not be invited to the McCain funeral, as the deceased would not want to see Trump next to his coffin and the relatives do not intend to violate the will of the deceased. Instead of Trump, Bush and Obama are invited to the funeral since, unlike Trump, they will be able to say something nice about McCain. In defiance of the “moderate position” of Trump, the Senate will fly flags half-mast in memory of the deceased. Because of disagreements between the Senate and the White House, a number of issues of mourning for McCain are in the process of negotiation.

On the topic of Pharisaic lacrimation (слезоотделений) about the deceased McCain. In the first place: Of the dead nothing but the truth. De mortui nil nisi veritas. Secondly. McCain is de facto an unconvicted war criminal. He was involved in the deaths of large numbers of people in different countries. He was directly involved in the organization of the aggressions against their countries. In Nuremberg, there was a separate article related to conspiracy against peace and the planning of wars of aggression. Of course, McCain has avoided his Nuremberg, as have a number of other convicted war criminals. In the third place. McCain is an active accomplice of international terrorism, and one of those who directly or indirectly contributed to the creation of Daesh as a tool of Pindo policy. The whole world in general, and our country in particular, will reap the consequences of his activities and the activities of his accomplices for the development of international Islamic terrorism for years to come. Already this is quite sufficient to cause disgust to look at the modern Pharisee in ecstasy wringing his hands, “Oh, what a man we have lost.” A curious kind of moral deformity and absence of moral and ethical guidelines.

The Other Side of John McCain
Max Blumenthal, Consortium News, Aug 27 2018

As the Cold War entered its final act in 1985, journalist Helena Cobban participated in an academic conference at an upscale resort near Tucson, Arizona, on Pindo-Soviet interactions in the Middle East. When she attended what was listed as the “Gala Dinner with keynote speech,” she quickly learned that the virtual theme of the evening was, “Adopt a Muj.” Cobban told me:

I remember mingling with all of these wealthy Thug women from the Phoenix suburbs and being asked, ‘Have you adopted a muj?’ Each one had pledged money to sponsor a member of the Afghan mujahedin in the name of beating the communists. Some were even seated at the event next to their personal ‘muj.’

The keynote speaker of the evening, according to Cobban, was a hard-charging freshman Congress crittur named John McCain. During the Vietnam war, McCain had been captured by the NVA after being shot down on his way to bomb a civilian lightbulb factory. He spent two years in solitary confinement and underwent torture that left him with crippling injuries. McCain returned from the war with a deep, abiding loathing of his former captors, remarking as late as 2000:

I hate the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live.

After he was criticized for the racist remark, McCain refused to apologize, saying:

I was referring to my prison guards, and I will continue to refer to them in language that might offend some people because of the beating and torture of my friends.

McCain’s visceral resentment informed his vocal support for the mujahedin as well as the right-wing contra death squads in Central America, or any proxy group sworn to the destruction of communist governments. So committed was McCain to the anti-communist cause that in the mid-1980s he had joined the advisory board of the Pindo Council for World Freedom, the Pindo affiliate of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL). Geoffrey Stewart-Smith, a former leader of WACL’s British chapter who had turned against it in 1974, said:

WACL is a collection of Nazis, fascists, anti-Semites, sellers of forgeries, vicious racialists, and corrupt self-seekers. It has evolved into an anti-Semitic international.

Joining McCain in the organization were notables such as Jaroslav Stetsko, the Croatian Nazi collaborator who helped oversee the extermination of 7,000 Jews in 1941, the brutal Argentinian former dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, and Guatemalan death squad leader Mario Sandoval Alarcon. Then-Pres Reagan honored the group for playing a leadership role in drawing attention to the gallant struggle now being waged by the true freedom fighters of our day. On the occasion of his death, McCain is being honored in much the same way, as a patriotic hero and freedom fighter for democracy. A stream of hagiographies is pouring forth from the Beltway press corps that he described as his true political base. Among McCain’s most enthusiastic groupies is CNN’s Jake Tapper, whom he chose as his personal stenographer for a 2000 trip to Vietnam. When the former CNN host Howard Kurtz asked Tapper in Feb 2000:

When you’re on the bus, do you make a conscious effort not to fall under the magical McCain spell?

Tapper joked in reply:

Oh, you can’t. You become like Patty Hearst when the SLA took her.

