hostages being shot at the rate of ten a day – unreported

Daesh Captures 700 Hostages Including Pindo & Euro Citizens
South Front, Oct 20 20 18

Daesh has captured 700 hostages in Syria, including Pindo & Euro citizens, and is killing 10 people a day, Pres Putin said during the Valdai Discussion Club’s 15th Annual Meeting on Oct 18. He criticized Pindo forces for this “catastrophic” failure, adding that the terrorists “have delivered ultimatums and made certain demands, threatening to shoot ten people every day.” According to Putin, the terrorists already started carrying out their threats and executed ten hostages two days ago. On Oct 17, TASS reported citing a military diplomatic source that the hostages were captured by Daesh in the province of Deir ez-Zor during a failed advance of the SDF. On Oct 18, the SDF repelled a Daesh attack near the village of al-Baghuz al-Fawqani in the Euphrates Valley. During the recent clashes in the Hajin pocket, the SDF destroyed a suicide vehicle-borne IED and 15 Daesh members. 2 SDF members also died. According to the Syrian state media, Pindo warplanes bombed civilian buildings in the village of al-Susah, killing and injuring multiple civilians. Pindostan often avoids commenting on such reports. Even Amnesty International says that Faschingstein is hiding the real number of civilian casualties as a result of its operations in Syria. Meanwhile, Russia and Turkey informed the UN that the timeline for the implementation of the Idlib deconfliction agreement had been expanded. One of the key problems behind the delay is the unwillingness of HTS/Nusra and similar terrorist groups to withdraw from the agreed DMZ.

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