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Briefly regarding Idlib
Colonel Cassad, Sep 23 2018

Most Pro-Turkish groups agreed either directly or with reservations to the deal which Erdoğan and Putin concluded in Sochi regarding Idlib. They are ready to leave the deescalation zones. Discusses options with partial allotments to the north of Idlib or export from Afrin, Dzharablus, Azaz. However, some of the groups that were positioned as Pro-Turkish, but who had a connection with HTS/Nusra have either given or are continuing to negotiate the conditions of the transaction. For example, the Afghan Jihadis agree to leave the area of deescalation and to cooperate with Turkey, but please don’t take away their weapons. All radical groups unanimously refused disarmament. Some even threatened the Turks that if they try to disarm them, they will cut the heads of the Turkish soldiers. The propaganda of the radicals said that if Erdogan carries out the deal with Putin, he’ll prove no better than “bloody tyrant Assad.” A gang of foreign mercenaries of Kuwaiti, Uyghur and Caucasian origin also refused to accept the deal, as they certainly do not belong in Syria, but they cannot go back to their countries. In Idlib, there are continuing clashes between the various factions. After the explosion of one of the warlords today, an unknown hand threw a grenade at the checkpoint of “Ahrar al-Sham,” killing two militants. Also some of HTS/Nusra were killed by Chechen militants. Almost every day in Idlib, some militants are killed as a result of clashes. The inability to attack Assad activates internal squabbling. There are unconfirmed rumors that Russia and Turkey are discussing the provision to the Turks of air corridors for use by Turkish aircraft and UAVs in operations against HTS/Nusra in Idlib. We are waiting for official comments or denials. Syrian sources are dripping with skepticism that Erdogan will be able to actively and productively separate the sheep from the goats, transparently hinting that if Erdogan and his promises fail, then the SAA will undertake it. Turkish diplomatic sources indicate that offer deals on Idlib from Turkey was made during the visit, Hulusi Akar and Hakan Fidan to Moscow, where they met Putin and Shoigu. And there was a possibility that the deal could conclude in Tehran, but Russia did not go for it, as in these days was announced threats from Pindostan, and Moscow did not want to appear to accept a deal as a result of Pindo pressure. The offer of safe passage from Aleppo to Hama and Latakia was made by Turkey at the beginning of September. Turkey has supporters in HTS/Nusra, but the leadership of the militants in general is against them. The Turks promised to either split the organization, forcing it to accept the deal, or destroy it in a series of counter-terrorist operations involving Turkish special forces and under the control of militants. The militants handed over weapons in Idlib is under the control of the Turkish military. Turkey will eliminate highway Hama-Aleppo are all groups that have not adopted the Sochi agreement. Reportedly, some Syrian trucks can get in Louts from Aleppo and now just paying extortion at checkpoints of various groups. The militants are not stained themselves with crimes will have the opportunity to enter public service in the local militia. Some details of the deal are still not agreed and their plan to finalize before the end of the first stage on Oct 15. In general, expect Erdogan will compel HTS/Nusra and Co. Plus: great selection of old and new pictures about relationships of White Helmets with terrorist organizations, here.

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