But the late senator has also been treated to gratuitous tributes from an array of prominent liberals, from George Soros to his soft power-pushing client Ken Roth, along with three fellow directors of HRW and “democratic socialist” celebrity Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who hailed McCain as “an unparalleled example of human decency.” Rep John Lewis, the favorite civil rights symbol of the Beltway political class, weighed in as well to memorialize McCain as a “warrior for peace.” If the paeans to McCain by this diverse cast of political climbers and Davos denizens seemed detached from reality, that’s because they perfectly reflected the elite view of Pindo military interventions as akin to a game of chess, and the millions of dead left in the wake of the West’s unprovoked aggression as mere statistics. There were few figures in recent Pindo life who dedicated themselves so personally to the perpetuation of war and empire as McCain, but in Faschingstein the most defining aspect of his career was studiously overlooked or waved away as the trivial idiosyncrasy of a noble servant who nonetheless deserved everyone’s reverence. McCain did not simply thunder for every major intervention of the post-Cold War era from the Senate floor, while pushing for sanctions and assorted campaigns of subterfuge on the side. He was uniquely ruthless when it came to advancing imperial goals, barnstorming from one conflict zones to another to personally recruit far-right fanatics as Pindo proxies. In Libya and Syria, he cultivated AQ affiliates as allies, and in Ukraine McCain courted actual sieg-heiling neo-Nazis. While McCain’s Senate office functioned as a clubhouse for arms industry lobbyists and neocon operatives, his fascistic allies waged a campaign of human devastation that will continue until long after the flowers dry up on his grave. Pindo media may have sought to bury this legacy with the senator’s body, but it is what much of the outside world will remember him for.

When a violent insurgency swept through Libya in 2011, McCain parachuted into the country to meet with leaders of the main insurgent outfit, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), battling the government of Moamar Gaddafi. His goal was to make kosher this band of hardline Islamists in the eyes of the Obama administration, which was considering a military intervention at the time. What happened next is well-documented, though it is scarcely discussed by a Faschingstein political class that depended on the Benghazi charade to deflect from the real scandal of Libya’s societal destruction. Gaddafi’s motorcade was attacked by NATO jets, enabling a band of LIFG fighters to capture him, sodomize him with a bayonet, then murder him and leave his body to rot in a butcher shop in Misrata while rebel fanboys snapped cellphone selfies with his fetid corpse. A slaughter of Black citizens of Libya by the racist sectarian militias recruited by McCain immediately followed the killing of the pan-African leader. Daesh took over Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte while Belhaj’s militia took control of Tripoli, and a war of the warlords began. Just as Gaddafi had warned, the ruined country became a staging ground for migrant smugglers on the Mediterranean, fueling the rise of the far-right across Europe and enabling the return of slavery to Africa. Many might describe Libya as a failed state, but it also represents a successful realization of the vision McCain and his allies have advanced on the global stage. Following the NATO-orchestrated murder of Libya’s leader, McCain tweeted:

Qaddafi on his way out, Bashar al Assad is next.

Like Libya, Syria had resisted aligning with the West and was suddenly confronted with a Salafi-Jihadi insurgency armed by the CIA. Once again, McCain made it his personal duty to market Islamist insurgents to Pindostan as a cross between the Minutemen and the Freedom Riders of the civil rights era. To do so, he took under his wing a youthful DC-based Pindo-Syrian operative named Mouaz Moustafa who had been a consultant to the Libyan Transitional Council during the run-up to the NATO invasion. In May 2013, Moustafa convinced McCain to take an illegal trip across the Syrian border and meet some freedom fighters. An Israeli millionaire named Moti Kahana who coordinated efforts between the Syrian opposition and the IOF through his NGO, Amaliah, to have “financed the opposition group which took Senator John McCain to visit war-torn Syria.” Moustafa remarked excitedly in a scene from a documentary called “Red Lines,” that depicted McCain’s efforts for regime change:

This could be like his Benghazi moment! He went to Benghazi, he came back, we bombed!

During his brief excursion into Syria, McCain met with a group of CIA-backed insurgents and blessed their struggle. Moustafa said in an interview with CNN:

The senator wanted to assure the FSA that the Pindo creeple support their cry for freedom, support their revolution.

