your friendly local state assassins

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  1. Rich
    Posted October 5, 2018 at 5:17 pm | Permalink

    Dr. David Kelly.
    Congressman John Murtha.
    In both Britain and the United States the imposition of secret, sanction domestic assassination policy serves the broader purpose of assuring the little people, the commoners, are down with such criminal policy. By their prayer, hope, and fealty to unchecked power, the common folk perceive to have been rewarded when their soldier, sailor, airman, or marine sons and daughters are then spared prosecution for such war crimes such as those of Haditha, Bagram AFB and Fallujah.
    Contrast this phenomenon with the official and private abuses perpetrated against Congressman John Murtha throughout his entire career: 1-targeted by a rogue FBI domestic blackmail/sting operation ABSCAM, 2-harassed and threatened by military personnel and civilians by pursuing Justice for the victims of the Haditha massacre and 3-fell catastrophically ill and died after military medical personnel “nicked his bowel” during routine endoscopic gall bladder surgery.

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