McCain’s office promptly released a photo showing the senator posing beside a beaming Moustafa and two grim-looking gunmen. Days later, the men were named by the Lebanese Daily Star as Mohammad Nour and Abu Ibrahim. Both had been implicated in the kidnapping a year prior of 11 Shia pilgrims, and were identified by one of the survivors. McCain and Moustafa returned to Pindostan the targets of mockery from Daily Show host John Stewart and the subject of harshly critical reports from across the media spectrum. At a town hall in Arizona, McCain was berated by constituents, including Jumana Hadid, a Syrian Christian woman who warned that the sectarian militants he had cozied up to threatened her community with genocide. But McCain pressed ahead anyway. On Capitol Hill, he introduced another shady young operative into his interventionist theater. Named Elizabeth O’Bagy, she was a fellow at the Institute for the Study of War, an arms industry-funded think tank directed by Kimberly Kagan of the neocon Kagan clan. Behind the scenes, O’Bagy was consulting for Moustafa at his Syrian Emergency Task Force, a clear conflict of interest that her top Senate patron was well aware of. Before the Senate, McCain cited a WSJ editorial by O’Bagy to support his assessment of the Syrian rebels as predominately moderate” and potentially Western-friendly. Days later, O’Bagy was exposed for faking her PhD in Arabic studies. As soon as the humiliated Kagan fired O’Bagy, the academic fraudster took another pass through the Beltway’s revolving door, striding into the halls of Congress as McCain’s newest foreign policy aide. McCain ultimately failed to see the Islamist “revolutionaries” he glad-handed take control of Damascus. Syria’s government held on, thanks to help from his mortal enemies in Tehran and Moscow, but not before a billion-dollar CIA arm-and-equip operation helped spawn one of the worst refugee crises in post-war history. Luckily for McCain, there were other intrigues seeking his attention, and new bands of fanatical rogues in need of his blessing. Months after his Syrian boondoggle, the ornery militarist turned his attention to Ukraine, then in the throes of an upheaval stimulated by Pindo & Euro–funded soft power NGO’s. On Dec 14 2013, McCain materialized in Kiev for a meeting with Oleh Tyanhbok, an unreconstructed fascist who had emerged as a top opposition leader. Tyanhbok had co-founded the fascist Social-National Party, a far-right political outfit that touted itself as the last hope of the white race, of humankind as such.” No fan of Jews, he had complained that a “Muscovite-Jewish mafia” had taken control of his country, and had been photographed throwing up a Nazi salute during a speech. None of this apparently mattered to McCain. Nor did the scene of Right Sector neo-Nazis filling up Kiev’s Maidan Square while he appeared on stage to egg them on. McCain proclaimed to cheering throngs while Tyanhbok stood by his side:

Ukraine will make Europe better and Europe will make Ukraine better!

The only issue that mattered to him at the time was the refusal of Ukraine’s elected president to sign a EU austerity plan, opting instead for an economic deal with Moscow. McCain was so committed to replacing an independent-minded government with a NATO vassal that he even mulled a military assault on Kiev. McCain lamented in an interview about the crisis:

I do not see a military option, and that is tragic.

Fortunately for him, regime change arrived soon after his appearance on the Maidan, and Tyanhbok’s allies rushed in to fill the void. By the end of the year, the Ukrainian military had become bogged down in a bloody trench war with pro-Russian, anti-coup separatists in the country’s east. A militia affiliated with the new government in Kiev called Dnipro-1 was accused by Amnesty International observers of blocking humanitarian aid into a separatist-held area, including food and clothing for the war torn population. Six months later, McCain appeared at Dnipro-1’s training base alongside Senators Tom Cotton and John Barasso. McCain told an assembly of soldiers from the militia:

The people of my country are proud of your fight and your courage.

When he completed his remarks, the fighters belted out a WW2-era salute made famous by Ukrainian Nazi collaborators:

Glory to Ukraine!

Today, far-right nationalists occupy key posts in Ukraine’s pro-Western government. The speaker of its parliament is Andriy Parubiy, a co-founder with Tyanhbok of the Social-National Party and leader of the movement to honor WW2-era Nazi collaborators like Stepan Bandera. On the cover of his 1998 manifesto, “View From The Right,” Parubiy appeared in a Nazi-style brown shirt with a pistol strapped to his waist. In Jun 2017, McCain and Thug House Speaker Paul Ryan welcomed Parubiy on Capitol Hill for what McCain called a “good meeting.” It was a shot in the arm for the fascist forces sweeping across Ukraine. The past months in Ukraine have seen a state-sponsored neo-Nazi militia called C14 carrying out a pogromist rampage against Ukraine’s Roma population, the country’s parliament erecting an exhibition honoring Nazi collaborators, and the Ukrainian military formally approving the pro-Nazi “Glory to Ukraine” greeting as its own official salute. Ukraine is now the sick man of Europe, a perpetual aid case bogged down in an endless war in its east. In a testament to the country’s demise since its so-called “Revolution of Dignity,” the deeply unpopular Pres Poroshenko has promised John Bolton that his country, once a plentiful source of coal on par with Pennsylvania, will now purchase coal from Pindostan. Once again, a regime change operation that generated a failing, fascistic state stands as one of McCain’s greatest triumphs. McCain’s history conjures up memory of one of the most inflammatory statements by Sarah Palin, another cretinous fanatic he foisted onto the world stage. During a characteristically rambling stump speech in Oct 2008, Palin accused Obama of “palling around with terrorists.” The line was dismissed as ridiculous and borderline slander, as it should have been. But looking back at McCain’s career, the accusation seems richly ironic. By any objective standard, it was McCain who had palled around with terrorists, and who wrested as much resources as he could from the Pindo taxpayer to maximize their mayhem. Here’s hoping that the societies shattered by McCain’s proxies will someday rest in peace.

Ten Reasons Not to Mourn John McCain
Ben Garrison, Aug 26 2018

  1. On Jul 29 1967, the spoiled brat McCain pulled a prank and wet-started his jet while aboard the USS Forrestal. His mother lovingly called him a ‘scamp’ and it was well-known he was a practical joker and rule breaker. He finished near rock bottom in a class of over 800 at Annapolis because he tried to break every rule in the book there while also making terrible grades. Such a prank befits his character. The huge flame created touched off a bomb on the plane behind him which led to more bombs going off from other parked planes, which then led to the deaths of 134 sailors. McCain did nothing to help during the fire. He was whisked off the carrier and protected because his father and grandfather were Navy admirals. The Deep State Swamp media has since tried to cover this up. They protect their own.
  2. He was not a hero. Getting shot down and captured may make him a victim, but not a hero. He probably didn’t pay attention during a training class, and so he didn’t pull in his arms when he ejected over North Vietnam, and that’s why they were broken. His captors knew he was the progeny of four-star admirals and if anything gave him special treatment. McCain begged for medical treatment and sang like a bird at the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ to get it. He gave up vital intelligence that led to the deaths of more aviators.
  3. Upon his return to America he immediately stabbed his wife in the back. She was badly injured in a car accident and he couldn’t be bothered to help her. Instead, he quickly dumped her and married a wealthy heiress who could fund his political career. People get divorced all the time, but the manner in which he proceeded only underscores his cold-hearted selfishness.
  4. He’s painted as a happy and brave ‘Maverick’ and strong ‘Independent’ by the Deep State media. Wrong. He was a jackass of major proportions. The ‘Warrior’ of the Senate was owned by the Deep State and George Soros in particular. McCain became a shill for open borders who also supported globalism and carbon taxes to fight ‘climate change.’ At the same time, he was the worst enemy of military veterans, whom he left mistreated and in the lurch. Now there’s a bill in Congress meant to provide aid for vets and they want to name it after their ‘hero,’ McCain. Disgusting.
  5. He supported Bush in the Iraq war, even though the entry into that quagmire was based on lies. McCain claimed we would stay there 100 years if necessary. Such stubbornness and war mongering combined with his flash-temper only highlight the fact that he should have been nowhere near the nuke button. McCain was a reckless ‘hot head.’
  6. He was a spoiled and entitled brat who was repeatedly backed and bailed out at every turn by his pappy and grandpappy. He should never have been admitted into Annapolis in the first place. He should have been kicked out of Annapolis for his outrageous and rebellious behavior. He crashed a total of five military aircraft. He loved partying more than flying. He should have been kicked out of the Navy for crashing several jets during his daredevil clowning. He should have been nowhere near the Senate. The NeoCons rigged the primaries for McCain who contemptuously laughed at Ron Paul during the debates. He should have been nowhere near the Republican nomination, but the Deep State wanted McCain, the reckless ‘hot head’ to lose to Obama. He chose Sarah Palin as his running mate and years later blamed her for his loss. The hot head backstabber never took responsibility for his actions.
  7. He displayed great contempt for his constituents while showing his arrogance and hatred for Pindostan by never bothering to resign from the Senate when he knew he had terminal brain cancer. He wanted to go to the grave with his power, thus depriving Arizona from representation.
  8. He made sure trade restrictions were softened with Vietnam and hailed as a forgiving man of peace. Wrong! He did it so he could get his Budweiser distributorship there. He was first in line to make money from such legislation. The lust for money and power ruled rule-breaker McCain.
  9. He supported Daesh terrorists and wanted us to start another war in Syria, which might have lead to WW3. McCain was not a ‘maverick.’ He was an establishment war-mongering stooge and enabler for the Deep State.
  10. He leaked Hillary’s paid-for pack of lies, the Steele Dossier, to James Comey, in an attempt to bring down President Trump. This was illegal, but hey! He’s John McCain! Instead of showing remorse he said, “Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell!” A faux conservative, he voted against his own party and President Trump when he could—including his vote to keep ObamaCare. The lying backstabber McCain became much loved and he’s now being profusely praised by the Deep State Swamp and its propaganda media. That only proves what a scumbag he truly was.

Petty to the end, McCain said he did not want Donald Trump to attend his funeral and asked for Swamp Presidents, Obama and Bush to deliver eulogies. That’s all you need to know.

John McCain was a life-long extreme-right-wing warmonger. Here are some of his greatest & bloodiest hits
Ben Norton, Aug 25 2018

Thug Senator John McCain has died. While the leading figures in the liberal Resistance™ are whitewashing him because of his criticism of the vile vomit-inducing billionaire-in-chief Donald Trump, McCain was in fact an unrepentant lifelong warmonger who fueled catastrophic, criminal Pindo wars that killed millions of civilians. McCain also happened to condemn peace activists as “scum.” Above is a map from 2013 of just some of the countries where the extreme right-wing senator had called for Pindo military intervention. This map does not even include the unspeakably murderous Pindo wars in east and southeast Asia, namely Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, which McCain of course staunchly supported. It also ignores the countries in Latin America where he backed Pindo military intervention. While it is widely known that McCain was a vociferous advocate for the illegal Pindo invasion of Iraq, he was much, much more. Here is a list of other fun facts about McCain. When peace activists protested war criminal Henry Kissinger in the Senate in 2015, John McCain called their demonstration “despicable” and shouted at them, “Get out of here, you low-life scum!”

McCain sang “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran!” at a public event.

After helping the Pindo military massacre Vietnamese civilians in a borderline genocidal onslaught that killed nearly 4 million Vietnamese, the late Sen McCain remained a proud lifelong racist, declaring: “I hate the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live.”

McCain was once on the advisory board of the Pindo affiliate of WACL, which had infamous Nazi collaborators as members and which supported death squads in Latin America.

John McCain welcomed a Ukrainian neo-Nazi leader into his office in 2017. Paul Ryan did too.

In 2013, Sen McCain went to Ukraine and hung out with another neo-Nazi leader. Although don’t worry, Demagog Sen Chris Murphy joined him. Look, Pindo bipartisanism at work!

McCain was a staunch supporter of the CIA-backed, al-Qaeda-linked Salafi extremist opposition in Syria. In fact the late senator posed in a photo with a rebel who was involved in kidnapping 11 Lebanese Shia civilians.

Journalist Abby Martin made the best obituary for Sen John McCain, back in 2015:

Do NOT Let Them Make A Saint Of This Asshole
Caitlin Johnstone, Aug 25 2018

Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness — and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe.
~ Arundhati Roy

John McCain’s family has announced that the Arizona Senator has opted to end treatment for brain cancer and live out his final few days in peace, presumably under the best hospice care money can buy. And I sincerely hope that it is peaceful. My statements about my desire for John McCain to shuffle off this mortal coil sooner rather than later have been highly publicized, and I stand by all of them, but I don’t wish him a painful or agitated end. And, also, I am going to keep hammering on how very important it is that we refuse to bow to the aggressive demands from establishment loyalists that we be respectful of this warmongering psychopath and his blood-soaked legacy. McCain is at the top of the trends list on Twitter in Pindostan as I write this, and clicking on his name brings up countless blue-checkmarked establishment loyalists from both sides of the imaginary partisan divide sternly admonishing us all to put aside our differences and show reverence for this brave, noble hero in his final days. They are using guilt, sympathy and patriotism to bully their followers into showing reverence for a man who has dedicated his entire political career to facilitating the violent slaughter of human beings at every opportunity, and in so doing they are sanctifying his legacy. One of the most aggressively protected narratives in corporate liberal circles is that John McCain is a hero whose very name should be uttered with the greatest reverence. It gets traction with rank-and-file Democrats because supporting McCain for his opposition to Trump allows them to feel as though they are non-partisan free thinkers, in exactly the same way Trump supporters believe their hatred of McCain makes them non-partisan free-thinkers. In reality, McCain is just one of the many bloodthirsty neocons like Bill Kristol and Max Boot who have aligned themselves with the Demagog Party in recent years in order to better advance their warmongering agendas. It is those agendas that are being promoted with the hero worship of John McCain. By committing the outrageous heresy of mocking, ridiculing and scorning that sacred cow, we are fighting the attempts of the empire loyalists and war propagandists to normalize and sanctify the act of inflicting neocon military bloodbaths upon innocent people around the world.

If you want to see a world with more and more John McCains, with more and more Pindo wars of aggression and regime change interventionism, then by all means play right along with his public beatification. If you want to see a world where neocon war whores are treated with the revulsion, disdain and rejection they deserve, then now is your chance to help create that world. Refuse to be shamed and guilted into polite silence and move in the exact opposite direction from where the establishment shepherds are herding you. You don’t have to be as brash about it as I am if that’s not your cup of tea. But now, while they are telling us that we are not permitted to speak about McCain’s unforgivable record of facilitating military bloodshed in Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere, it is precisely the time to speak. By publicly disrupting the narrative of McCain’s sanctification, we make it harder for the war propagandists to manufacture consent for more war. It really is that simple. So just look at the emotional environment that the empire lackeys are trying to create, and create the exact opposite, loudly and without apology. Fight the seriousness and solemnity with mockery and ridicule. Fight the reverence and hero worship with irreverence. The more people see this being done, the harder it will be to shame and bully everyone into playing along with the normalization and celebration of a career that is drenched in the blood of children. By making it clear in the most irreverent ways possible that you are happy to see McCain go, you are giving others permission to step outside of the lines they’re being herded into, and you are helping to create a world where murderous warmongers are marginalized instead of celebrated. You will be told that you do not have permission to say such things. You have permission to say such things. You will be told that you are being impolite to John McCain’s family. The families of mass murderers are not entitled to our politeness. You will be told that you are making yourself look bad. Creating a world where neocon war whores experience an appropriate amount of rejection is more important than looking good. Kill their propaganda narratives with mockery and irreverence and help usher in a new world where it is no longer considered okay to be a psychopathic neocon. Let death get its wish. Let death die so that life may live. So long, John McCain, you despicable death cultist. I wish you and everyone like you a peaceful, painless, permanent end.

Why the Pindo ruling class mourns John McCain
Patrick Martin, WSWS Aug 27 2018

There is a well-known saying of murky Latin origin that one should not speak ill of the dead (“De mortuis nil nisi bonum” – RB). But when the death of an individual becomes the occasion for such universal glorification by the political establishment and the media, as with Senator John McCain of Arizona, a correction is in order. This is especially necessary since the newly deceased had such a lengthy record as a militarist and supporter of political reaction, and the further promotion of such policies is the transparent purpose of the hosannas being sung in his praise. The Sunday television interview programs on five networks devoted the bulk of their coverage to McCain’s life and career and to fond reminiscences by well-heeled journalists and big-business politicians, Demagogs & Thugs alike. NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd noted that McCain was the most interviewed person on the program, appearing 73 times in his 36-year political career. McCain was a right-wing Thug, but the loudest tributes to his political record are coming from Demagogs. Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer proposed renaming the Senate’s Russell Office Building. Instead of Richard Russell of Georgia, a Demagog Party defender of Jim Crow segregation, the building would now be named after a Republican defender of wars in Vietnam, Central America, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen etc. Speaking on ABC This Week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said:

Right now I’m just heartbroken. I think Pindostan’s in tears about the loss of this great man.

Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted:

John McCain was a Pindo hero, a man of decency and honor and a friend of mine. He will be missed not just in the Pindo Senate but by all Pindostanis who respect integrity and independence.

In yet another characteristic display of spittle-licking subservience to the ruling elite, “socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted:

John McCain’s legacy represents an unparalleled example of human decency and Pindo service. As an intern, I learned a lot about the power of humanity in government through his deep friendship with Sen Kennedy. He meant so much to so many. My prayers are with his family.

What does John McCain’s “legacy” consist of? How did he provide “an unparalleled example of human decency and Pindo service”? McCain spent four years in the House of Reps and 32 years in the Senate, but it would be impossible to cite a single piece of legislation with which he was associated that benefitted the broad mass of the Pindo sheeple. As far as domestic affairs were concerned, he was best known for voting (in the House) against the bill that established a national holiday honoring Dr Martin Luther King Jr. In the Senate, he was the lone Thug among the “Keating Five,” senators who lobbied federal regulators on behalf of savings and loan swindler Charles Keating in 1987. The political embarrassment caused by this episode, in which McCain narrowly avoided sanctions by the Senate Ethics Committee, led to his involvement in a decade-long effort to establish at least token limitations on corporate contributions to political campaigns. But the McCain-Feingold bill, as it became known, was ultimately gutted by the Supreme Court, which rejected most limitations on corporate purchasing of legislators as infringements upon “free speech.”

Throughout his career, McCain was a reliable vote for the Thug Right: for the Gramm-Rudman Act to slash federal social spending, for the impeachment and conviction of Pres ‘Bill’ Clinton 42, and (with a few exceptions) for measures to deregulate business and cut taxes for the wealthy. The overriding feature of McCain’s career was his reflexive hawkishness on foreign policy. He supported war after war, intervention after intervention, always promoting the use of force as the primary feature of Pindo foreign policy, and always advocating the maximum allocation of resources to fuel the Pentagon. In his honor, after his diagnosis with brain cancer made it clear that he was unlikely to survive this year, his Senate colleagues named the 2018 version of the Pentagon budget bill ‘the John McCain NDAA.’ McCain’s identification with militarism began with his family background. His father and grandfather were both admirals, and now have navy warships named after them. McCain graduated from the Naval Academy and became a pilot, leading to his capture in Vietnam and five and a half years of imprisonment. No doubt the circumstances he faced there were very difficult, but any sympathy must be tempered by the fact that he became a POW after dropping bombs on largely defenseless people, making himself a front line participant in one of the greatest war crimes in history, the savage Pindo onslaught on Vietnam. As WSWS noted in a commentary published after McCain sought to lecture the Vietnamese in 2000 about their political and economic policies:

While McCain gives sermons to the Vietnamese, let us recall that Pindo military forces carried out mass executions, bombed civilians, defoliated half the country, carried out rape and torture, burned villages, shot children, threw prisoners out of helicopters and cut off the ears of people both alive and dead, keeping them as mementos and trading them for cans of beer. Not every soldier perpetrated such crimes individually, but the military intervention as a whole was of a brutal anti-democratic imperialist character which inevitably found expression in such sadistic conduct.

Once freed following the Paris agreement between Faschingstein and Hanoi, McCain came home a “war hero.” After his first marriage ended in divorce in 1980 (of a wife crippled by him in an auto accident – RB), McCain married Cindy Lou Hensley, the daughter of a multimillionaire beer distributor in Arizona. Now flush with money, McCain moved to Arizona to begin a career in Thug politics. First elected to the House of Representatives in 1982, he backed the Pindo invasion of Grenada in 1983 and the Reagan administration policy of supporting fascist forces in Central America, including death squads in El Salvador and Guatemala and the Contras in Nicaragua. He was on the board of the Pindo Council for World Freedom, the Pindo chapter of WACL, for several years. After succeeding Barry Goldwater in the Senate in 1986, he backed the Bush 41 administration’s invasion of Panama in 1989 and the full-scale war against Iraq in 1990-91, during which hundreds of thousands of Iraqi conscripts were incinerated by Pindo bombs, rockets and shells. After some initial reluctance, McCain backed the Clinton 42 administration’s military threats in Bosnia, including the bombing of Serb forces, and then in 1999 cheered the full-scale bombing of Serbia, declaring that the United States could accept no limitation on its military operations in support of its aims in Kosovo:

We’re in it, and we have to win it. This means we have to exercise every option.

Like virtually every other Demagog & Thug Congress crittur he supported the Oct 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, launching a war that is now approaching the end of its 17th year, the longest in Pindo history. It was in the second Iraq War that McCain played his most prominent and reactionary role, co-sponsoring the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act, along with Demagog Joe Lieberman, endorsing the bombing of Iraq, under first Clinton 42 and then Bush 43, cheerleading the 2003 invasion and then pushing for a more aggressive use of force during the protracted Pindo occupation, culminating in Bush’s “surge” of additional troops in 2006-2007. McCain was a full-throated supporter of whatever lie the Bush 43 admin chose as the basis of its war propaganda: Saddam Hussein’s alleged ties to terrorism; his possession of supposed WMDs; the desire to establish “democracy” in Iraq; and finally, the need to preserve “stability” following the Pindo destruction of Iraq as a functioning society. Along the way, McCain found time to advocate military action against NK in 2003, Iran in 2007, plus support for Georgia in its war against Russia in 2008, when he dispatched his wife Cindy to Tbilisi in a show of support. Finally, in 2008, McCain won the presidential nomination of the Thug Party. Already in ill health, the 71-year-old nominee displayed his “love of country” by selecting the fascistic nitwit Sarah Palin as his running mate.

McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign was defeated, in part because of popular hostility to the war in Iraq with which he was so identified, and partly because of his failure to respond as quickly as Obama to the demands of Wall Street for a full-scale federal bailout of the banks during the financial crisis of Sep 2008. Throughout the Obama administration, McCain was a firm supporter of the Demagog president when he used military force, as in Libya, or threatened it, as in the South China Sea, and a critic when Obama pulled back, as in Syria. McCain and John Kerry introduced a Senate resolution to sanction the war in Libya, and McCain called for the USAF to be used in “a heavier way.” In Sep 2013, McCain backed a resolution passed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to give support to military operations in Syria that would “change the momentum on the battlefield” and strengthen forces opposed to Assad. He repeatedly called for “more boots on the ground” for the war against Daesh in Iraq and Syria. In Oct 2016, while the Demagog Party was focusing its presidential campaign on alleged Russian “meddling,” McCain authored an op-ed column published in the WSJ in which he indicted Russia for having “slaughtered countless civilians” in Syria through “relentless indiscriminate bombing.” There was no little irony in the former bomber of North Vietnam denouncing Russia for doing a tiny fraction of the damage inflicted by the “shock and awe” campaign in Iraq, which led to one million deaths and which McCain supported enthusiastically.

We have noted the embrace of McCain’s legacy by his supposed opponents in the Demagog Party. This is not merely the result of McCain’s support for the bogus allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 elections, peddled by the Demagogs and much of the military intelligence apparatus. More than a decade ago, in the summer of 2004, there were back-channel discussions between Kerry and McCain in which Kerry suggested the formation of a bipartisan presidential ticket with McCain running as his vice-president, to oppose the reelection of Bush 43. McCain toyed with the idea, but ultimately decided to remain with the Thugs. In 2007, when his second campaign to seek the presidential nomination was floundering in its initial stages, McCain was interviewed on CBS 60 Minutes about the mounting opposition to the war in Iraq. He was asked:

At what point do you stop doing what you think is right and you start doing what the majority of the Pindo creeple want?

McCain responded:

I disagree with what the majority of the Pindo creeple want.

The WSJ hailed this response, which essentially rejected popular sovereignty as the basis of democracy, as “McCain’s Finest Hour.” It is this absolute commitment to the defense of Pindo imperialism that endeared McCain to the Pindo ruling elite as a whole and explains the outpouring of adulation over the weekend.

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